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Inside the New Power Macs 

TESTED: Speed That Will Blow Your Mind 
DISSECTED; What Makes Them So Fast 

Living With OS 10.2 Jaguar 

EXPLAINED: Feature-Filled and Fun to Use 
ANALYZED: Expensive? Yeah, But Worth It 

How to make your Mac the heart 
of your home entertainment center. 


Foist your righteous opinions on the 
world with your own OS X Weblog. 


Reviewed: New Power Mac, 1 7-inch iMac, 20GB iPod, Xserve November 2002 

^ ’ 



It’s like getting a whole new Mac for 

Presenting Jaguar, the latest 
version of Mac - OS X. 
Featuring a rock-solid, UNIX- 
based core, Apple’s legendary 
ease-of-use and over 150 
remarkable new innovations. 
Here are just a few. 

iChat. Chat with your friends 
in real time using Apple’s AOL- 
compatible Instant messaging. 

Address Book. Enter 
all of your contact 
information just one time 
and access it from other 
applications with ease. 

7'Mimf €i2002s^fpkI^jpi{tfL/rh\ .^1// i*MFforp^Uiiris fI29. 

Mail. Control all your 
email accounts from one 
inbox. A new breakthrough 
filter eliminates junk 
mail before you ever see it. 

Sherlock 3. Fmd stock 
quotes, maps, restaurants 
and more on the Web, all 
without opening a browser, hSOO-M-APPLE 

Supporting the Mac 
aficionado since 1987 

We know Mac! 

Mac Warehouse has 
ai! the latest technology, 
including the new Apple 
iMac® G4 with 17-inch 
display and the EPSON 
Stylus C82 InkJet printer! 

Rely on Mac Warehouse for: 

• Our Experience 
15 years, 34 million orders fulfilled 

• Our Knowledge 

You have a question, we have the answer 

• Our Service 

We’re open for business 
whenever you call 

Oh, and our 24/7 Tech Support 
is FREE for the lifetime of 
your product. 

We have the Mac you want — and more! Call us today. 

Authorized Reseller 


authoriz«d rtstibr 







1 - 888 - 769-8163 


a better machine, a better magazine. 


20 The New Power 

Macs: Inside and Out 

Dual processors, dual Level 3 caches, dual hard-drive buses, dual RAID 
capability, dual display ports, dual optical-drive bays— the all-new, . : 
all-dual Power Mac G4s are here, and we show you all the techie geeky 
- . good stuff inside, by RikMyslewski 

^ , 24 Up Close and 

» Personal with Jaguar 

/ Debating whether to spend $129 on Mac OS 10.2 (aka Jaguar) 
or on 13 six-backs of Sapporo Premium Draft? Then checkout 
y our in-depth, hands-on guide. We love beer as much^aawe*^ 

ip love the Mac, so you can trust our opinions to be unbiased. 

by Niko Coucouvanls, Cathy Lu, and Ian Sammis 

30 Kick Back 
with Your Mac 

Your Mac may already be the hub of your digital life, 
but it can also be the core of your home-entertainment 
center. We show you the latest TV tuners, wide-screen 
monitors, projectors, and speakers, by Kristina De Nike 

Our swingin' MacBachelor MacPad: Prepare to be amused. 


N0.75 - VOLUME? - tSSUEl 1 


Photograph by Mark Madeo 

Captain’s Blog, Star Date 2002... 

I.!!!..-.®. JZ d y whW'^'sIire'' "‘ all tHaF 1 glH Te 


60 Ask Us 

Learn how to use FSCK, how to transfer fonts to Mac 
OS X, and how to rub out red-eye. Also, protect 
your Mac from lightning, rid your Dock of that pesky 
question mark, and more, by Buz Zoller 

62 Create and Serve 
Your Own High-End Blog 

Looking for a new dub-dub-dub home now that your site has self-destructed? We show you how 
to create a Weblog site and serve it up via Mac OS X. 

by Todd Stauffer 

66 Make Your Mac Sing 

Though American Idol contestants have nothing 
to fear, you can make your Mac sing anything. 

We show you how. by Kris Fong 

“Stairway to Heaven” or “Highway to Hell”— the choice is yours. 

November 2002 MacAJdict 03 

If spNt mitk — or 
coffee or beer— 
has cost you more 

Use os X’s built-in 
disk utility. 

From the Terminal, you can use the FSCK 
Unix command as a Norton Disk Doctor 
alternative to 
check and repair 
your file system. 

From Ask Us, 

Sing with us! 
Pac-Man fever» 


04 MacAddlct November 2002 

Max-imum accordion! 

Change your desktop 

In Jaguar, you can 
set your desktop to 
change images as 
often as you want. 

From "Up Close 
and Personal with 
Jaguar,” p24 

39 Reviews 

45 20GB iPod MP3 player 

52 CanoScan UOE 30 scanner 

50 CHve Barker’s Undying first-person shooter 

54 CoolMac Keyboard keyboard 

55 Creature speaker system ~~ ™ ~ 

55 Cruzer rnsh-memory drive The Sims Oil Refinery? 

40 Dual 1GHz Power Mac G4 tower 

46 EyeTV 1.0.2 7V recorder 

51 FirstEdge small-business accounting 

48 groBotO 1.5 art-synthesis software 
54 HiFFLink USB home-stereo connector 

53 (Mac G4 800MHz 17-incb LCD ail-ln-one Mac 
46 MyTVXI.O TV recorder 

49 PiuggO 3 VST audio piug-ins 

42 Star Wars: Galactic Battiegrounds real-time 
strategy game 

44 ThinkFree Office office producftvity suite 

43 Xserve 1U rack-mount server 

56 The Hot List 

The best of the best from recent reviews. 

If the editors of MacAddict went shopping, 
this Is what we*d buy. 

Get instruments cheap. 

Don’t have 

the cash for 
real musical 
Instruments or 
audio samples? 

A $15 copy of 
Melody Assistant buys you an orchestra, 
a rock band, and then some. 

From “Make Your Mac Sing,” p66 



a better machine, a better magazine. 


...from this month’s issue. 

8 Editors’ Page 

He*s been a good buddy for over 18 years, 
and now he’s unemployed. 

10 Get Info 

Apple’s busily gobbling up juicy software 
companies— but why? Small-business owners 
will delight in a new version of QuickBooks for 
Mac. Boarders will be stoked about a new 
shareware snowboarding game. Gamers will go 
gaga over all the Macs at QuakeCon. Plus we 
bring you wireless cafes, AOL forX, and more. 

Giant robotic chickens began to 
peck their way through the ’burbs... 

94 Log Out 

94 Letters 

Max meets ferret lovers, accordion addicts, and 
office torturers. ME BIG TRO causes big trouble. You 
vent your vehemence about .Mac. and the Ultimate 
MacAddict Quiz humbles the hubris of a few. 

95 HackerThreads T-Shirt Contest 

Put your design skills to the test. Here’s your chance 
to design a T-shirt and win a brand-new Power Mac G4. 

96 Shut Down 

jaguar. The name of the newest version of Mac OSX 
conjures up images of power and grace— but what 
other names did Apple’s marketing gurus consider? 

your iChat icon. 

You can use any image 
as your iChat icon^- 
simply drag the image 
file onto the existing 
icon, and iChat will 
resize it for you. 

From “Up Close 
and Personal with 
Jaguar,” p24 

@ -un I 

Rcsia and position the in»ee 
to tcicct a portion to use. 

^ I Ooftg } 

Find files fast. 

Use OS X’S Go To The Folder search to get 
to files faster than 
navigating through 
your folder forest. . ; 

From “Create v ^ 
and Serve YourM 
Own High-End^ 

Blog,” p62 

Solve your drinking 


replacement keyboards, the silicon-cast, 
water-resistant, and totaJly washable 
CoolMac Keyboard can help. 

From Reviews, p54 

stretch your imagination 

The CRW-F1 With Exclusive DiscT@2 Technology 


QQ Record^ 

With its innovative design, Yamaha's all new 
CRW-Fl compliments the style and appeal of 
any contemporary Mac. Engineered for easy 
connectivity via FireWire, SCSI and USB 2.0, 
the CRW-Fl delivers reliable performance, 
high quality and top speed CD recording 
with whisper quiet operation. 

Quality Recording System and discover Yamaha's 
studio quality odvantage. Add in the industry 
first Ultra Speed Rewrite, triple-guarded SafeBum 
technology, Roxio's award winning Toast 5 Lite, 
Adobe Photoshop LE, and a live recording mode, 
and you will discover why critics herald the CRW-Fl 
as the most complete CD Recorder in the World! 

Among its long list of impressive new 
features, CRW-Fl 's revolutionary DiscT@2™ 
Laser Labeling System stands out as the 
world’s only laser based "tattoo" system to 
etch graphics and text onto CD-R discs, 
eliminating the need for labql^^ext, enter 
the exclusive new Advanced Audio Master 

Whether you use OS 9 or OSX, an iBook, an iMac, 
or a G4 Tower, let Yamaha CRW-Fl 's extraordinary 
features and technologies take you to a world 
with infinite possibilities and where stretching your 
imagination is just the beginning... 

-2002 Yamaha Electronics Corporation. Multimedia Products Divisionj/o660 Orangethorpe Ave, Buena Park CA 90620 ■ www.Yomahamuilirn<?'dio.oori] 



a better machine, a better magazine. 




Not all the great apps available for your great Mac are 
from companies with megamillion-dollar marketing 
budgets. On this month’s Disc we give you dozens of 
utilities, games, graphics, and productivity apps that 
you may never have heard of—but that you’re sure to 
make part of your daily Macsperience. 

groBoto 1.6 Trial 

This 3D art*synthests app involves some tricky physics 
under the hood, but to you it’s a powerful, versatile, and 
just plain fun tool for creating organlc-looklng images. 

Photo To Movie 1 .0.5 

If Apple’s slide-show screen saver lights your 
fire, you’ll go totally up in flames when you 
create a movie by zooming and panning over 
a digital photo with this way-cool app. 

Eyeballs— those friendly 
menu-bar eyes that followed 
your cursor In the days of 
old— are back for Mac OS X. 

Cuppa reminds you when 
to take the teabag out of 
your cup. Useful? Maybe. 
Fun? Definitely. 

This month the 
MacAddict Army 
continues Its tour of 
Mac Expo New York 
2002, Including a Steve 
sighting at the opening 
of the frds chic 
Manhattan Apple store. 

Harmony Assistant 8.0.5 
Harmony Assistant X 8.0.5 
(Ham on iRye 1.1.1 (Classic) 

IHam on IRye 1.1.1 (OS X) 

Melody Assistant 6.0.5 
Melody Assistant X 6.0.5 
MetroGnome 0.1.5 (OS X) 

Peak 3.1 trial 

Stave Jobs 1.2.1 (OS 9) 

Stave Jobs 1.2.1 (OS X) 


MySQL 3.23.51 (OS X) 

MySQL 3.23.51 (Jaguar) 
pMachIneFree 2.1 
REALbasic 4.5 trial 
REALbasic 4.5 (OS X) trial 


Bag of Unusual Strategy Games 1.1 

BridgePro mi 
Cave Dig 3 1.1 

Change My Image 1.0.3 demo 
Fakle Flair Challenge 1.0 
Fakie Flair Challenge 1.0.2 (OS X) 
Gravltass 1.01 (OS X) 

Marathon Resurrection b1.2 
Slope Rider 1.0.1 
Tiger’s Eye Pub 1.1 

06 MacAddict November 2002 


Aquatint 1.0.1 (OS X) 

AXELedge 1.5.3 trial 

Can Combine Icons 3.0.4 (OS X) 

groBoto 1,6 trial 

Microcosm demo 

Photo To Movie 1.0.5 (OS X) 

VIrtlx Sample Effects 2 


BIgFoot 2.0 (OS X) 

Eyeballs 2.1 (OS X) 

Sno (OS X) 

WeatherPop Advance 1.4 (OS X) 

Caem 4.0.6 
Caem 4.0.6 (OS X) 

Internet Explorer 5.2.1 (OS X) 
MacSnIffer I.ObI (OS )Q 
Netscape 6.2.3 (OS X) 


AccountEdge 2 trial 
AccountEdge 2 (OS X) trial 
BBEdIt 6.5.2 demo 
BBEdit Lite 6.1.2 

Blaze 1.5 
Blaze 1.5.3 (OSX) 

Cuppa 1.0.1 (OSX) 

Haxial TextEdit 1.1 
Office V. X test drive 
ThlnkFree Office 1.7.2 trial 
ThinkFree Office 2 (OS X) mi 

Mactracker 1.7.1 
Mactracker 1,7.1 (OS X) 

Merger 1.0.3 (OS X) 

Perfboard 2.1 (OS X) 

ReKey 1.0 (OS X) 

Scrapper 0.6 (OS X) 

System Optimizer X 3.1 
VueScan 7.5.43 


DriveSavers: Commercial 
masK, LLC: BridgePro 1.0.013 trial 
MYOB: AccountEdge 2 trial 
MYOB: AccountEdge 2 (OS X) trial 
REAL Software: REALbasic 4.5 trial 
REAL Software: REALbasic 4.5 
(OS X)tr/a/ 

If you don't receive the Disc with your copy of MacAddict, you might want to consider 
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per Issue, call 888-771-6222— the operator will take care of everything. 



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ASSOCIATE EDITOR Niko Coucouvanis (reviews) 


CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Raf Anzovin, Steven Anzo\rfn, 
Joseph 0. Holmes, Frank O’Connor, Angus Peidoan, Ian 
Sammls, Deborah Shadovitz, Andrew Tokuda, Buz Zotler 


ART DIRECTOR Christopher Imlay 










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Volume 7, Issue 11 

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SOA® ^ 








«atermei.on ^ 


ICE cream 

You’ll want to design everything. 

Nothing will be safe. Not a memo. Not a note. Not 
the tags on every piece of luggage you own. With 
CorelDF(AW® Graphics Suite 1 1, we can’t blame you 
for wanting to design every single thing that pops 
into your mind. 

Reshape objects freely with pressure-sensitive 
Roughen and Smudge brushes. Mask complex 
shapes in one step with an ingenious new CutOut 
tool. Minimize and reuse design elements with new 
Symbols support. 

All while you see exactly what you're doing in real 
time with the help of Live Effects. Even if what you're 
doing is getting a little carried away. 

Corel PHOTO-PAINTT Corel R.A.VE,* and the winner 
of over 350 industry awards, CorelDRAW? Take a 
closer look at or go 
to to find out where you 
can get it. Available for Windows® XP and Mac® OS X. 

enjoy what you doT 

graphic design 
photo editing 
web graphics 



WAREH OUSE MacCbmectioii' 


a message from the kernel 


W e immediately noticed he was gone. 

How could we not? We'd known him for 
over 18 years, and now he was nowhere to be 
found. Gone. Solid gone. 

My 14-year-old daughter, Rox, was with me 
at the time. Her first reaction was confusion. 
Then disbelief. Then anger. 

“It's like losing a national icon," she fumed. 
“No, it’s not like losing a national icon, it is 
losing a national icon! What if McDonald's 
golden arches were changed into little blue 

“It’s like if Smokey 
the Bear were an otter!” 

lumps? It's like that. It’s like if the president 
moved out of the White House. It's like if 
Smokey the Bear were an otter!” 

Although Rox’s last simile threw me for a bit 
of a loop, I shared her shock. Rox continued; “I 
have a relationship with my Mac, and when I 
see that If s happy, I'm happy. When I turn on 
my Mac and It makes that *ch-woo!' startup 
sound, and I see the little Happy Mac, he 
makes me smile.” 

Sorry, Rox, but the Happy Mac is gone. As of 
August 24, 2002, and the introduction of Mac 
OS 10.2 (better known as Jaguar), Apple has 

to a Buddy 

retired— or fired— its longtime symbol. It 
doesn't matter which— an old friend is gone 
from the Mac's startup sequence. Exactly 
18 years, 7 months, and 2 days afterthat 
red-shorted athlete tossed her sledgehammer 
into Big Brothef s face, a silver-gray Apple icon 
has replaced the Happy Mac. 

Rox again: “They should switch it 
back. Everybody already knows what the 
international sign of Apple is: If s like, well, 
an apple— like, duh! So why deprive people 
of the Happy Mac’s happiness?” 

I don't know, Rox. Sure, the Mac's design 
has changed drastically since the Happy Mac 
first appeared. We’ve come a long way from 
undistinguished beige or gray (uh, platinum) 
boxes. The Mac’s operating system no longer 
lives in a little 9-inch, 512-by-342-pixel 
monochrome screen— and I'll take a gorgeously 
Aquafied 1,920-by-l, 200-pixel Apple Cinema 
HD Display over that tiny one-bit prison any day 
of the week. But still... 

The Happy Mac's job has changed as well. 

His role is no longer defined by his evil twin, 
the Sad Mac, whose crossed eyes, arcane 
codes, and Chimes of Death signaled big 
trouble. Mac OSX's harbinger of doom is the 
well-named kernel panic— and for my money. 

Here, the rww unemployed Happy 
Mac is superimposed over Sad Rik. 

a screen tom apart by DOS-style error 
commands is far more effectively daunting 
than any panic the Sad Mac could ever induce. 
The Happy Mac, to be honest, is no longer 
needed. Butsf///... 

I'm going to miss the III' guy. His grin has 
greeted me on many a morning and has 
jump-started my day. Sure, if s corny, and 
sure, if s sentimental— but hey, I'm a Mac 
addict, and I'm passionate about that pile of 
plastic, silicon, glass, and metal with which I 
share every day of my life. 

i know how you feel, Rox. I'll miss the 
Happy Mac, too. It's hard to say good-bye to 
a buddy,— Rik Myslewski 



Q1: What will you miss about the Happy Mac? 


I'll miss his carefree 
insouciance — I'm just glad 
he wasn’t replaced by a 
grinning Stevie the J. 

Q2: What do you think should replace it? 




Daily Affirmation Editor 
What wlH you miss 
about the Happy Mac? 

The reassurance. Every 
time I turned on my Mac, 
the Happy Mac said, "I'm OK. You’re OK." 
What do you think should replace it? 

A Happy Days Mac with a picture of the 
Fonz. Aaaay! 

G’day, Cyrus 
As we say adios to the 
Happy Mac, we say 
hello to the newest 
member of our 

band—Cyrus Farivar, 't- 

Intern Extraordinaire, For the past few 
weeks, he's been on the phone, on 
his stopwatch, on the batl. and on our 
prized dual 1GHz Power Mac— ^and 
sorry, Cyrus, you don't get to keep it 
when you return to UG Berkeley. ; , 
What will you miss about tha Happy Mac? ' 
Happy, happy, joy, |oy I 
What do you think should roplaca It? 

A Macromediadike wheely-dealy, 

Oh. wait... it’s there. 

NIko Coucouvanis 


What will you miss 
about the Happy Mac? 

Happy hooza wuzza? 

I’ve been running 
Jaguar for weeks now 
and my Mac is just as happy as ever. But 
really, this anthropomorphization thing is 
getting out of hand. 

What do you think should replace K? 
How about an integrated coffeemaker so 
I can stick around and watch my Mac 
start up Instead of pressing the power 
button on my way into the kitchen for a 
caffeine fix? 

Cathy Lu 

Jaguar Wrangler 

What virili you 
miss about the 
Happy Mac? 

The Happy Mac was 
calming, a sign that 
everything was good in the world (and 
on my Mac, of course). I'll miss that daily 
reassurance. I'll probably have to start 
taking Prozac now. 

What do you think should replace it? 
An unhappy PC. 

Kris Fong 

Spotted Sourpuss 
What will you miss 
about Oie Happy Mac? 

Nothing— McDonald’s 
sucksi Oh, we're talking 
about the startup thing? 

I’ll miss its reassuring grin that seemed to 
say, “What did you expect— the bomb?" 
What do you think should replace it? 

An Aquafied version of Clarus the Dogcow 
that rolls over when you try to tip ft. Or 
maybe Chester the Cheetah could be lured 
away from his Chee-tos contract. 

Jenifer Morgan 

aka Jeni Jetson 

What will you miss 
about the Happy Mac? 

Not 80 much; ft was kind 
of a square, you know? 

What do you think 
should replace it? 

A food-item menu Interface where I could 
order authentic-tasting Organic Twinkles, the 
creamy filling Infused with folic acid, crushed 
flax seed, and 12 other essential vitamins 
and minerals. 

Leslie Osborn 

Knee Jerk 

What will you miss 
about the Happy Mac? 

I don’t miss It— yet. The 
Happy Mac remains 
with me as long as I 
remain in my old-school Classic world. 
Thanks, Quark! 

V/hat do you think should replace it? 
How 'bout a Mood-o-Meter, to let me 
know how much my 'puter feels like 
working at the beginning of each day. 
Since Jaguar is so speedy, though, we 
may have a few differences of opinion. 
Especially on Fridays. 

Chris Imlay 

Needs a Vacation 

What will you miss 
about the Happy Mac? 

The fact that It 
wasn't always happy. 

I could relate to Its 
mood swings. 

What do you think should replace ft? 
I like the new gray Apple logo with the 
007 bomb timer just fine. I even wish 
they would replace that new lollipop 
beach ball with it. 

08 MacAckilct November 2002 


Macs and PCs have never been so compatible. 

Microsoft" Office v. X lets Mac users effortlessly open, edit, and save any Office file, to make 
v/orking with PCs a breeze. Complete with easy-to-use, exclusive Mac tools that simplify 
complex tasks. And it s built for Mac OS X. so it's the most reliable, easygoing Office yet. 
|Gi^ to download a free 30-day trial of Office v. X today. 


Cntgurac* Pow«tPoi<U E»c»* Word 




Apple Acquires Pro 
Entertainment Companies 

A pple ( has been 

quietly snapping up high-end video 
and audio companies forthe past 18 
months. These barely publicized acquisitions 
may seem insignificant on their own, but taken 
as a group, they show that Apple is going after 
big-time entertainment in a big way. 


Apple began its multimedia-buying spree in 
April 2001 with Focal Point Systems. Apple 
used Focal Point’s RlmLogic to develop its 
Cinema Tools ($999) add-on for Rnal Cut 
Pro 3. While Apple owns the DV-editing 
market, it’s now going after filmmakers who 

use higher-end digital and film formats. 
Cinema Tools ups Final Cut Pro’s 24-fps editing 
capabilities with film cut lists and 24-frame 
edit-decision lists for high-definition video. 

In July 2001, Apple acquired Spruce 
Technologies and its DVD-authoring tools for 
$14.9 million in cash. While Spruce’s 
products were Windows only, presumably 
Apple has incorporated or will incorporate 
them into its own iDVD ($19.95 upgrade) and 
DVD Studio Pro ($999) products. 

In February 2002, Apple shook up the 
postproduction world and acquired Nothing 
Real and Its Shake product for $1 5 million in 
cash. A high-speed compositing software for 

high-resolution special effects. Shake has 
been used in the production of Hollywood 
blockbusters like The Lord of the Rings, 
Gladiator, and Titanic Apple recently 
announced Shake 2.5 ($4,950) for Mac OS 
X, which should be available by the time you 
read this. 

, "^in June 2002, Apple bought Prismp 
Graphics’ DVFonts and India Pro titling tools. 
Apple also purchased Silicon Grail, which 
created the Chalice 2D film-compositing 
tool and the Rayz compositor. A Shake 
competitor, Rayz also offers effects and 
color-correction tools for Hollywood movies. 

In June Apple also bought Zayante, whose 
software provides FireWire connectivity for 
hardware devices. Apple paid a total of $21 
million forthe acquisition of these three 
companies. Apple’s latest acquisition, 
announced in July 2002, is the German 
audio-software company eMagic, whose 
Logic Audio software is popular among 
professional musicians. Apple bought 
eMagic for $30 million in cash. 

So why would Apple invest upward of $80 
million in niche video and audio companies? 
Given Apple’s reported $1.24 billion in cash 
in the third fiscal quarter of 2002, the expense 
wasn’t huge, and what Apple gets out of it may 
be well worth the cost. 


April 2001 

July 2001 

February 2002 

June 2002 

July 2002 

Apple buys Focal 
Point Systems for 
its FilmLogic 
film-editing tool. 

Apple buys Spruce 
Technologies for its 
DVD-authoring tools. 

Apple buys Nothing 
Real, which 
produces the 
Shake compositing 

Apple buys DVFonts 
and India Pro titling 
software from 
Prismo Graphics. 

Apple buys Silicon 
Grail, whose 
Rayz compositing 
software competes 
with Shake. 

Apple buys 
Zayante for its 
FireWire device 

Apple buys eMagic 
and its popular 
professional audio 
software, Logic 



New 5.0 Version Finally Announced 

F or the first time since 1996, Intuit will 
release a new version of QuickBooks 
for Mac ($179.95 expected price, www in early 2003. Despite 
its lack of development, QuickBooks Pro 
4.0 for Mac ($199.95) has been the best- 
selling accounting software forthe Mac 
until recently, when MYOB became the 
number-one provider of Mac accounting 
software with its FirstEdge ($99, www and AccountEdge ($249) 
products. There’s no word yet on what 
new features to expect. 




New Titles for 
Mobile Phones 

Stop yakking and start playing. 
New cell phones with fast 
data-download times, color 
screens, and even joysticks 
are ripe for gamers on the go. 
These cool games should be 
available by the time you read 
this.— Carr/e Shepherd 


Requirements; 3G-enabled PCS phone 
Price: Not available yet 

Flicky As a bluebird, you must rescue 
baby chicks from the evil Meow. 

World Wrestling Entertainment 
Mobile Madness Punch, kick, spin, 
and body-slam World Wrestling 
Entertainment superstars. 

Sega Monkey Ball This popular 
GameCube game has you guiding 
a sphere-encased monkey. 

bananas and 
avoid pitfalls 
in Sega 
Monkey Ball. 

10 Mac>4ddict November 2002 

MotoGP Cybiko is the safe way 
to drive with your cell phone. 



For one thing, Apple can now ensure 
that Windows users will never see 
another new version of these products 
again, a fact that has many in the 
industry hopping mad. While Apple will 
support existing versions of Shake, 
Rayz, and Logic Audio on other 
pJatforms^ rest assured that new . 
development will appear only on the 
Mac— and only in Mac OS X. 

Apple can now drive the adoption 
of key Mac OS X technologies like Core 
Audio, whose Audio Units plug-in 
architecture is a brand-new way for 
developers to create standardized plug- 
ins compatible with all Mac OS X audio 
applications. (See “Core Audio Is King,” 

Michael Garten berg, research director 
of Jupiter Research— think Apple will 
keep the tools as separate software 
packages. “We're going to see a 
professional product lineup,” he says. 

Either way, it looks like Apple is 
targeting the video postproduction 
sector. Apple's RnalCuhPro is already 
the leader In nonlinW. desktop editing, 
but adding compositing tools a la After 
Effects puts Apple in a position to 
appeal to this highly technical bunch of 
film professionals. “If Apple can come 
up with a no-compromises first-class 
editor and a no-compromises first-class 
finishing tool, there's a real market,” 
says Ben Waggoner, DV magazine 
contributing editor and author of 

Apple is going after big-time 
entertainment in a big way. 

right, for more information.) Sounds 
great, but right now few are biting. 

Before effects developers will adopt 
Audio Units over existing protocols, they 
need to see that the audio-software 
developers with whom they work are 
adopting it, too. Now that Apple is an 
audio-software developer, it can push 
the Industry toward Mac OS X. 


How Apple will Incorporate these newly 
acquired products is not yet known. 
Some say Apple will use Shake and 
Rayz to beef up Rnal Cut Pro's 
compositing tools. Others— including 

Compression for Great Digital Video: 
Power Tips, Techniques and Common 
Sense, which CMP Books should 
publish by the time you read this. While 
boutique companies characterize this 
industry, their purchasing power is 
anything but small. Waggoner estimates 
that a company might buy $30,000 in 
new equipment per year. 

Time will tell what Apple plans to do 
with its newly adopted children, but it's 
clear that the company is not satisfied 
courting only the iMovie and iTunes 
users of the world. Apple's buying its 
way into the big leagues, one company 
at a time.— /Varasu Rebbapragoda 


Why Mac OS X Audio Is Better 

I Than Mac OS 9 Audio 

Lower Latencies 

Mac OS X reduces the time It takes your Mac to 

receive, process, and output audio to speakers, so you can 
hear audio recorded from a live source in near-realtime. 

2 Multichannel Support 


1 Mac OS 9’s Sound Manager supports only two 
audio channels. For more, you need third-party 
drivers. Mac OS X Core Audio natively supports a 
multichannel I/O, so you can feel more confident that 
your Mac OS X apps and hardware will work together. 
Plus, Core Audio lets multiple applications share the 
same sound card or device, so you can be running a 
multitrack recording program like Bias Deck ($399, while using an editing program 
like Bias Peak ($499). 

3 Easy MIDI 


' The Mac OS X MIDI Setup Assistant defines a 
systemwide configuration for MIDI instruments to use 
with all your Mac OS X applications. 

4 Plug-and-Play USB 


Mac OS X will automatically recognize USB MIDI and 
audio hardware without requiring third-party drivers. 

5 standardized Plug-ins 

Mac OS X has a system-level plug-in architecture 
(called Audio Units), so theoretically developers can 
create plug-ins using a common standard. Plug-in 
developers are waiting to see which audio software 
packages (like Apple's newly acquired Logic) support 
Audio Units before they jump on this bandwagon. 

Requirements: Verizon Wireless 2-800 and 
Kyocera 3035e 

Price: $1 .25 per day to $7.25 per month 

EA Sports 2002 FIFA World Cup Check out the footle 
action and authentic player rosters from a top-notch 
sports-game developer. 

(Kyocera 3035e can’t run 
this title.) 

Magic Date Ball Ask the 
ball a yes or no question to 
solve your dating 

Puzzle Penguin As Puck the 
penguin, you move heavy 
blocks of ice onto heating Let’s hear your 
elements to clear caverns, phone say “Goooai!” 

Requirements: Wireless Internet and 
compatible phone (see Web site for list 
of models) 

Price: $0.99 per game 

Street Brawl II Beat up human or 
computer opponents with the right 
combination of offensive and 
defensive moves. 

Buzztime Trivia Up 
to ten players can 
match wits in a real- 
time trivia contest. 

Interpol Travel 
internationally to 
track down the art sometimes it’s 
thief who stole the better if you can’t 
Mona Lisa, see your opponent. 

Requirements: Handset compatible with 

Price: $2.99, $7.99, or $12.49 plus 
data-download charges 

Kung Fu Pit one of six kung-fu masters 
against a computer or human opponent. 

Star Trek: First Duty Here’s your chance to 
become a Star Fleet officer. Complete a four- 
year training course, and you’re on your way. 
Steve Jackson’s Sorcery This mobile RPG 
brings spelis and elves together. 

Air Aces Experience dogfights in a WWi 
biplane in this two-player air-combat game. 

Make it so, 
on the go. 

November 2002 MacAddlct 11 



the news of the month In bite-size chunks 


Sexy Stuff We Can't Wait to Get Our Mitts On 


Wide-screen TV 

Sharp Electronics $7,999.95 

LCD Wide-screen TV 

Samsung Electronics 
$1,499 (15-inch display), $2,099 (17-inch display) 

The Aquos can hang vertically tike a bat, 
in case you’re a vampire or something. 

N o more glare. Sharp Electronics’ Aquos wide-screen 
30-inch LCD TV is superbright, with a 170-degree 
viewing angle. The energy-efficient 3-inch-deep display Is 
HDTV ready; has a built-in 181-channel TV tuner, S-Video, and 
RCA inputs; and connects to your Mac with a VGA connector. 

If you want to wall-mount your TV, you can detach the stand, 
and the Aquos image inverter lets you rotate the picture if you 
want to hang itvertically.--l/k/7/f/7ey/yess 

T hin, pretty, and smart, Samsung Electronics’ 15-inch and 
17-inch LCD-TVs let you watch TV or video via DVD-input, 
S-Video, or RCA connectors, and work on your computer. These 
2.2-inch-deep displays are HDTV- and DTV-ready, have a built- 
in 181-channel TV tuner, and connect to your Mac with a VGA 
adapter. The displays come with a tilt stand, but their wide 
viewing angles make them perfect for wall mounting. 
—Whitney Hess 

Watch TV without suffering 
from email withdrawal. 



Macs Attack at Annual Gaming Show 

I t had drama, it had thrills, and most important, It had Macs. 

QuakeCon 2002, id Software’s ( annual 
meet-and-greet session with eager fens, was the biggest and best 
yet, attracting over 3,000 enthusiastic gamers to the company’s 
sleepy hometown of Mesquite, Texas. 

Best known for developing the famous Quake, Doom, and Castle 
Wolfenstein shooter series, id Software hosted a four-day gaming 
extravaganza featuring ATI’s Quake III: Arena and Return to Castle 

Programming god John Carmack 
reemphasized his commitment to OS X. 

Wolfenstein championship tourneys. A cool $20,000 went to overall 
Quake 111 champion LeXer, while the Doctors clan scooped the 
competition in Wolfenstein to earn a team payday worth 25 grand. 

QuakeCon’s | 
four straight | 
days of | 
gaming fun ^ 
keeps dudes | 
like these off | 
the street. I 

Mac game publisher Aspyr Media ( hosted a 
sprawling booth, which allowed attendees to free-play Return to Castle 
Wolfenstein and Jedi Knight 11 on 44 shiny dual-gigahertz G4s with 
Cinema Displays. The company also contributed iMacs with AirPort to 
handle the busy QuakeCon registration process. 

How busy was it? For the first time In QuakeCon history, the Bring 
Your Own Computer (BYOC) area of the show was filled to capacity, and 
by day two a sign reading “Sorry, BYOC full” greeted new attendees. 

The climax was the id team’s presentation of Doom III, which 
concluded with a keynote from programminggod John Carmack, During 
his nearly two-hour chat, Carmack reemphasized his full commitment to 
the Mac OS X platform, while acknowledging that Doom III performs a 
little more sluggishly on Power Macs than on PCs— Chuck Osborn 

12 MacAddlct November 2002 



The most evolved 
computers now have 
multi-functions and 
printers to match. . . 

From $699 — 

When it comes to imaging solutions that are 
every bit as innovative as your Mac, we're 
the only name you need to know. 

- From $299 

From $449 

From $299 

From $299 


From $169 

That's because our award-winning line of 
Mac-compatible printers and Multi-Function 
Center® models are designed to deliver both 
maximum performance and value. 

From our full line of high-quality 
printers, to versatile alt-in-one multi-function 
units which print, copy, scan and more, you'll find 
our products are every bit as evolved 
as our customers. 

MacConnection, MacZone, CDW, CompUSA, Office Depot, 
Staples, OfficeMax, Fry's, J&R Computer World 

©2002 Brotfier International Corporation, Bridgewater, NJ. • Brother Industries, Ltd., Nagoya, Japan 

For more information please call the Brother Fax-Back System at 800-521 -2846 or visit our web site at • All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 

] 4 cl GET INFO 

I ^ ^ the news of the month in bite-size chunks 



...and the People Who Love Them 

I nternational iFolktote cell phones that travel abroad, download music, and talk 
to computers. Not you, though, since U.S. wireless carriers have been slow to 
adopt these cell-phone bells and whistles. Not anymore. Check out the new 
technologies coming to a phone near you. Here’s what they mean and who might 
look good wearing them.— A//? 


What it Means 

What It Does 

Who It Befits 


Time Division 
Multiple Access 

This standard is becoming a has- 
been now that wireless providers 
are phasing out TDMA networks in 
Europe, Latin America, and North 
America in favor of the popular 
GSM standard. 

Tony Danza; 
C’mon, I’m still 
the boss of 
late-night cable. 


Code Division 
Multiple Access 

The Qualcomm-developed CDMA 
standard competes with GSM. 
Seeing that only 11 percent of the 
world uses CDMA, it seems to be 
losing out. 

Steve Jobs: 

I wish I had 11 
percent ofthe 



Global System 
for Mobile 

Most of the world operates 
on GSM's four frequencies: 
800MHz. 900MHz, 1,800 MHz, 
and 1, 900MHz. A tripie-band 
phone like the Sony Ericsson 
T68i, which operates at the top 
three frequencies, will better your 
chances of placing a call overseas. 

Colin Powell: 
They love me at 
home, they love 
me overseas. 


General Packet 
Radio Service 

GPRS is the data equivalent of 
GSM and the standard Apple 
will use to support iSync. GPRS 
networks can potentially move 
data at a peak rate of 115 Kbps— 
great for downloading concert tour 
dates but not the concert Itself. 

Carl Lewis: 
1 used to 
be fast. 


Personal Digital 

Some 9 percent ofthe wireless 
world, primarily in Japan and to 
some degree in Korea and Taiwan, 
uses this standard. IMode Is NTT 
DoCoMo’s wireless Internet service 
based on the PDC standard. 


1 swear I’m 
famous Ipil^ 



Code Division 
Multiple Access 

Wideband CDMA is the Qualcomm 
3G (third-generation) standard 
that GSM networks are looking to 
adopt, promising speeds of up to 
2 Mbps. Japan's NTT DoCoMo is 
migrating to wide-band CDMA. 



I’m number one! 
I’m number one! 


Code Division 
Multiple Access 

Qualcomm’s other 3G voice and 
data standard has peak data- 
transfer speeds of 144 Kbps and 
will evolve to 2 Mbps. 

Venus Williams: 
I’m number two! 
I’m number two! 


Enhanced Data 
Rates for GSM 

EDGE Is the 3G standard that 
was to evolve out of TDMA, but its 
speeds are only 384 Kbps, so It 
will probably lose out to 3G CDMA 


I’m not as 
good, but rm 
better looking. 


Wireless Fidelity 

Wi-Fi is essentially 802.11b (that’s 
right, AirPort). Current mobile 
phones don’t utilize Wi-FI, but 
engineers are working on It. 

Samuel L. 

1 am the ultimate 





This short-range signal for mobile 
devices is finally coming into its 
own. Apple recently announced 
that Jaguar’s iSync transfers data 
from iCal to Bluetooth devices. 

Finally, 1 get the 
recognition that 
i deserve. 


Zip 750MB 
FireWire Drive t 

Iomega,, $199 
Available: Fall 2002 
Iomega’s new 750MB Zip 
disks and drives are 
durable alternatives to 
comparably priced 
external hard drives. At about 
$13 each, 750MB Zip disks offer 
a cheap solution for those looking to 
archive projects and files. ^he latest Zip drive 

S I bumps up storage to 

. ^ 750MB per disk. 

photo Printers K 

Epson,, $199 (Stylus Photo 825), 

$299 (Stylus Photo 925), $399 (Stylus Photo 960) 
Available: Now 

Epson’s Stylus Photo 825 and 925 print straight from 
CompactFlash, SmartMedia, and Sony Memory Sticks. 

The 925 prints border-free and comes with a roll-paper 
automatic cutter. The Stylus Photo 960, the top of the line, 
uses a tiny 2-picoliter ink droplet for more-precise prints. 

All printers are six-color and connect to your Mac via USB. 

xD Picture Card 

Olympus Optical ( and 
Fujifilm (, $19.95 (16MB), $109.95 
(128MB), pricing unavailable on 256MB and above 
Available: Now 

Olympus and Fujifilm announced a new type of memory 
card with the potential to hold up to 8GB of images. 
Currently, 16MB and 128MB sizes are available, with a 
256MB size planned for the end ofthe year and 1GB to 
8GB sizes expected sometime next year. Used with a 
CompactFlash adapter, the xD Picture Card is compatible 
with any CompactRash-supported camera. 

Formac Studio DV 

Formac,, $289 
Available: Now 

This FireWire analog-to-DV converter lets you import video 
directly into Apple’s Rnal Cut Pro ($999,, 
Apple’s iMovie ($49), and Adobe’s Premiere 6 ($549, 


AOL for Mac OS X Released 

I n August 2002, America Online released AOL for Mac 
OS X. AOL has Mac-ified its software from the ground 
up with new features, such as an email and instant 
message counter in the Dock, a new Netscape Gecko 
Web browser, QuickTime-viewable streaming video and 
audio, and AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) compatibility 
with Apple’s iChat. 

14 MacAddIct November 2002 


is knowing 
you've got 
what it takes! 

what it takes 


manage your small business 

I First^ge 

■ ' -'-"nir rn^fir - - - - ^ - 

Award Winning Small Business Accounting and Management Software 

Join the over 400,000 MYOB customers worldwide who trust their business success to 
MYOB products. From business basics to complete management, MYOB has what it 
takes to Mind Your Own Business better. Available for Macintosh and Windows. 


Visit us oniine for a FREE Trial Version 

800-322-MY0B(6962) Smart Soliitionsr 


Insane Storage Technology Provides Insane Storage Capacities 

No, if s not a flock of robot woodpeckers~~this Illustration shows Millipede needles poking 
information-storing holes into a thin plastic film. 

On a Millipede chip, thousands of eensy- 
weensy needles are mounted on the free 
ends of thousands of silicon levers, known as 
cantilevers— one needle per cantilever. The 
cantilevers are arranged in a grid suspended 
a few micrometers (millionths of a meter) 

The Millipede chip packs 
20 times the storage of 
today’s best hard drives. 

above the plastic film. Tiny electrical motors 
minutely maneuver each row of cantilevers 
up, down, back, and forth. As each row 
strikes the plastic film, some of the needles 
are heated to 400 degrees centigrade, 
and some are not. A hot tip melts a hole In 
the plastic; an unheated tip bounces off. 

One hole equals one bit— and at only 10 
nanometers wide, the holes are so tiny that 
these bits can add up to one boatload of 
storage capacity. 

The process of reading the data Is even 
more mind-boggling: Rrst, the needle tip is 
heated to only 300 degrees centigrade, then 
ifs cantilevered back at the plastic film. If the 
tip goes into a hole, silicon beneath the 
plastic draws some of its heat away. If it 
doesn’t hit a hole, the tip touches the plastic 
film and stays hot— not hot enough to melt 
the plastic, but hotter than a tip In a hole. 
Now, try to wrap your brain around what 
happens next: The temperature difference 
between the cooled and still-hot tips creates 
a difference in their electrical conductivity, 
which supporting circuitry reads— a cooled 
tip registers a bit, a hot tip doesn’t Still with 
us? Congratulations. 

Erasing a Millipede hole is pretty 
straightforward: A 400-degree tip melts 
plastic on either side of that hole; the 
edges of these new holes obliterate the 
original hole. 

Besides moving up and down to write, 
read, and erase holes, each needle-equipped 
cantilever can also move back and forth 
and side to side over an area about 100 
micrometers square, into which it can punch 
many thousands of holes. Current Millipede 
designs have 1,024 cantilevers; under 
construction are 4,096-cantilever models. 

When will Millipede storage chips hit the 
market? Developers first need to iron out 
many problems— such as how to build the tiny 
suckers reliably and cheaply— but the smart 
money says the year 2005 looks possible. 

Get ready to toss out your archaic hard drives 
and memory cards —Rik Myslewski 

T he year Is 2006. You just bought Apple’s 
newest iPod with a high-res, full-color 
LCD display. Into it you pop a cartridge about 
the size of a postage stamp, and you have 
instant access to dozens of full-length 
movies. Insert another cartridge, and 
choose from 50,0000 500-page books. 

The video iPod may be only wishful 
thinking, but the staggering storage advance 
isn’t. Dubbed “Millipede” by the IBM 
engineers who created it, this real-life 
breakthrough technology could pack 60,000 
songs on a space as small as the magnetic 
disk spinning in your iPod’s hard drive— 
and do so in a way that’s nothing like today’s 
hard-drive technology. 

The way Millipede works is analogous to 
how bits and bytes were stored in the dark 
ages of computing (think 1960): as holes 
punched into cardboard punch cards. Back 
then, one hole 
equaled one bit. 
Where Millipede 
drastically differs 
is that it’s 
small— really, 
really small. The 
Millipede card is 
a ludicrously thin 
plastic film, and 
the punch is a 
silicon needle 
2 nanometers 

Each of these minuscule 
V-shaped cantilevers is 
a scant 50 micrometers 
(millionths of a meter) 
long — and yes, this is 
an actual photo. 

(2 billionths of a meter) thick at its tip; 

3 billion Millipede holes can fit into the space 
of just one old-fashioned punch-card hole. 

The result is a chip that can pack 1 terabit 
(1 trillion bits) into 1 square inch. That’s over 
20 times the storage capacity of today’s best 
hard drives, which max out below 50 gigabits 
(50 billion bits) per square Inch. 

This tiny chip houses a whole new way of storing data— and lots of it. 

16 MacAddlct November 2002 






f'' - 


t yoi; 

^ 'f ■ 
"•Seed n« 

C^M>fifi- /ffctidjfVJ' 
Hpi-.--> ' 

You need 
Crucial RAM.' 

your memory 
have to be 

Select your system make and mode! at, and you’ll find memory guaranteed to be compatible with your system 
or your money back. Ifs that easy! Best of all, you’ll get the same top-quality memory the world’s leading computer makers 
install In their systems. Visit 
and get great memory 

upgrades at low, 
direct prices. 



69 256MB PCI 00 SDRAM 

for today’s most popular systems 

Price reflects an automatic 10^ discount for ordering online. Prices may vary according to specific system requirements. 

The price listed was valid on 8/23/02 when we sent this ad to the publisher; however, prices may have dramatically increased or decreased since then. Visit 
the FAQ section of to learn more about why memory prices go up and down. 

O 2002 Micron Technology, toe. All lightt reoerwrt. Th« Memory Biperltli iM(vk»m»i*orMC)ucUTschiuilagy. the CrucW logo and Micron ore legiilereOtiaiietTWtuofMlcran Technology, Inc. A# other bnnde end nemee u»ed herein ei» the property ol their reepective owner*. 

CrvciM Technology I* a dMtkirt at Microft Semiconductor Product*, Inc., which it a wholly owned tubeidlaty of Micron TechtHlogy, Inc. Phone 2064634500. Fax 206-3634501. E.maii cnKtalaaleaQmleron.coffl. Cnidal Technology I* not reapontlble tor otrttalon* or artora In typography or photography. 



the news of the month in bite-size chunks 



U.S. Cities with Wireless 802.1 1b Access 

T he worst thing about AirPort is going without it. 
The next time you’re traveling around the United 
States, stop in at one of these cafes, hotels, or 
airports with AirPort wireless Internet access. 
—Christopher Ott arid Cyrus Farivar 

Aurafice Internet and 
Coffee Bar 

616 and 612 
E. Pine St. • 
206-860-9977 • Free 


102 First Ave. * 
206-382-2656 • 
$29.99 per month* 


Cafe@Netherworld ( 
1278 Pennsylvania St. • 303-861-8638 • 

$2 per hour using the cafe's wireless card 
or free if you bring your own 

Paris on the Platte 

1533 Platte St. • 303-455-2451 • Free 


Cafe Destiji 

1 Union St. * 415-291-0808 -Free 

123 Mission St. • 415-543-1510 • 
$29.99 per month* 


Buzz Coffee 

8000 Sunset Btvd. • 323-656-7460 • 
$10 per hour or $2.50 per 15 minutes 


Coffee House 

114StateSt* 608-251- 
5299 • $11 per month 
plus onetime $15 setup fee 


While we found no official wireless cafes, check out the Web site of the 
Chicago Wireless Developer User Group ( 
for a list of city streets with wireless network access. 


Embassy Suites Hotel 
1776 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy. 

215-561-1776 • $10.65 per day 


Trident Booksellers Cafe 

332 Newbury St. • 617-267-8688 • 



Cyber Cafe Times Square 

250 W. 49th St. • 212-333-4109 • $4 for first 
20 minutes and $0.16 for each additional minute 

Bryant Park 

(Yes, AirPort in the park) * Sixth Ave. between 
40th and 42nd St. • Free 

Ravenheart of Sedona 

1370 W. Highway 89A • 928-282-5777 • 
$2.75 for 15 minutes or $10 for 1 hour, 
using provided laptops only 



901 Main St. * 
214-741-9833 * 
$29.99 per month* ' 

*With a T-Mobile Wireless Broadband account ( | 


711 Louisiana St. • 

, 713-225-2318 * 
j $29.99 per month* 

: Four Seasons Hotel 

i 75 14th St. ' 

‘ 404-881-9898 • 
$10.70 per day 


Cyberstop Cafe { 

1513 17th St. NW • 202-234-2470 • Free 

Rappahannock Coffee ( 
2406 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA • 703-271-0007 • Free 


Surf and Sip ( 
Search Surf and Sip’s Web site for 
coffeehouses around the United States 
that offer wireless service. 

If you’re looking for wireless locations in places not included here, 
check out the following information sources: 

T-Mobile Wireless Broadband (800-981- 
8563, httpy/ 

T-Mobile Wireless Broadband’s Web site lists 
Starbucks cafes as well as U.S. airports that 
offer wireless access. 

Wayport (888-492-9767, www.wayport 
.com) Wayport’s Web site lists more than 
450 hotels and nine airports in the United 
States that offer wireless access. 

Wi-Find Check out Wi-Rnd's Web site 
( to search for wireless 
access points by zip code. 

For more New York City locations, 
see vw/w, 



Monte Boyd Interactive'-'yodashut $15 

A fter freeriding down every other major game platform, snowboarding finally hits 
the Mac. In Slope Rider, you can race against a computer opponent in Alpine mode 
or go solo in Freestyle mode. You can execute combination moves like flips and grabs 
and even do rail slides. If you get bored of the ten included 
courses, make your own with Powder, the course-creation app 
that comes with Slope Rider. Both Slope Rider and Powder give 
you fast 3D performance with particle effects using OpenGL. 
—Andrew Tokuda 



Slope Rider 1.0.1 

You're the king of the hill right now, but wait until you 
hit the ground. 

18 MacAddlct November 2002 

Simply Faster. 

G4 Breakthrough! 



300 Processor Upgrade Card for 

PCI Power Madntosh Computers 


Processor Upgrade 
Cards for Power Mac G4 AGP Graphics 

■ T-31 

The power to create a modern digital hub. The freedom to enjoy iPod, 
iTunes, and i Movie without a hitch. The speed to handle OS X. With up to 
1 GHz of power in a plug-and-play processor upgrade. Sonnet turns last 
year's desktop into this year's digital media center. No other upgrade even 
comes close. You'll experience such gratifidng performance improvements 
it will feel like a new machine. Sonnet Technologies. Simply Faster. 

Accelerates performance to new levels 

Encore/ST compatible with AGP Graphics, Gigabit Ethernet, Digital Audio, Quicksilver, and G4 Cube* models 
Crescendo/PCI compatible with 7300-9600 and clone-equivalent machines 
Installs in minutes. Simply Fast. 

No jumpers, no switches, no control panels. 

OS X Ready** 

For more information go to: 

* Cube requires additional installation kit, and professional installation is highly recommended. 

* PCI X Installer available for additional fee. Encore/ST G4 is built for OS X. 



I.;) 1^1111111 

■ ■■ 



. 8 ^" 

8 8m.. 



L et’s get the obvious 
out of the way right 
off. No, the new Power 
Mac G4s aren’t the 
long-awaited G5 models 
that have inspired 
almost as much rabid 
speculation as who 
actually won the 2000 
presidential election. 

Nor is the top-end model 
powered by PowerPC 

processors with stratospheric clock ratings. 

Fair enough, but worry not: All three of the new Power 
Mac G4s have heaps of power, exceptional expansion 
possibilities, and some rather unusual— some might even 
say odd— under-the-hood details. Here’s what’s new about 
the Power Mac G4s and how everything comes together 
internally to make these machines fly. 

Apple may not have unveiled 
the G5, but it has overhauled 
the G4, giving us faster dual 
processors, a powerful new 
motherboard, and speedier 
RAM. Here’s an in-depth look 
at what’s new and how it all 
comes together. 

Power and 

The most obvious “What the...?” aspect of the new Power 
Macs is the doubling-up of a broad range of system 
hardware and capabilities, including the following: 

Dual processors across the line: 867MHz, IGHz, and 
1.25GHz. Each processor is a top-of-the-llne PowerPC G4 
with the swift, short pipeline (a seven -stage one, to be 
exact) and broad-shouldered Velocity Engine we’ve come 
to know and love. The 867MHz Mac features a 133MHz 
system bus, while the two high-end models get a speed 
boost to 167MHz. 

Dual Level 3 caches: 1MB of DDR SRAM per processor 
forthe 867MHz and IGHz machines, and 2MB per 
processor at the 1.25GHz level. The 1.25GHz PowerPCs 
talk to their caches at a 5:1 ratio— that’s 250MHz— and the 

867MHz and IGHz models talk at a 4:1 ratio, or 217MHz 
and 250MHz, respectively. 

DDR SDRAM: You can equip each Power Mac with up to 
2GB of DDR SDRAM in four DIMM slots (more on the role of 
DDR SDRAM later). That’s up from the previous 1.5GB limit 
for RAM in the previous Power Macs. 

Dual hard-drive buses: The first is an ATA/100 bus that 
comes with a 7,200-rpm 60MB, 80MB, or 120MB drive, 
depending on which configuration you buy. An empty 
ATA/66 bus stands ready for expansion. 

Dual drive capability: Each of the two hard-drive buses 
can support— you guessed it— two drives. Add four 120GB 
drives (the maximum the Macs can handle), and you’ve got 
a voracious 480GB monster. 

Dual RAID capability: Mac OS X’s Disk Utility allows you 
to choose between RAID 0 {data striping multiple disks 
for better performance) or RAID 1 {mirroring multiple 
disks for better reliability). RAID even has dual meanings. 
Depending upon whom you ask, it stands for either 
redundant array of independent disks or redundant array 
of inexpensive drives. 

Dual display ports: Each of three supported graphics 
cards has one ADC and one DVI port. By default, the 
867MHz model ships with an nVidia GeForce4 MX, while 
the two high-end machines come with an ATI Radeon 9000 
Pro. A powerful nVidia GeForce4 Titanium is a $250 or 
$350 build-to-order option (the price depends on which 
graphics card comes by default in the system you buy). 

A DVI-to-VGA converter comes with all systems. 

Dual optical-drive capability: The 867MHz model ships 
with a Combo drive, and the other two models ship with a 
SuperDrive. You can choose to add a second optical drive 
to any model to achieve faster CD write and rewrite speeds 
(the SuperDrive writes CD-R discs at 8X and CD-RWs at 
4X, while the Combo drive features 16X and lOX speeds, 

The doubling theme continues with two FireWire ports 
and two USB ports (actually, Apple says the systems have 
four USB ports, including the ones on the keyboard— we 
think that’s just plain cheating), but then the theme falters 

20 MacAddict November 2002 

by Rik Myslewski 

pliotography by Mark Madeo 

An abundance of software comes preinstalled on all 
new dual Power Macs. Here's what you’ll find on their 
hard drives (and on their Software Restore discs): 

Mac OS 10.2 

Mac OS 9.2.2 

Mac OS X Developer Tools 

QuickTime 6 

iChat 1.0 

iMovie 2.1.2 

iPhoto 1.1.1 

iTunes 3.0 

iDVD 2.1 

DVD Player 3.2 

Mac OS X Main .2 

Internet Explorer 5.2 
Earthlink 2.6.3 trial 
Acrobat Reader 5.0 
Art Director’s Toolkit 3.0 
FAXstf 10.0 

FileMaker Pro 5.5v2 trial 
GraphicConverter 4.4 
OmniGraffle 2.0.4 
OmniOutliner 2.0.1 
PixeINhance 1.5.8 
Snapz Pro X 1.0.5 

a bit. Audio, for example, is blessed with four ports: analog- 
stereo audio line in and line out, a minijack for a pair of 
10-watt Apple digital speakers, and— mirabile dictui— a 
jack for a headphone or powered speakers, located where it 
should have been all along: on the front of the machine. 

There’s one 10/100/1, OOOBase-T Ethernet port and one 
modem port— fora total of two networking ports (OK, now 
we’re stretching our theme a bit)— and Apple has upgraded 
the internal modem to a V.92 model (from V.90). Many 
dial-up ISPs have yet to adopt this relatively new standard, 
but when your ISP upgrades, you’ll benefit from faster 
file uploads, snappier connections to frequently called 
numbers, and the ability to put your modem on hold while 
you answer incoming voice calls. 

One final doubling: The nVidia GeForce4 MX has 32MB 
of DDR frame-buffer memory. The ATI Radeon 9000 Pro has 
double that at 64MB. And the nVidia GeForce4 Titanium— 
you guessed it— doubles that numberyet again to 128MB. 
Double your pleasure, indeed. 

The Inside 

While all these double-double specs-specs are-are 
impressive-impressive, they really don’t get to the core 
of what makes this new line of Power Macs so interesting. 
For that, you need to go deep into the belly of the beast. 

To do so, we rooted around inside a new Power Mac, 
scoured technical literature, and asked Apple some 
pointed questions. 

Before you read on, though, be forewarned that Apple 
spokesfolks aren’t keen on giving out deep background 
information on any of the company’s products: “Apple 
declined to comment” is an oft-used response to many a 
question about the guts of its machines. In fact, so much 
of our information is informed analysis rather than Apple- 
sanctioned fact that we’ve invented a new acronym for this 

November 2002 MacAddlct 21 

ONOW.and-TlTiEN O 

Although the new Power Mac G4 towers look similar to the Quicksilver models they’ve 
replaced, when you open up both machines, you’ll see that their innards have migrated 

tour DDH SDRAM DIMM stats 
three SDRAM DIMM slots ; 

4X Slot with Card 

center, above RAM . 
center, below RAM 

Story, which we’U use when we describe a feature about 
which Apple declined to comment: ADTC. 

The chips that power the new Power Macs are from 
the Motorola MPC745X family (ADTC). The fastest of 
these chips forwhich Motorola has published specs is 
the MPC7455, and it tops out at IGHz. 
Our assumption is that either Apple 
has access to a PowerPC G4 chip with 
a higher clock rate that it uses In the 
1.25GHz model (ADTC), or Apple’s 
engineering geniuses are coaxing a 
higher speed out of a lGHzMPC7455 
certified for use in a higher-temperature 
environment (ADTC). While this may 
sound like dangerous overclocking, 
using these certified chips at a faster 
clock rate In a well-cooled environment 
such as that of the new Power Macs is 
entirely legit. In any case, we don’t know 
which scenario is true—and Apple and 
Motorola ain’t talking. 

Of more interest, though, is the fact 
that the new Power Macs use a system 
controller called U2, originally designed 
for the Xserve (ADTC). This chip is one 
powerful puppy. It combines a Gigabit 

Ethernet controller (IEEE 802. 3ab), a 400-Mbps FireWire 
controller (IEEE 1394a), a fast hard-drive bus controller 
(ATA/100), and a PCI bridge with a DDR SDRAM memory 
controller. Putting Ethernet and FireWire support directly 
into the system controller frees the PCI bus from the 
Ethernet and FireWire data traffic that slows PCs, which 
commonly use PCI cards to provide these features. 

Putting the PCI bus bridge Inside the system controller 
is another smart move on Apple’s part, since this bridge 
connects directly to the controller’s 667-MBps internal bus. 
Apple claims this move allows the maximum bus throughput 
to reach 266 MBps— good news for pros, who will stuff the 
Power Mac’s four full-length PCI slots with cards. 

The ATA/100 hard-drive bus supported by the system 
controller bumps up the speed from that of the ATA/66 
bus in previous Power Macs. But that ATA/66 bus hasn’t 
gone away— it’s still there, supported by a separate I/O 
controller chip called KeyLargo (ADTC), which also supports 
USB, the V.92 modem, the audio chip (ADTC), dual internal 
optical drives, and other system services. 

The new system controller has one more job: managing 
up to 2GB of DDR SDRAM, or double data rate synchronous 
dynamic RAM, which can run at— surprise!— double the 
read/write rate of RAM in non-DDR machines (see “Inside 
DDR SDRAM,” Oct/02, pl3). Since the IGHz and 1.25GHz 
Power Macs have 167MHz system buses, they can achieve 

22 MacAddIct November 2002 

Holu It Ulorks: The Dual 1.25GHz Power Mac G4 

33MHz PCI 
Slots: four 

L3 cache 

Sound Chip 

Rear ports: audio in, analog 
audio out, digital audio out. 
Front port: headphone jack 


ATA/66 Bus 
Installed: empty 
Maximum: two 
120GB 7,200- 
rpm hard drives 


SuperDrive and 
Combo (DVD- 


Installed: one 512MB PC2700 
Maximum: four 512MB PC2700 
Sluts: four 

10/1 00/1 OOOBase-T Ethernet 
Port: RJ-45 

Ports: two 

AGP Slot 

Installed: ATI Radeon 
9000 Pro with 64MB of 
Maximum: nVidia 
GeForce4 Ti with 128MB 
Ports; one ADC, one DVI 

u2 System 
Controller Chip 
PCI bus bridge, 
Ethernet, and 


KeyLargo I/O 
Device and Disk 
Controller Chip 

USB, modem, 
sound, UATA, 
and ATA/66 bus 



ATA/100 Bus 
Installed: one 
120GB 7,200- 
rpm hard drive 
Maximum: two 
120GB 7,200- 
rpm hard drives 

[ It takes a lot more than a pair of powerful processors to make the new dual-everything Power 
j Mac G4 sing— in fact, it requires an entirely new motherboard, adapted from the one made for 
the Xserve. Here’s a look at all the important players and how they work together. 

L3 cache 

250MHz cache bus 
Throughput: 4 GBps 




64-bit 187MHz Maxbus 
Throughput: 1,3 GBps 




250MHz cache bus 

Throughput: 4 GBps 


a maximum theoretical throughput of 2.672 GBps between 
main memory and the system controller. 

That’s an impressive number, but note that we didn’t 

processors. This nearly 2.7 GBps of throughput means 
the system can get a lot of work done very quickly without 
making the processors play traffic cop. 

say "between main memory and the PowerPC processor.” 
Here’s where the new Power Mac architecture is, shall we 
say, suboptimal. When data passes from the dual PowerPC 
processors to the system controller, it must do so over 
the Motorola-supplied front-side Maxbus (ADTC) at a 
throughput rate of only 1.3 GBps— and Apple did confirm 
this figure. The reason? The MPC745x family of processors 
doesn’t currently support DDR. 

If you’ve hung in there with us this far, it’s probably 
dawned on you that we’ve just stumbled upon a 
bottleneck: two high-speed processors contending for a 
single 167MHz bus to get to the system controller. And 
you’d be right. Sorta. One reason it’s not a fatal flaw is 
that the well-named Maxbus uses a numberof efficiency- 
enhancing tricks— way too geeky to go into here— that 
Improve throughput not only to the system controller, but 
also between the two processors. As a result, the Maxbus 
makes that 167MHz seem even faster. 

Where the DDR SDRAM shines is in supporting Apple’s 
implementation of DMA (direct memory access). DMA is a 
scheme in which different system components— FireWire, 
Ethernet, the AGP graphics card, and PCI, for example- 
can pass data amongst themselves without Involving the 

Hew Fast 
Does It Go? 

So, let’s review what we know— and surmise— about the 
new dual-everything Power Macs: Double everything? 
Check. New motherboard design? Check. Fast DDR 
SDRAM? Check. Better PCI integration? Check. Faster 
and more-expandable storage? Check. Possible 
data-throughput bottleneck between the processors 
and the system controller? Check. 

All well and good, but what you’re all wondering, of 
course, is whether all this technical hoo-hah adds up to 
better performance. The short answer is, “Damn straight,” 
For the longer, more-detailed answer, check out our review 
of the new dual IGHz Power Mac on page 40. We think 
you’ll be impressed. 

Nothing makes editor in chief Rik Myslewski happier than block 
diagrams, pin-out specs, and bus-protocol descriptions, except 
maybe Chee-tos— like Rik, they’re Dangerously Cheesy’^^. 

November 2002 MacAddIct 23 


Now that the Jaguar update 
of Mac OS X is ready to 
purr away on hard drives 
everywhere, we take it out for 
a spin. Is Apple’s ferocious 
new feline worth the $129 
upgrade cost? We add up its 
features and let you know. 

I f you've been looking for 
a reason to ditch Classic 
Mac OS and upgrade to Mac 
OS X, Jaguar is that reason. 
In the immortal words of 
one famous Mac magazine, 
it’s time to switch! 

If, however, you’re 
already a faithful devotee 
of Mac OS X, the decision 
to upgrade is a little more 
difficult. After all, you’ve already shelled out a bundle on 
the original Mac OS X and 10.1 upgrade. And now Apple 
wants another $129 for Jaguar? What gives? 

Apple says the price is more than fair. But of course 
Apple would say that, so we decided to appoint ourselves 
judge and jury and evaluate Jaguar on its features versus 
its cost, assigning each major new feature a dollar value. 
Note that we said major: Because Jaguar brings more than 
150 additions to the table, we only looked at the biggest 
and best of them— the ones you’ll likely care most about. 
So is jaguar worth 129 big ones? Read on and find out. 

The Finder 

While the Finder is still, and will always be, the Finder, 
Jaguar offers some improvements on how you get around 
your system. 

First there’s the return of spring-loaded folders. A bit of 
history for Mac newbies: Apple introduced spring-loaded 
folders in Mac OS 8, and users quickly hailed them as the 
best invention since salad-in-a-bag. The company rudely 
ditched them in Mac OS X, but has now reintroduced them 
after much prodding. The concept is simple: Drag a file onto 
a folder and hold fora moment, and that folder will spring 
open, allowing you to drag your file onto another folder, 
and so on. By the way, spring-loaded folders now work in 
List, Column, and Icon views. If you don’t like this feature 
(but who wouldn’t?), turn It off in the Finder Preferences 

window, where you can also adjust the delay before 
folders spring open. 

Another rockin’ improvement is an integrated search 
field In the Finder window’s toolbar, which searches for 
files, folders, and subfolders within that window. If the 
nature of your search is more complex (say you want to 
search the content of files for a certain word) or requires 
the use of multiple criteria, press Command-F while in the 
Finder to bring up the Find dialog (in previous Mac OS X 
versions, this command brought up Sherlock). 

For a simple 
search, use the 
placed integrated 
search box (top). 
Need to get 
more specific? 
Bring up the Find 
dialog (bottom). 

Jaguar also includes a major change to the Finder: 

The entire Finder is now multithreaded. Multithreading 
basically means that an application— and remember, the 
Finder is an app— can execute a number of commands in 
parallel. You’ll notice this under-the-hood change in just 
about everything you do— windows open and close more 
snappily, server connections get up and running faster, and 
so forth. Also, when you connect to a file server, no longer 
do you have to wait for the list of its contents to appear. 

Lists show up first and icons fill in later— that’s because 
different threads now handle file names and their icons. 

The Finder; What’s It Worth? 

We figure that the convenience of spring-loaded folders, 
the Finder’s increased performance, and a Find function 
that doesn’t involve Sherlock are saving us at least half an 
hour a day in productivity, which amouijj|^to about $12.50^ 
(hey, we’re on journalists’ salaries here). 

24 MacAidtet November 2002 

Interface: What’s It Worth? 

While jaguar’s interface improvements are sweet, we 
don’t really need any of ’em—kinda like our morning 
Venti mocha. So we’re wtUjng to go through one morning 
of caffeine withdrawal (at $3.35 a mocha) 
finer-looking jaguar. 

to pay for a 


Jaguar Specifics 

by Niko Coucouvanis, 
Cathy Lu, and Ian Sammis 

Mac OS 10.2 (aka Jaguar) 

Price: $129 single user; $199 Family Pack 
(five-Mac license); $19.95 if you bought Mac 
OS 10.1.x or a new Mac with 10.1.x on or 
after July 17, 2002 (offer ends Oct 31, 2002) 

Mac OS 10.2 Server (aka Jaguar Server) 

Price: $499 ten-user license; $999 
unlimited; $19.95 if you bought OS X Server 
10.1.x or an Xserve on or after July 17, 2002 
(offer ends Oct 31, 2002) 

System Requirements for Mac OS 10.2: 

Any Mac with an Apple-supplied G3 or G4 
processor (except the original PowerBook 
G3; no upgrade cards supported), 128MB of 
RAM, 3GB of hard disk space recommended 
(1 .5GB should suffice) 


• 9 0 

frankie.jpg Info 

T Cenerv: 


Kind: Image 

Size: 320 K8 on disk (327.128 bytes) 
Miere: Desktop: 

Created: Thu, Aug 22, 2002. 10:07 AM 
Modified: Thu, Aug 22, 2002. 10:07 AM 

O Stadonery Pad 
O Locked 

Besides a redesigned Finder, you’ll notice a number of 
interface tweaks that make the Mac OS X experience 
easier, prettier, and more convenient. 

For one, there is a 
redesigned Get.. .oh, we 
mean Show.. .oh, we do 
mean Get Info window. In 
jaguar. Show Info becomes 
Get Info again (has Steve 
jobs been hanging out 
with Prince?) and is hella 
more efficient. Instead of 

► Name 8t ExtensiOA: 

T Open with: 

[ ^Ptadew (2.0) (default) 

Use this application to open alt 
documents tike this. 

► Ownership & Permissions: 

► Comments: 

The new Get Info window is 
so much more convenient 
than Mac OS X’s previous 
Show Info window. 

having to navigate through 
different options via a 
pop-up menu, you use a 
series of reveal triangles 
to tweak privileges, 
file-name extensions, 
what application opens a 
particular file type, and so 
on, all in one fell swoop. 

Other nice additions 
include a new Jaguar 
desktop theme (we 
assume no animals were harmed in the making of this 
desktop picture) and the ability to have OS X change 
the desktop at designated intervals (for instance, every 
minute, every day, or every time you log in). 

We also love some of the Dock tweaks. For one, the Dock 
is now semitransparent, without lines. Even better, every 
time you minimize a window to the Dock, that window 
appears with its application’s icon— no longer do you need 
to squint to discern whether that’s a Mail, Excel, Netscape, 
or Explorer window. 

When you minimize windows, 
the Dock tells you what app they 
belong to. No more squinting! 

November 2002 MacAddlct 25 

Sherlock 3 

Our little Sherlock is all grown up, now sporting partnered 
content in new channels for searching pictures, stocks, 
movies, yellow pages, eBay, airline flights, \he American 
Heritage Dictionary and Rogers II Thesaurus, foreign - 
language translation, AppleCare, and of course the 
Internet at large. Plug-ins for individual sites are gone, 
making the general Internet Channel less useful than 
before—it only searches, Askjeeves, Lycos, 
Best Site First, and Overture (we*d never even heard of 
those last two). 

Mr. Watson, 
we presume? 
Sherlock 3 
is a dead 
ringer for the 
awesome (yet 
search -from - 

Internet searches work much as they did before: Sherlock 
returns a list of page titles, and you double-click one to 
load it in your Web browser. In the other channels, though, 
Sherlock struts its real stuff— Yellow Pages, for example: 
Type Apple Computer, and Sherlock shows you everything 
from the phohe number to a printable map. Sherlock also 
offers'driving directions (provided you first enter your own 
location in Sherlock’s Preferences). All of this, and Sherlock 

app named never once sends you to your browser. Unfortunately, we 
Watson. couldn’t convince Sherlock that Brisbane, California, is 

40-some miles from Cupertino, not 3.02. 

Except for the Internet channel, all channels deliver the 
information you want right in a window— even a QuickTime 
trailer when you check a movie schedule. We don’t need 



Unlike Sherlock 3, iChat, or the newly tweaked Finder, 
Quartz Extreme is the kind of thing you may not notice 
at first— that is, you won’t notice its absence until you try 
playing a DVD while surfing the Web and writing a letter in 
Word. As you’ve probably experienced, things can really 
slow down and the video may get jumpy (of course, it 
doesn’t help if you’re working on a now-dumpy 350MHz 
Power Mac G4). 

Quartz Extreme is a breakthrough technology that 
speeds graphics processing by using OpenGL to convert 
each interface window into a texture, which then goes 
to the graphics card for rendering rather than burdening 
the main processor. You can’t turn it on or off— jaguar 
automatically takes advantage of Quartz Extreme if you 
have a powerful enough graphics card. According to Apple, 
Quartz Extreme kicks in on Macs equipped with an nVidia 
GeForce2 MX, GeForce3, GeForce4 MX, or GeForce4 Ti, or 
any AGP ATI Radeon card with at least 16MB of VRAM. 

Quartz Extreme: What’s It Worth? 

With Quartz Extreme, any task that requires a lot of 
compositing of onscreen objects (for instance, playing 
QuickTime or DVD movies) gets handed off to the video 
card, leaving your processor free to dea| with other 
Provided you have an up-to-date video card^lfiat^^a 
deal and worth the cost of at least one DVD movie— $14.99 
(we shop at Target, OK?). 


If offers for female Viagra, refinancing at a low mortgage 
rate, and lurid pictures of barnyard animals are ruining 
your elife, you need Mail, which does a damn effective job 
of identifying spam and getting it out of your face. 

Mail uses an intelligent spam filtering technology called 
adaptive latent semantic analysis, which studies keywords 

no stinkin’ Web browser. 

Sherlock 3: What’s It Worth? 

For people who use Web resources like www.m-w 
.com (Merriam-Webster Online) and Google’s Image 
Search almost daily, SVrerlpck 3 is a huge convenience, 
providing mstant desktop access to your favorite sites. 

If it used our regular sources for channels instead of ‘ • and, we’d 
pay the whole $129 just for Sherlock. As is, or until we 
can designate our own content providers, it’s only worth 
$25— because it’s still not as cool as Karelia’s Watsom-'^ ^ 
shareware ($29,, which performs a 
similar service. 

In context rather than just looking at whether they appear. 

/ 0 iSi i 

Q 3 ^ 

d Entire Message ) 

Delete Reply Repty Ml 

Forward Compote Maltboxet Get Mail Not Junk Seanch -Uukhtymi^... 

13 muM0c» 
• ♦ From 


subscription sigttnthrop... 

Take delight! 


1:47 PM 



Your date is wahwig 


9:22 PM 


Turn Vour Favorite Photo Into A C.. 


9 57 PM 



^ Mortgage tids. 1 Slmpte Form! 


10 31 PM 



Double your dotvntoad speed and 


4:27 AM 


How To Survive As a Freeiancjer-9— 


8:03 am 


wdt 3 3-§; 

Copy DVD Movies to CO>R fight n. 





H your Heaith M risk? 


12 30 PM 


Special Deals 

Huge Piitar Candies! 


1:32 pm i 


Top Sdedtd Offers 

Friend. Seduce Woman Now! 


2:00 PM 1 

Princess Cruises 

10-day Hawaiin Islands Sailing fr... 


4:24 PM A 


A Cr 51 . 1 i jji; j ■ _• . , '.- 11 ^^ 



- ' - - - - • ■ — — 


Mail thinks this message is junk MaS 

( Not junk 5 

Mail differentiates junk mails using a very apropos 
dirt- brown color. 

26 MacAddIct November 2002 

The filter works amazingly well and correctly caught more 
than 90 percent of our spam right off the bat. 

When you first start up Mail, you’re in Training mode. 
That means Mail will load all of your messages into your 
in-box, marking in brown those it deems to be spam. If it’s 
not spam— say you really are looking for the best Viagra 
prices— simply click the Not Junk button at the top of the 
message. Mail learns that it shouldn’t mark messages 
from that source as junk. Say Mail lets a piece of spam 
get through— just indicate that the message is Junk, and 
again, Mail learns. 

Once you trust that Mail is doing right by your email, 
switch the junk filter to Automatic (in the Mail menu). This 
throws all of your unwanted email into a Junk folder you can 
check occasionally to make sure important messages from 
your boss didn’t accidentally find their way in there (unless 
that was your intention). The best part: You can continue to 
train Mail ad infinitum, even in Automatic mode. 

One more Mail feature of note: You can now create 
separate accounts with separate in-boxes. No longer do 
your home, work, and accounts have to— ewww— 
share an in-box. 

Mail: What’s It Worth? 

Mail is worth at least 50 cents for every piece of spam 
we don’t have to look at. At about 25 spams a day, that’s 



Resize and position the Image 
to scica a portion to use. 

( Cin^t ^ ( Done 3 

You can use 
any image 
to represent 
yourself; iChat 
resizes and 
positions it. 

There are two things we love about iChat. 

One, it makes us feel like we’re actually 
having a live conversation. Two, we don’t 
have to use America Online’s client— 

Apple designed this baby’s interface. 

IChat is an AOL Instant Messenger 
(AIM) client, meaning it only works 
If you’re chatting with other users on 
AIM— you can’t chat with users of, say, 

MSN Messenger or ICQ. The coolest thing 
about iChat Is its interface. Instant messages appear in 
little conversation bubbles, cartoon style (although if this 
annoys you, can change it to regular text via View > Show 
As Text). Equally cool, a grayed-out bubble appears next 

to a person’s icon 
when someone 
(either you or the 
person with whom 
you’re chatting) 
is in the middle of 
typing— which cuts 
down on confusing 

Apple has always 
been the king of 
customization, and 
iChat is no different. 
For instance, you can 


frank O'Connor 


l^rn a bsHur Icoturig cal UMT ' 

you I 

dan Isay Eiiuydi. Tlifly 

Isay eeucch whan ip««|]a 

obitMsaabDtiEcaa J 



Yaolw so iiupld you cani'lspell'^ 




iChat’s conversation bubbles 
give you that authentic 
arguing-with-a-reai-person vibe. 

easily choose a picture to represent yourself. Apple 
provides a number of icons for differentiating user 
accounts, and lo and behold, those pictures work 
perfectly in IChat— simply drag one of them from 
the Library > User Pictures folder onto your icon in 
the Buddy List window. Or you can take any of your 
own images and drag ’em onto your icon, and iChat 
will resize the picture for you. Awesome. You can 
even customize your Away and Available messages 
by clicking your status in the Buddy List and 
selecting Custom. 

Like AIM, iChat comes with a list of emoticons and 
supports file transfer; unlike AIM, iChat does not have 
a stock or news ticker— but we’re not too torn up about that. 

iChat: What’s It Worth? 

Since instant-messaging programs are free, we’re inclined 
to give iChat a value of $0. Yet considering its awesome 
interface and the fact that we don’t have to use an AOL 
product, we’ll value fChat at ^6— about one- quarter the 
cost of an AOL monthly membership. 

©■ 0 ' Buddy Usit 

e Available 
e I’m here for you 
</ 9 Mew 


• Away 
9 you suck 

• Custom... 

Edit Ust.. 

+ 0*0 

Create your 
own custom 
and Away 
to suit 
your mood. 


Address Book 

Do you have eight different copies of your ex-wife’s 
address in eight different applications and devices? 
Address Book can help. 

Address Book is a central repository for your contacts— 
to borrow a phrase from Apple, it’s a hub. Simply enter 
contact information, and any application that supports 
Address Book services (for instance. Mail and iChat) can 
access that information. Apple is hoping for future support 
from third-party vendors. As of press time, Apple hadn’t 
released iSync, so we couldn’t test how Address Book 
works with a Palm OS device. 

Address Book will import contacts stored as vCards 
and in LDIF (LDAP data interchange format). The easiest 
way to move your contacts from Palm Desktop is to export 
your contacts by category as vCards. You can then create 
a correlating group in Address Book and drag the vCard 
file onto that group to import those contacts. Or you can 
export all of your contacts at once and then organize them 
into groups within Address Book— there’s even a command 
for creating a new group from selected contacts. 

Address Book 
is clean and 
simple — the 
way we like 
our contact 

Entourage offers 
a more annoying 
challenge. It 
can only export 
multiple contacts 
as a text file, which 
Address Book 
doesn’t recognize. 
Entourage only 
lets you create 
vCards one contact 
at a time, and 
frankly, we’d rather 


Merry Maids 
j Honda of Concord 

Costco Tires 
Belie Spa 
!jJ Media Atllonce 
iij Rick Alcmony Kickboxirtg 
u.|aaudia’s Housccleonirtg 



iijvisa (United Mileage Hui) 
About Face and Body 
u i Dava Oova 
i Lora Oukfer Couture 
iiJ Sears Automotive 
Li Bonk of America 
iiJ Fidelity investments 

Glen Park Ciemre 

work 415~23»-BB47 

bom* 701 Cbonwy St. 

November 2002 MacAjdIct 27 

be stuck in an elevator with Charo than have to export 
and import all our contacts one at a time. Fortunately, 
Jaguar comes with an import contacts script called Import 
Addresses. sept (Library > Scripts > Mail Script) that allows 
you to move contacts from Entourage (as well as Palm, 
Eudora, and other apps) to Address Book. Still, the best 
way to maintain the integrity of information and fields is 
through vCards. 

Address Book: What’s It Worth? 

A contact manager that organizes our lives, reduces 
hassle, and saves us time? Sign us up! Right now, we like 
it more than Palm Desktop, which is free, so we*d certainly 
shell out $10 for it as share wSte/- 

000 LwdcKctw kjigv 


6 may look 
pretty much 
the same as 
QuickTime 5, 
but there’s a 
lot going on 
that makes 
your viewing 


QuickTime 6 

QuickTime 6 has a couple of new tricks up its sleeve, 
the biggest of which goes by the name of MPEG-4. 
Media-savvy readers will recognize this as the progeny 
of MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 Layer 3 (aka MP3). 

Advanced audio coding (AAC) is 
a big part of MPEG-4. Developed 
at Dolby Labs, AAC provides smart 
variable bit rate (VBR) encoding and 
other signal-processing juju to provide 
CD-quality audio at a lower bit rate 
than MP3. It works great— we couldn’t 
hear the difference between a 2MB 96- 
Kbps MPA and a 3MB 128-Kbps MP3. 

The MPEG-4 codec brings two new 
features to QuickTime: instant-on 
streaming, which promises video 
on demand to broadband users (the keyword here is 
broadband, and we still endured some buffering over our 
fat Internet connection— though not much) and QuickTime 
Broadcaster, a free download with which you can easily 
broadcast MPEG-4 video and audio (AAC) streams overthe 
Internet or a local network (see “How To Broadcast Your 
Own Show on the Web,” Sep/02, p68). On a fast server 
and a fast LAN, instant-on is impressive. 

Apple claims QuickTime Pro 6 is the first coast-to-coast 
MPA converter, meaning that it can both play and encode 
MPA files. Unfortunately, you have to fork over $29.99 for 
QuickTime Pro (out of the box, QuickTime 6 Is limited to 
playback). If you do spring for Pro, you can perform basic 
cut-and-paste linear editing and export audio and video 
files to dozens of formats— including old standards like 
AIFF, QuickTime Movie, and System 7 sound, as well as the 
latest and greatest, MPEG-4. 

QuickTime 6: What’s It Worth? 

Well, since any non-jaguar-using schmo can download 
QuickTime 6 for free* it’s worth $0. If Apple provided 
QuickTime Pro with jaguar, we’d be talking the 
big bucks. 




Pi ft e a 

aiplavs I 

O Windawn Fttc Sharing 
C PtnonalWtb during 
G temowlAghi 
O FT?A«tM 
O Mmma Apple eveno 
O WnterSharing 

Pinonal f9t Sharing Off 

CUtkjQRM 9 *Miu 

We don't get to throw around the term industry standard 
all that much when talking about Apple, but that’s exactly 
what Apple hopes Rendezvous will become. 

Based on the ubiquitous IP (Internet protocol) and 
Apple’s so-called zero-configuration technology, 
Rendezvous effectively cuts out the middleman (manual 
configuration), and sniffs out devices with available 
services— mainly Macs and servers (Mac, Unix, or NT) to 
which you can 
connect, and 
printers you 
can share. 

The zero- 
part is cool, but 
Apple uses the 
word zero pretty 
loosely— you 
still have to 
configure your 
Mac to allow 
services like file, 
application, and 
printer sharing, or to enable local network Rendezvous 
Messaging for interoffice iChat encounters. What you 
won’t have to do is futz with AppleTalk Zones or local 
IP addresses— it just happens. All you have to do is 
select Connect To Server from the Go menu. Rendezvous 
works on any IP-based network, including AirPort and 
wired Ethernet. 

Bottom line: If yours is a one-Mac home, you can’t 
rendezvous with anyone else, so this feature isn’t 
necessary. However, you’ll find it useful if you’re tooling 
around on a network. 

Identify yourself, set access privileges 
for your Mac, and you’re ready to 

Rendezvous: What’s it Worth? 

Taking the difference in price between the single-user 
version of jaguar ($12 j), in whi ch Rendezvous may be 
useless, and the Family Pack ($199), in which Rendezvous 
will be incredibly useful, we gef $70> by two, 

since only half of you will find Rendezvous useFuTtwe^ 
didn’t arrive at that figure scientifically, by the way), 
and we have $35. 



So you’re hiding your Mac inside the gutted hulk of a Dell to 
protect it from the watchful eyes of your AppleTalk-hatin* IT 
department. Will jaguar let you get on a Windows network? 

In a word, yes. The formerly frustrating Connect To 
dialog has emerged as a powerful tool— it can browse 
AppleTalk zones and Windows workgroups with equal 

28 MacAddIct November 2002 

Something for Eueryone 

If you think Jaguar merely comes with some enhanced networking featuresTa cool chat client/^ abetterm^^ 
again. While Jaguar holds a lot of appeal for the average Mac user, it also offers plenty of features for specialized groups. 


If your journey across from Linux or BSD 
left you feeling disappointed, you’ll find 
that Jaguar Is a definite step up from 10.1, It 
comes with more libraries installed, making It 
much easier to run standard Unix tools. The 
Terminal application now handles full VT220 
emulation and works much better at font 
sizes other than the default, and— best of 
all — transparent Terminals are now a feature, 
not a hack. The addition of CUPS (common 
Unix printing system) makes printing from 
Terminal work exactly as it would in other 
Unix versions, with Ipr, Ipc, and all the other 
usual suspects supplanting the nonstandard 
Print. While we still miss features like virtual 
desktops, overall 10.2 is a much Unixler Unix, 


If you’re a developer, the major new feature 
of Jaguar is the inclusion of GCC (GNU C 
compiler) version 3.1. This marks a major 
milestone for Apple, which has managed to 
merge the compiler it inherited from NeXT 
with the current version of the compiler 
that comes with almost every other Unix in 
existence. From now on, you can download 
the newest version of the OS X compiler from 
the Free Software Foundation and compile 
using the most current tools, just as you’d do 
in Linux or Solaris. 


System administrators and overworked IT 
drones will love Jaguar from both sides of 
the fence: admin and end user. Thanks to 
the new Netinstall and improved NetBoot, 
you can Install software — even OS 
updates— from one OS X Server machine 
instead of visiting each Mac individually. 

Add to that Xserve’s headless operation, 
and you can do those Network Installs from 
a dumb terminal connected to an Xserve’s 
serial port — pretty smart. 

Jaguar also supports some non-Apple- 
specific standards, such as Open Directory 
(LDAP) services and scripting out the wazoo 
with Python, TCL, Ruby, fast CGI, and a 
server-optimized Java Virtual Machine on 
top of Peri, MySQL, and PHP. Jaguar even 
supports non-Apple machines, providing 
file- and print-sharing services via Samba, 
WINS, and NFS to Windows, Unix, and Linux 
clients. The best part is that Jaguar makes 
these technologies point-and-click simple 
with setup and maintenance apps like Open 
Directory Assistant, Workgroup Manager, 
and Server Monitor. 


Schools with limited IT expertise will 
welcome the simplicity that Rendezvous 
brings to printer and file sharing. Also, 
NetBoot makes it easier to boot all the 

machines off a central server, while Netinstall 
lets OS X Server owners install Jaguar over 
a network. 

Also, if you don’t want kids screwing 
around on the classroom Mac, you can create 
an account (in the Accounts preference pane) 
and assign students certain capabilities. 

For example, you can prevent students from 
accessing email or the Internet by clicking the 
Capabilities button and making appropriate 
selections after adding a new user. 


Jaguar offers more options if you’re dealing 
with a limitation on your hearing or sight. 

You can locate these features In the Universal 
Access preference pane, which Includes the 
ability to zoom the screen to a 20x level of 
magnification, set everything to display as 
white on black, and set the screen to flash 
every time an alert sounds. 


If the keyboard is your enemy, meet Ink, 
Apple’s handwriting-recognition system, 
which works in any application that supports 
text. You won’t find the Ink system preference 
unless the system sees a Wacom tablet 
and driver installed. Unfortunately, Ink only 
recognizes print (not cursive), and it takes 
some getting used to if you tend to connect 
your letters. 

facility, and connect to shared volumes on either (it can 
connect to FTP servers, too: just type the URL, and the 
serverwill show up in the Finder). 

Unfortunately, print sharing is another matter. While 
Jaguar makes it easy to print to AppleTalk and LPR 
printers, there’s no way to connect to Windows shared 
printers. At press time, even the leading third-party 
solution for that problem— Thursby Software’s Dave ($149,— 
didn't yet run in 
10.2 (although a 
public beta should 
be available by the 
time you read this). 
While this shouldn’t 
be a serious problem 
(modern versions of 
Windows set up LPR 
This Mac shows up twice — once queues by default 

on the Mac network, then again on these days), it could 
the Windows network. cause you trouble if 

Conntct to Scfvtf 

rvir from Hm Hm or tntar a Mfver tddrtsj 

a tan Sammii't Camouttr 
a TrwfOfX 

Sfrvkv tmb 
Ljodtlon: WORKGROUP 
URL imb://S6«.192.1.10! 

the IT folks in your office are bozos. 

Windows file sharing Is the biggest improvement to Mac 
OS X’s ability to talk to the Dark Side, but it’s hardly the 
only one. jaguar comes with a built-in VPN (virtual private 
network) client (tucked away in the Internet Connect 
application) that should make it easy to connect to VPNs 
(which let a machine pretend to be on a corporate LAN 
when it’s actually outside). Apple has also altered Mail to 
work in tandem with an Entourage server. 

Windows Networking: What’s It Worth? 

Using the results of a RAND study (Excel’s R AND() or 
random-number function, not the think tank), we’ve 
determined that 8 percent of Mac users need these 
features. We’ll assign jaguar about half the value of 
Thursby’s Dave (since if has half the features): $75. The 
VPN client could replace Software’s DlgiTunnel 

($88, Sur^11tg«ia^ 
by 8 percent, we fihdthat the total value of the Windows " 
networking features is^l3. 3 



VERDICT: It’s a winner! You can justify the $129 upgrade cost. 

November 2002 ' 

- . . / 

KIL ^ 

by Kristifeia De Nike 

photography by Mark Madeo 

* '-AiT V'^-^ 

^ s- Ans^aar 't, ^ 

I n the living room you 
have your TV, stereo, 
VCR, and DVD player. And 
then in the office you have 
your Mac with an Internet 
connection, CD-R or DVD-R, 
and monitor. But what do 
you do if you want to save 
your favorite TV show to 
CD? Or play that MP3 you 
just downloaded on your 
booming speakers? 

You're stuck. Or are you? 
It’s more possible than 
ever to make your Mac the 
brains of your entertainment 
center. With the latest wave 
of TV receivers and recorders, 
dual-purpose displays, and 
wireless remotes, putting 
the Mac in the center of your 
living room— or putting your 
living room In the center of 
your office— increasingly 
makes sense. 

Your Mac can record 
TV shows, watch movies, 
and play CDs, just like 
your boring old home- 
entertainment gear. But just 
try to talk your TV or stereo 
into editing video or sound 
files and saving them to 
CD-R or DVD-R. It doesn't 
work. Your Mac is just plain 
smarter. Of course, there are 
drawbacks too; For instance, 
TV is still best viewed on a 
standard television set since 
TV tuners bring In lower- 
resolution pictures. And 
for the time being Apple 
doesn’t support Dolby 
surround sound. 

But if your Mac is already 
the center of your life— and 
admit it, that’s probably the 
case— it makes sense that it 
also be at the center of your 
other favorite activities. 

November 2002 


TV Tuners & 

Ever sit at your Mac wishing you could have 
the baseball game running in a corner of your 
screen? You’d still be able to get work done, 
but when Barry Bonds hits number 74 (we 
can dream, can’t we?), you wouldn’t miss it. 
The simplest devices for bringingTV into your 

electronics store and getting a 
good-quality colorTV for about 
$300. You can’t beat the price 
on a standard TV, and if you get 
a nice model the picture is clear, 
the blacks are black, and the 
colors are bright. 

There are a few reasons 
television broadcast looks better 
on a TV than on your Mac. One 
reason is that the NTSC standard 

for American television is 720 by 
480. The USB solutions you use to bring TV 
into your Mac are mostly 320 by 240. The 
Formac studio DV/TV is 720 by 480, but 
even that has to convert from the NTSC scan 

frequency of 15KHz to a computer monitor 
frequency of 30KHz to 80KHz, which leaves 
the image grainy. Also, trying to watch TV 

at full screen using any of these devices is 
pretty disappointing. 

That said, bringing TV Into your Mac has 
some advantages. For Instance, you may not 
be able to sneak a TV into your office, but 
you can hide a TV-viewing window on your 
Mac lickety-split. Or you may have room for 
a 21-inch computer monitor in your cramped 
studio apartment, but not both a monitor 
and a TV. Also, a TV tuner for your computer 
is ideal if you want to record TV and then 
mess around with it in a video editor. 


The glue that holds your Macintosh entertainment center together is MPEG, a set of 
compression standards from the Moving Picture Experts Group- All versions of MPEG, 
which squeezes video data into smaller files, use a frequency-based technology called 
discrete cosine transform (DCT). They also use quantization, which, simply put, guesses 
what information you can drop without the human eye noticing. Since it discards some 
information, MPEG is considered lossy (as opposed to lossless) compression. 

The committee designed the first version of MPEG, appropriately named MPEG-1, for 
video CDs, aiming for quality roughly equivalent to that of VHS tape. MPEG-1 video has a 
resolution of 352 by 240 pixels at 30 frames per second (fps). It requires the modest data 
rate of 1.5 Mbps* equivalent to that of the first CD-ROM drives and audio CD players. Layer 
3 of MPEG-1 is audio, and it’s the basis of the MP3 formal we all know, love, and steal. 

When the committee sat down to develop MPEG-2, it had the loftier goat of coming up 
with a format that would play crisp* beautiful movies. OVD movie discs and DVB (digital 
video broadcasting) use this format. It supports resolutions anywhere from 352 by 240 
at 30 fps to 1,920 by 1,080 at 60 fps. At the high end, it uses a data stream of 80 Mbps. 
Your standard DVD video is 720 by 480 at 30 fps, 

MPEG-1 and MPE6-2 look at the differences between two consecutive frames and 
transmit only the information that has cha nged. Because of this, MPEG frames can’t exist 
independently. That means MPEG can give you much better quality with less data* but it 
also makes It difficult to edit an MPEG video file. For these reasons you usually want to 
convert to MPEG format when youYe finished with a project, not use it when you’re editing. 

MPEG-4 (supported by QuickTime 6) is designed for Web distribution. It has more- 
efficient compression rates, so it looks better overthe Internet’s limited bandwidth. It also 
allows interactivity, so users can respond to the video with key presses and mouse dicks. 
Some versions of MPEG-4 make the frames function independently so you can use MPEG 
as your video-editing format. Also, MPEG-4 puts audio and video on separate tracks. 

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the MPEG committee can count. It did develop 
MPEG-3, an HDTV version of MPEG-2, but eventually rolled MPEG-3 into MPEG-2, 

32 MacAddIct November 2002 

MyTV gives you basic live-television viewing 
and recording with easy-to-use controls. 

All of the Mac TV tuners will work with 
a TV antenna, although you’ll get better 
quality if you connect them to cable. In 
addition to letting you watch TV, the four 
Mac products out there also give you the 
ability to record live TV and to capture 
video over a composite RCA connector or 
S-Video to your Mac, except the EyeTV, 
which only brings in composite video. 

The most basic and inexpensive USB 
TV tuners are ATI’s Xclalm TV USB Edition 
($99, and Eskape Labs’ 
MyTV/fm ($155,; 
see Reviews, p46). The Xclaim TV Is OS 9 
only and supports a variety of compression 
types, including Motion JPEG, a series 
of JPEG-compressed images. Its quality 
is about the same as MPEG-l’s, but it 
produces larger files (for more on MPEG, 
see “MPEG Explicated,” left). The Xclalm TV 
also allows you to read and save closed- 
caption text— great if you want to get a 
transcript of Oprah without paying for it. 
You can set the application to watch for 
specific words and alert you when they 
come up. Eskape Labs’ MyTV works in OS 9 
or OS X. It also captures video in a variety 
of formats, including Motion JPEG but not 
MPEG. It is a little more difficult to set up 
because you connect your speakers to the 
MyTV box and then string the included 
audio cable from the box to your Mac. 

If you’d like to get more out of a TV tuner, 
you have two options. El Gato’s EyeTV 
($199,; see Reviews, p46) 
connects via USB, Is Mac OS X only, and 
uses MPEG-1 compression. El Gato has 
an agreement with TitanTV, a Web-based 
service that allows you to look up your local 
TV listings and schedule shows for recording. 
EyeTV gives you two compression settings. 
The lower compression rate is around 0.2 
MBps, or 700MB for an hour of video. The 
higher rate is 
about twice as 
large (1.4GB 
for an hour 
of better- 
quality video). 


QuickTime Pro 

EyeTV gives you controls for pausing and 
replaying live TV. 

strips out the audio when you convert MPEG- 
1 and MPEG-2 to DV video for use in IMovie. 
EyeTV's coolest feature is that you can pause 
and replay live TV (as with TiVo)— handy 
when the phone rings during The Young and 
the Restless and you need to find out who 
cheated on whom after you hangup. 

The Formac studio DV/TV with TIVeRon 
software ($399, is the 
only FireWire product. FireWire’s higher 
bandwidth means the device can capture 
a resolution of 720 by 480. FireWire also 
allows you to capture TV directly into 
iMovie, convenient for editing out 
less-desirable footage— say, any of young 
Anakin’s speaking scenes in The Phantom 
Menace. The OS X-only TiVeRon 1.0 
software and the scheduling Web site 
were not ready at press time, but should 
be available by the time you read this. 
According to Formac, TiVeRon will allow you 

to set a channel and recording time, but 
for now it won’t let you pick the program 
by name and then let the Web site figure 
out when to record. You can schedule 
your studio DV/TV to start recording from 
a remote location— so if you’ve forgotten 
to set your VCR for Friends, you can use 
the TiVeRon Scheduler at work to tell your 
studio at home to record it. 

If you have a DV camcorder, you already 
know that video consumes drive space like 
Shaquille O’Neal on an eating binge— to be 
exact, an hour of DV video swallows 15GB. 
This type of hobby takes a big hard drive 
or two. If your Mac’s storage shy, you can 
select another compression format such as 
MPEG-4, which will only take up 1.5GB for 
an hour of video. 


The Ideal setup fora home-entertainment 
Mac Is a large, beautiful monitor for your 
desktop and personal entertainment 
needs, and then a projector on a second 
monitor connection for when the gang 
comes over to watch Sex and the City or 
Lord of the Rings on DVD. 

For your main monitor, you have to decide 
between a flat-panel LCD display ora bulky 
CRT monitor. LCD displays have been coming 
down in price over the past few years, but 
they still cost substantially more than CRTs. 
CRTs also don’t suffer from viewing-angle 
problems— as your gaze moves from side 
to side or up and down, the colors stay the 
same. On the other hand, LCDs take up 
much less room, are easier to move around, 
and tend to be brighter— and the latest 
and greatest models have much-improved 
viewing angles. 

One ofourfaves is, not surprisingly, 
the Apple Cinema HD Display ($3,499, The charm of the Cinema 
HD— besides its lovely design, which will 
enhance any room’s decor (do we sound 
like a Pottery Barn catalog?)— is that it 
has very good viewing angles for an LCD. 
Plus, its wide screen will give you a larger 
picture when you’re watching a movie. A 
word of warning if you’re going to spring for 
this puppy: Connect it to your Mac’s AGP 
graphics card with an ADC connector. We 
tried it with a PCI DVI card and a DVI-to- 
ADC adapter and got nasty artifacts in dark 
scenes. High Definition (that’s the HD in 
Cinema HD) actually encompasses more 
than one specification. HD can refer to 
1,920 by 1,080 pixels, refreshed 60 times 
per second at a 2:1 interlace (yielding 30 
complete fps), or 1,280 by 720 pixels. 

refreshed progressively at 60, 30, or 24 
fps. The Cinema HD display supports 
' both 1,280 by 720 and 1,920 by 1,080 
resolutions. But the Cinema HD isn’t just 
for entertainment— its expansive (and 
expensive) real estate is fabulous when 
you’re editing video or images. 

If you have your heart set on an LCD 
but your budget is somewhat less than 
$3,500, you have other options like the 
Formac gallery ($899 to $949, depending 
on the connector) and the Sharp LL-T1820 
($1,299, www.sharpelectronics 
.com). Also, the Sony SDM-V72W ($999,, a 17-inch multimedia 
LCD, is just one of a wave of wide-screen 
LCDs that will be hitting^shelves in the 
months approaching the holidays. Sure, 17 
inches is a little small, but the Sony SDM- 
V72W’s versatility almost makes up for it. 
You can plug a game system, PC, or DVD 
player into it and truly make it the center 
of all your entertainment. Its 16:9 aspect 
ratio makes it good for viewing HDTV and 
wide-screen movies. It uses Sony’s Wow 
speakers (the same ones you’ll find in 
Sony’s Vega televisions), which are better 
than the built-in speakers on your Mac but 
don’t exactly fill a room. 

Of course you have hundreds of CRTs 
from which to choose, but the gorgeous 
Sony GDM-FW900 ($2,000)-a 24-inch CRT 
wide-screen display— may be the sexiest. It 
has bright colors and nice detail if you have 
room (and the muscles) for its 22 by 20 by 
20 inches and almost 100 pounds of heft. 
Another option is the Samsung SyncMaster 
765 ($219,, a 17-inch 
CRT featuring MagicBright. This technology 
provides three brightness settings, so 
you can increase brightness when you are 
watching video and decrease it for text and 
Internet surfing. 

November 2002 MacAddlct 33 


Apple Cinema HD Display 

If you have the moolah, LCDs are bright and occupy less space. 
Look for an LCD with a wide-aspect screen and fast response 
time (under 40 milliseconds). The Apple Cinema HD display Is the 
perfect choice because it looks good from almost any viewing 
angle— and it just looks good, period. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you were on the 
next episode of TIC’s Trading Spaces 
and the decorators decided to redo your 
living room with high-tech computer 
equipment, complete with a dual 1.25GHz 
Power Mac? Since that’s not terribly 
likely^ we’ve had to come up with our own 
rendition of what your Mac- based home- 
entertainment center might look like. 

El Gato EyeTV 

Not only does the EyeTV bring TV into your 
computer and let you pick programs to 
record when you Ye out, it can also convert 
your old VHS tapes to digital. You can use 
it to pause or replay live TV as well. You’ll 
never leave your house again— guaranteed. 

Griffin PowerMate 

A throbbing blue knob 
for volume control 
and cool factor is a 
must for the ultimate 
Mac -based home- 
entertainment center. 

Cable Box 

A TV tuner for your Mac will look a Jot 
better if you give it a cable feed rather than 
using an old rabbit-ear antenna. The tuner 
software only gives you up to 125 channels, 
so don’t go overboard with digital cable or 
a satellite dish. 

JBL Creature Speakers 

You definitely need to spring for some 
better speakers. Not only are the built-in 
speakers on a Mac limited in range, you 
can barely hear them from 10 feet away. 
And remember what Mom said about 
sitting too close to the TV screen. 

Apple Power Macintosh 

Although you could use an IMac for 
this project, you probably want a 
system that lets you hook up multiple 
displays (not mirrored) and extend your 
internal storage capacity. At the least 
you want a DVD-ROM drive, but 
a Pioneer SuperDrive that burns 
DVD-Rs is even better. 

Apple iPod 

Even though you probably won’t 
want to leave your awesome new 
nest you might need to at some 
point. Well, don’t leave home 
without 20GB of your favorite tunes. 

Collection of DVDs 

Now that DVDs are renting 
for almost $5, you might as 
well buy 'em and keep 'em. 

Keyspan Digital Media Remote 

Once you re settled in your recliner, 
you don't want to have to get up 
to pause the movie or change the 
channel. Keyspan's remote is minimal, 
but it works with Apple’s DVD Player 

Bowl of Popcorn 

Popcorn is the perfect nosh for the 
movies, and the grocery-store variety 
doesn’t cost you $10 the way it does at 
the theater. Pius, It still provides ample 
opportunity for that or accidental hand 
reachi ng - i n - at-the -same -time trick. 








rjUi II np 


kick back with your mac 


Multimedia projectors are the latest 
fashion ‘‘do” from all the projector 
companies. What sets these projectors 
apart from business models is that they 
generally have better speakers, better 
analog-to-digital converters, and lower 
brightness optimized for make-out 
sessions.. .uh, we mean viewing in dark 
rooms. Home-theater projectors tend to 
be heavier, although the heaviest are 
only about 15 pounds— the weight of a 
four-month-old baby or a fat cat. 

Just because it's called a home-theater 
projector, though, doesn’t mean it’s the 
right projector for your home. Projector 
speakers aren’t very good, and you have to 
compete with the sound of the projector’s 
cooling fan. Get separate speakers. 

Projector brightness is measured in 
lumens, and current projectors range 
from 800 lumens to over 3,000. Projector 
manufacturers assume you’ll be using 
home-theater projectors in a fairly dark 
room. If you have good drapes or only want 
to use the projector to watch the midnight 
horror movie, a low-brightness projector 
can give you better detail in dark, shadowy 
scenes. If you plan on using the projector 
for your Super Bowl party, you’d be better 
off with a business projector that has 2,000 
lumens. A higher-lumen projector is easier 
to see when the lights are on. 

Many home-theater projectors use 
the Faroudja image-processing chip 
(, designed to convert 
analog video from your TV or VCR to a 
digital RGB image. However, this doesn’t 
help if you’re feeding a signal directly from 
your Mac, so you may not need that feature. 

Epson’s PowerLite TWIOO Multimedia 
Projector ($4,999, 

speakers, but the sound from this jack 
has a limited range, and Apple no longer 
offers RCA connectors. Luckily vendors 
are coming out with products that take 
advantage of USB audio. 

If you’re using your Mac as a component 
of your home-entertainment center for 
movies or to play MP3s, you may want to 
connect the Mac to your stereo or home- 
theater receiver and use those speakers. 
Connecting a Mac to a receiver is pretty 
straightforward: Run down to your local 
electronics store and buy a cable with a 
1/8-inch stereo-jack adapter on one end 
and a pair of RCA connectors on the other 
end (RCA audio connectors are usually red 
and white or black and white). Plug the 
1/8-inch adapter into the audio-out port 
on the back of your Mac. Plug the RCA jacks 
into the auxiliary connectors on the back 
of your receiver. Power up your Mac and 
receiver, switch the receiver to auxiliary, 
and listen to the Mac’s sound playing 
through your home-entertainment system. 

There’s one drawback to this connection: 
It uses the audio from the Mac’s built-in 
sound system, which is not optimal. For 
better sound, you can use a USB audio 
connector, which hooks to your Mac 
through the USB port and can improve the 
quality of the sound sent to your receiver. 

For Instance, the Xitel HiFi-Link ($50,; see Reviews, p54) comes 
with a 30-foot 1/8-inch cable for connecting 
audio to dual RCA jacks. This setup offers 
improved high and low frequencies and 
produces clearer, crisper sound, with better 
response for low- and high-pitched sounds. 

Mac OS X has lots of features that 
make it an ideal operating system for your 
home entertainment system, but OS X 
lacks one major feature: surround sound 
support for either Dolby Digital or DTS. 
M-Audio’s Sonica ($90, 
is a clever USB device that attempts to 
bypass this limitation. Connect it to two 
speakers, and though it won’t give you true 
surround sound, the included TruSound XT 
technology makes the bass sound deeper 
and the dialogue clearer, and it does 

the company’s first home- 
entertainment projector, uses a 
three-LCD technology, its 700 
lumens are fine for a darkened 
room, but for brighter surroundings 
the Epson PowerLite 730c 
Multimedia Projector ($3,844) is a 
better choice at 2,000 lumens. We 
also liked the color quality of the 
InFocus Screenplay 110 ($4,999,, a 1,000-lumen 
DLP projector. 

If you don’t know your DLPs from 
your LCDs, here’s the deal: LCD (liquid 
crystal display) projectors use three tiny 
active-matrix, polysilicon LCDs, each 
about the size of a postage stamp. Each 
LCD creates an image’s red, green, or blue 
content. DLP (digital light processing) 
is Texas Instruments’ term for digital 
micromirror device (DMD) technology. 

DLP uses an array of tiny mirrors tilted by 
microscopic electrodes that a digital signal 
controls. As the mirrors move, they reflect 
red, green, blue, and white light toward a 
projection lens. In general, DLP projectors 
have better detail and brightness, 
especially in still images and text, and 
LCD projectors offer better color quality. 


The pretty pictures may entrance you, but 
to bring the complete movie experience 
home, you have to beef up your sound 
system. A good audio setup is the 
difference between watching your favorite 
movie and feeling as if you’re mthe movie. 
The built-in speaker on your Mac is only 
strong enough if you are a few feet away 
from your computer, not if you’re sitting on 
the beanbag chair in the back of the room. 
The minijack on the back of your Mac lets 
you connect a set of more powerful stereo 

36 MacAddlct November 2002 

synthesize surround sound. 

M-Audio hopes that Apple will soon 
come out with a DVD player that supports 
the state-of-the-art Dolby Digital 5.1, 
formerly known as AC3. Dolby 5.1 has 
five distinct audio channels, plus a 
subwoofer. With 5.1 speakers such as 
the Kltpsch ProMedia 5.1 ones ($399,, sounds can ricochet 
around you. Until Apple updates its 
software, you can try out the technology 
with VLC DVD Player, an open-source Linux 
player available from the M-Audio site. It 
isn’t very polished, but it will run on your 
Mac and give you surround sound if you 
have theSonica and a 5.1 speaker system. 

Even if you play audio directly from the 
Mac, your sound experience will benefit 
from a high-quality set of speakers. And 
get a subwoofer— you’ll be surprised how 
much of a difference that makes. Speaker 
sets are widely available, but we’re 
partial to the Monsoon iM-700s ($170, We also love 
the look of the JBL Creature speaker system 
($130,; see 
Reviews, p55). Sure, the satellites resemble 
rejected spaceship designs from Star Wars 
and the subwoofer looks like a bulge in 
Vin Diesel's pants, but they sure do sound 
sweet— and they look cool too, which is 
important when it comes to impressing the 
ladies or menfolk you’re keeping company 
with these days. The Creature is available in 
light gray, white, and blue. 

DVD Players 

You’ve just purchased a videotape of 
Breakfast at Tiffany's, but you’d enjoy it 
so much more if you could delete all the 
scenes with Mr. Yuniyoshi. You want to 
save the movie to DVD-R to prevent it from 
degrading overtime and to watch it on the 
road (by the way, a VMS videocassette will 
start to degrade as early as the 20th time 


Of course, the most important part of your computer-based home-entertainment center is 
your Mac itself. A desktop Power Mac G4 is your best bet for handling all the entertai ning, 
although we admit that the idea of slipping an Xserve in with our other entertainment 
components intrigued the nerdy side of our coilective personality. You can get an Xserve 
configured with four interna! hard drives For storing oodles of digital video, as well as an 
ATI Radeon 8500 AGP graphics card for kickin' game playing. However, it only comes with a 
CD-ROM drive, and the drive slot is too smalt to take a full-height DVD drive like the Pioneer 
DVR-A04. Plus, the Xserve's fan Is hella loud— make sure to get a powerful pair of speakers. 

Other parts youTl need to consider are hard drives and graphics cards. Video Files are 
big; if you plan on recording TV or video clips. youTl need extra storage. If a projector or 
other big-screen display appeals to you, you’ll need a second video port. The iMac and 
iBook support two displays, but only if the second one is mirrored. Recent PowerBook G4s 
let you use both screens. The latest Power Mac video cards have two ports, or you can add 
a second PCI video card to an older Power Mac for some extra viewing action. 

you watch it). You can import the movie 
from your VCR using one of the TV tuners 
we described earlier, edit out the scenes 
that make your skin crawl, and then burn 
the improved movie to DVD. 

If your Mac doesn’t already have a 
DVD-R drive or a SuperDrive, you can 
easily install the IDE Pioneer DVR-A04 
or Pioneer DVR-104 ($280 ESP, www According to 
Larry O'Connor, president of Other World 
Computing (seller of the DVR-104), both 
devices work with Apple’s iDVD. But what 
if you’re iDVD-less? Well, rumor has it that 
you can buy a copy of the Apple IDVD 2.1 
updater ($20,, which 
provides a full installation of the app, to 
work with the internal Pioneer drives. 

Another option is to buy an external 
FireWire DVD-R drive and cough up the 
cash for the not-cheap Apple DVD Studio 
Pro 1.5 ($999) (sorry, iDVD won’t work 
with any external or non-Pioneer drive). 

Or you can buy the Format devideon 
superdrive ($549, 
and use the company’s new proprietary 
DVD-authoring software. 

Even if all you have is a CD-R, you 
can burn a video CD using Roxlo Toast 5 
Titanium ($90, A VCD will 
work in many DVD-ROM drives and DVD 
video players, and while it won’t have a 
pretty interface, it will play MPEG-1 video. 

So what about buying a progressive-scan 
DVD player for viewing DVDs? For those of 
you who aren’t video geeks, progressive 
scan, ratherthan quickly flashing odd and 
even lines and letting your brain meld them 
together, gives you all of the information 
at once and hence yields a sharper picture. 
Unfortunately, if you plan on connecting 
a DVD player to your computer, you’ll lose 

the advantages of progressive scan. DVD 
software players aren’t as high quality as 
dedicated hardware players. As your Mac 
converts the video signal for a computer 
screen, you lose the extra video quality. 


Remember the old days when you had to 
get up to change the channel? If you don’t, 
well, let us tell you— it was just awful. You 
want a remote control to flip channels 
when you’re watching TV, control your DVD 
when you’re viewing a flick, and pause 
iTunes when you’re listening to music. Most 
multimedia projectors come with a mouse- 
controlling remote. For your main monitor, 
try the adorable little Keyspan Digital 
Media Remote($49, 

It comes preprogrammed for a few 
applications, including iTunes, PowerPoint, 
QuickTime, and Apple’s DVD Player, 
and can also control EyeTV. It will work 
with other applications, but you have to 
program them manually. 

We’re also looking forward to the ATI 
Remote Wonder, which ATI expects to ship 
by October or November 2002 for about 
$50. We tried the remote with an alpha 
version of ATI’s software, which is already 
mapped for Apple’s DVD Player, ITunes, and 
Acrobat, as well as a Web browser. It has a 
full number pad that will come In handy for 
controlling TV-tuner hardware. 

Finally, the Griffin Technology 
PowerMate ($45, www.griffintechnology 
.com) is a nice doohickey to have around. 
With an awesome glowing blue light, this 
knob will control volume and even scrub 
through video In apps like iMovle. 

Kristina De Nike has been following the Mac market for ten years, most recently as the lab director for that 
other Mac magazine (shhhh). She's never worked from home before. She would have finished this story a 
lot faster if she hadn’t kept taking TV breaks. 

November 2002 MacAidlct 37 

T©m Clancy’s 

Blood and Gore 


I I _j www.ubisQfi.CDin www.aspyrxom 

^2002 Red SUirm Entertainment, Inc. Red Stonn and Red Storm Ehtsrtainmeist aie trademarks of Red Slonn Entertainment, Ino. Red Storm Entertainment Inc. Is a Ubi Snft Enterlammertt company. Tom Clancy's Chest 
Recon a tiadmnark ef Rubicon, Inc. under liosnsa ta Ubi Soft EntertainmanL Hasert Siege Is a trademark d Ubi Soft Eirtertainment Inc. The Aspyr logo is a trademark of Aspyr Media, Inc. Mac and the Mac logo are 

Twill rinrifry^ 



better living through snnarter shopping 


^ ;45 20G B i Poll MP3 ptayer 

52 Cano Scan LiDE 3D scanner 

50 Clive Barker's ttndying first' person shooter 

54 CoolMac Key boa Nf keyboard 

55 Great ore 

55 Grazer flash-memory drive 
40 Oual IGHz Power Mae G4 tower 
45 EyeTV 1,0.2 TV recorder 

51 Firstfelge smail-business accounting 
45 groBotO t.S art- synthesis software 

■ 54 HiFi"UnkUSfl home-sfereo comieelor 

53 iMec Q4 BDOMHz 17-In€h LCD ail-in-one Mac 
;,46!WyTVX 1.0 TV recorder 

; 49 Ptuggo 3 VST audio piug-ins 
! 4^tar Wars; Galactic Battlegroonds reaHime 
■■■ strategy game 

:V^lifi^kFree OHice office productivity suite 
: 43 XSfirve tu rack-mount server 



:'ir,56 The best ot the best from recent reviews. 

htec>4cicllct RATED 



Mac4ddct RATED 



Mac4ddict RATED 



MaGAdcilct RATED 


MacAddlct RATED 





You’ll be 
blown away. 

You’ll be 

You’ll be 

You’ll be 

You’ll be 
pissed off. 

Compatible with 
/' Mac OS X or later. 

^ Av 

Compatible with 
Mac OS 9 or earlier. 



tf we were shopping for 
this type of product, this 
is the one we’d buy. 

November 2002 MacAldict 39 

\ W better living through smarter shopping 

Dual 1GHz Power Mac 


pple has topped itself again. It’s 
squeezed another generation of life out 
of the venerable PowerPC G4, and has done 
so in such a way that a new dual-processor 
IGHz PowerMac G4 soundly thrashes the 
previous dual IGHz incarnation. 

You can read all about the Inner workings 
of the new Power Mac series in this month’s 
feature, "The New Power Macs: Inside and 
Out,” p20. Mere specs, however, don’t say 

Intelligence Complex, we’ve affectionately 
dubbed the new Power Mac the Cheesegrater 
because of its four front portholes— and back 
full of just plain holes— that allow its four fans 
to suck a veritable torrent of air into, through, 
and out of its innards. This airflow must cool 
not only two toasty PowerPC processors, 
but also six storage devices (including two 
optical drives with heat-inducing lasers), four 
full-length PCI cards, and four 512MB DDR 

We can confidently state that everything’s snappier. 

what it’s actually like to drive a Power Mac. 
After a few days behind the wheel of a new 
dual IGHz Power Mac, we can confidently 
state that everything’s snappier: menus, 
Web surfing, application launching, video 
production— everything. 

Here at the /WocAdd/cfTransglobal 

Megahertz Doesn’t 

SDRAM DIMMs. As you might expect, when 
the fans are operating at full blast, the noise 
is considerable. Fortunately, the fans only 
kick in when needed— and since our test unit 
had only one hard drive, one optical drive, 
and no PCI cards, its variable-speed main fan 
spent most of its time vacillating between 
comfortingly quiet and 
borderline annoying. If and 
when we stuff the system 
full of drives and a full 
complement of PCI cards, 
however, all bets are off. 

To compare the 
performance of the new 
Power Mac with a just- 
discontinued dual IGHz 
Quicksilver model with 
512MB ofSDRAM, we first 
bumped up the new model 
to 512MB (it ships with a 
measly 256MB) by adding 
a 256MB PC2700 DDR 
SDRAM DIMMi. (Apple, by 
the way, won’t sell you a 
256MB DDR DIMM, but 
we found them on the 
street for $5 5 to $110. 
Caveat emptor.) 

In our first test, we used 
QuickTime Pro 6 to export 
a 2GB DVfile in MPEG-4 
format. The new model 
whipped the Quicksilver 
handily, with an average 
time of 6 minutes and 50 


There’s more to making a high-speed machine than cramming 
It with the fastest processors you can find. The new Power 
Mac’s advanced system design makes a big difference, 
as our Photoshop tests showed. 


1 'pixel radius 


25-pixel radius 




0 10 20 30 

All times are in seconds. Shorter is better. 

*Amount of 200 percent, radius of 5 pixels, threshold of 0 levels 

BBI New Dual IGHz Power Mac 
□ Old Dual IGHz Power Mac (Quicksilver) 

We tested in Wiotoshop 7 using a 115MB PSD file. Both Power Macs were equipped with 512MB of main 
memory and were running Mac OS 10.2 Jaguar. The new dual IGHz Power Mac had 1MB of L3 cache per 
processor} the older dual IGHz Power Mac Quicksilver had 2MB of 13 cache per processor. 

Can the new dual 1GHz Power Mac 
outperform the former top-oMhe-llne dual 
IGHz Power Mac, aka Quicksilver? It can, 
and It does. 

seconds versus the Quicksilver’s average 
of 8 minutes and 36 seconds. Since both 
machines were running Mac OS 10.2 jaguar, 
we also ran the same test on a dual IGHz 
Quicksilver running Mac OS 10.1.5 just for 
giggles. It took a full 9 minutes and 32 
seconds on average— only 72 percent as 
fast as the new dual IGHz Power Mac 
running jaguar. 

Next we compared the performance of 
the new Power Mac’s ATA/100 hard drive 
bus with the Quicksilver’s ATA/66 bus by 
copying a 2GB file in the Rnder. The new 
Power Mac completed the chore in just under 
2 minutes; the Quicksilver took 2 minutes 
and 45 seconds. Impressive. 

Rnally, we dusted off our Photoshop test 
suite and put the new Power Mac to work on 
what many users will buy it for: speeding 
through blurs, filters, rotations, and 
conversions. Again, the results were 
remarkable: The new dual IGHz Power Mac 
averaged a 20 percent improvement over 
the dual IGHz Quicksilver (see “Megahertz 
Doesn’t Matter,” left). Not too shabby— and 
this puts the final nail in the coffin of the old, 
tired idea that megahertz is the only thing 
that counts.— /?/kyWys/ews/c/ 

CONTACT: 800-795-1000 or 
PRICE: $2,499 (SRP) 

SPECIFICATiONS; Dual 16Hz PowerPC G4 processors, each with 256K 
on-chip L2 cache and 1MB backside L3 cache; 167MHz system bus: 
256MB of PC2700 DDR SDRAM; 80GB Ultra AT/V100 hard drive; 
SuperOrive; ATI Radeon 9000 Pro graphics card with ADC and DVl ports 

GOOD NEWS: Fast. Multiple hard drive 
bays. DDR SDRAM expandable to 2GB. 
BAD NEWS: Noisy. Processor’s design 
doesn’t take full advantage of DDR SDRAM. 

40 MacAddIct November 2002 

^We are proud to announce a new MacArfcf/ct acronym-length record: a full 23 characters of mind-rattling techiedegook. 


Rt older 

WM. 95, 

gening any ^Itae.R '• 
in my will. i»6757'^; ; 

BALBOMEO. You serenaded 
oidj^pfe at the old peopte ho(^^; 
jUlPlekend. You wens a terrlbi^y; 
■Pf and quite unaUraciive, > 

is obviously pure goldr r 
My sister would be perfeqt.|Df yd«r«; 

wornan' to tialnp^ 

Seriously, njs:a§^ js’MutplW® 
he ls,a;5yqar:;^d;^'Mfize0^^ 
likda'^ tarieaqj? filw ; 
Plus, sex. " 




cgjoy datiomffi 

and gourmet cook. You: slightly overweight 
and without ambition. Must be into computer^| 
role-playing games and air hockey. ®59sS 



gal wilh Spi 
al WFM.^ 
pony tal|;|l 

«(>g22 ,M 

It. I did not 

auiHui. I would 

Did I read 

bought me a warm beer and stole 
my heart. Used same kind of ball 
and spoke of hatred of rented 
shoes. Would love to chat over 
hummus, «5684. 

IFithviliB rece/rlly 
Georgia. v6854 

Bmmer. Would like to talk 
Sain! t>6967 

ROM WCW. Exchanged 
s at cage match. It was pure 
Would lova to gat you in a - 

LAWN CARE? My husband got lazy 
and hired you to mow our lawn. 
Instead you landscaped my erotic 
fantasies In ways 1 have never Imag* 
Ined. Could not pronounce your 
hot lunch? name but looked very sensual. I had 
blue shoes on. w3696. 

handsome guys in suspendersi 
ing Maltese You: two foxy ladif 
fighting over last piece of gunf 
do you say lf)e four of us makl 
good looking couples? Twin 
Call me. Call me. «4747. 

danced with me at the Rattle & 
Cattle Club, TItanksf I was shy. Can 
I see you again? Will come down to 
look for you Friday night. «6841 

lease: love theater, dance, golf, 
warm conversation, if you're tail, 
35*55, non-smoker, financially 
secure, enjoys pa mperijji 
traveling, lo^ 

intelligence, humor? Attractive SWF 
wants good looking SWM or SHM 
(or romantic adventures, possible 
long term. Essentials: Itonesly, pas- 
sion, kindness, sensuality, integrity, 
open mind. «6741 

ATTRACTIVE TALL <5*t0'’), slender 
DPWF. 46, emoliunalty and physi- 
-^jyj appearance and 
^gent. loving, desires 

were cleaning up a beer that you 
spilled on your white t-shirt and 
threw a whiskey bottle at the 
umpire. Must meet you and make 
children. »6551 , 

funny and brilliant. 1 don't deserve 
you but a girl can dream *6885 


v^ei you at the Matto:You were on a Cvyilh us at Smilty's 1 1/24, .missed 
lata, with $onwone^atea.N^ to Boot Wanni^^me'ev^hpr. , 


wicked sense of luimor, and a weird 
view ot life looking for like minded 
person. Age not important. *6994 

TREE HUGGER, MID 50’S, light 
smoker, tall. Like easy living, tropics 
and I’m friendly. Seeking consider- 
ate. serni*fit companion with a clue. 
Must love dogs and reggae. *6903 

ARE YOU HONEST, handsome, 
.spcpaa^fut, financially secure* imelli- 
■ ' ■ ' ■ ^rid traveled,, ciijHured,;grer, 

verycule, pekte, 
DWR 46, long brown hair/hazel 
ei^S, 5" 1 10, otjtoing personality 
seeks DWN. 46*55, non sirroker, fit, 
college ediicated. Calf me. let's see 
if the citemistry is ngtn! *6951 

one smart, strange, sexy boy to 
court and spark. Me: 23, open to 
possibilities and raverwus for new V 

life experiences. *6933 ' 


wfio only works 6 weeks a year 

seeking woman with full time 

ontpioyment witli benefits lCK)k]ngjtq,ffjBj^ESH^ 

grow old wilh man who,s)tak#pf^. 

a bowl lull of jelly.«t2|5S;-I-, 

We're Easier. 

Create anything from prototypes to full professional applications. Just drag and drop interface 
elements while REALbasic handles the details. You concentrate on what makes your stuff great — 
your ideas! REALbasic creates native compiled applications for Macintosh, Mac OS X and Windows 
without platform-specific adjustments. It's the powerful, easy-to-use tool for creating your own 
software. Each version of your software looks and works just as it should in each environment. 

Complex problems shouldn't require complex solutions. The answer is REALbasic. 

3 REALbasic4.5 


Download a free demo, 

star Wars: 




W eVe all fantasized about taking part in 
the great saga of galactic turmoil that is 
Star Wars, Perhaps you dream of leaping into 
a TIE fighter or building a powerful army of 
Jedi masters. With Galactic Battlegrounds, 
Star Wars fans can finally join the faction of 
their choice to take a place in interstellar 
history— or just kick some galactic butt. 

Galactic Battlegrounds offers six races 
from which to choose: Rebels, Gungans, 
Trade Federation, Galactic Empire, Wookies 
{rawrrrr), and the oppressed Royal Naboo, 
though there's no single-player campaign for 
the latter. Each race has unique units and 
building styles, and while they’re fairly 
balanced overall, they excel and lag in 
different areas, so you’ll need to learn 
different strategies for each. 

At the core of Galactic Battlegrounds is a 
wealth of units (groups of characters of a 
specific class, such as warriors or farmers)— 
over 500 of them, divided among the six 
races, plus all the heroes and villains that 
make the Star Wars universe unique. 

The units are just one facet of the game’s 

Darth Vader leads the charge to capture a Rebel-controlled food court. 

massive array of specialization. Each race 
features a staggering panoply of warriors— 
including foot soldiers, strike mechs, jedi, 
transports, artillery, and units that specialize 
in destroying buildings— along with a number 
of counterunits specifically engineered to 
battle them all. These options provide 
the fodder for a range of deep strategies. 

They also take micromanagement (a 
hallmark of the real-time strategy genre) 
to unprecedented new levels— you have to 
keep track of four separate resources 
(Carbon, Food, Ore, and Nova Crystals) to 
build a unit. 

While we’re on the subject of units, one 
minor complaint: Why can’t jedi deflect 
enemy fire with 
their light sabers? 

The single- 
player campaigns 
are interesting, 
covering aspects of 
the Star Wars story 
line that the films 
hint at but leave 
unexplored (such 
as the Trade 

The Gungans 
prepare to do battle 
with the Trade 
Federation. Sadly, 
you lose If they kill 

Federation’s occupation of Naboo and the 
Gungan’s civil unification). Once you’ve 
completed those, take to the Internet and 
battle your friends online. The game offers an 
impressive range of multiplayer options. 

Fans of either RTS games 
or Star Wars should snatch 
this one up. 

including economic and cultural victories for 
those who prefer nonviolent resolution of 
conflict, and a special deathmatch mode that 
starts off all players with hordes of resources 
and full technological development. 

If that isn’t enough. Galactic Battlegrounds 
worked fine with almost all the player-created 
levels we downloaded from the Internet (one 
especially good site for this is http://swgb; just make sure not to 
download a mission that requires the Clone 
Campaigns expansion (unless you’ve got the 
expansion pack— it should be available at 
Aspyr’s Web site by the time you read this). 
Our only major complaint: Despite the cross- 
platform-networkable Age of Empires engine 
at its core, you can’t network the Mac version 
of Galactic Battlegrounds with the PC one. 

This is one of those rare movie-based 
games that’s both fun on its own terms and 
true to the original. Fans of either real-time 
strategy games or Star Wars should snap up 
this title— but expect a bit of a learning curve 
if you aren’t already a StarCraft expert. 

—Rich Pizor 



GOOD NEWS: Boba Fett—’nuff said. Surprising depth for an 

i Mac4ddict RATED 

CONTACT: 512-708-8100, 

faster, Mac OS 8.6-9.X or 1 0.1 or later, 

RTS game. 


64MB of RAM 

BAD NEWS: No cross-pfatform netwoiidng. Resource management 

PRICE; $49.95 (SRP) 

has never been more micro. Gungan vocals are still annoying. 


42 MacAddIct November 2002 




A pple likes to remind us that with the 
release of Mac OS X, it became the 
leading distributor of an operating system 
based on Unix— the most robust server 
OS on the planet. It’s only natural that the 
company would back it up with some 
kick-ass server iron. Enter the Xserve: 

Just keep in mind that it’s at the low end 
of a market where high-end machines 
sport dozens of processors and start at 
half a million dollars. 

Xserve’s svelte 1.8-by-17.6-by-28.0-inch 
box is stuffed with all the trimmings of 
computing’s next generation: up to 2GB of 
266IV\Hz DDR (double data rate) RAM; dual 
Gigabit Ethernet ports; a 66MHz PCI bus 
that shuffles data twice as fast as standard 
33MHz PCI; and four individual Ultra ATA/100 
controllers, so when the data really starts 
flying, you’ve got a theoretical 100 MBps of 
bandwidth per hard drive. We tested the 
standard dual IGHz G4 model; a single IGHz 
model is also available for $2,999. 

The drives aren’t only fast, they’re SMART 
(equipped with self-monitoring, analysis, and 
reporting technology)— you get a warning 
before a disk goes south. Of course, they’re not 
so smart ifyou accidentally bump into the drive 
bay that contains your boot drive: We did, and 

Dueling Dualies 

even with the drive-bay lock engaged, this 
unseated the connection and froze the server. 
Bummer— but in regular use, we’d avoid such 
mishaps by keeping the included front-panel 
protector in place. 

Besides the front-panel guard, the Xserve 
comes with all the necessary hardware for 
mounting in industry-standard 19-inch 
two- or four-post server racks. As you’d 
expect from Apple, everything is smartly 
designed, right down to the cable- 
management arm that keeps cables in 
order when you slide the server out of the rack 
on its reassuringly solid drawer mechanism. 

If you’ve got a rack full of Xserves, you’ll 
appreciate the System Identifier lights— LEDs 
on the front and back of the box. If a server 
crashes or needs attention, these light up so 
you can easily find the machine in a rack 

stacked with 42 identical units. 

To see how those specs hold up in the 
real world, we clocked the Xserve against 
a Quicksilver Power Mac with dual IGHz 
processors. The results (see “Dueling Dualies,’ 
below) were predictable, given the similarities 
and differences between the two machines: 

Processor-intensive tasks (actions and renders 
with small files) were a wash, but when we 
threw huge DV files and heavy Photoshop jobs 
(100MB plus) into the mix, the Xserve clocked 
in at up to 20 percent faster than the tower. 

Not too shabby, but we’d like even more, 
given the hype surrounding DDR SDRAM. 

Rounding out the Xserve package is, 
logically enough, all the software you need to 
set up, operate, and maintain a server: Mac OS 
10.2 Server with an unlimited-clients license 
and Apple’s Server Monitor; Workgroup 
Manager, NetBoot, Server Admin, and other 
apps for setting up and maintaining users, 
access privileges, and configurations; and 
Web power tools including Apache Web server, 
WebObjects, and QuickTime Streaming Server. 

Xserve is a great entry-level server, 
especially for serving large files over a fast local 
network or hosting a high-traffic Web site. Joe 
Homepage with his home-served Web site 
would do better with a Power Mac G4 tower. 

Oh, and one more thing: To our inner geek’s 
squealing delight, the Xserve has a DB-9 serial 
port on the back, where you can attach your old 
green-screen terminal and administrate like a 
real IT veteran.— A//ko Coucouvanis 

We pitted sibling against sibling: Xserve versus Power Mac G4, each running Mac OS 10.1.5 
and stoked with dual IGHz G4s and 512MB of RAM. It was a draw for processor-only (small- 
file) tasks, but on a 2GB DV file and big (lOOMB-plus) Photoshop files, the Xserve pulled 
ahead by over 20 percent. 


Duplicate 26B file 


Filter set 


Export 2GB DV file into MPEG-4 video 

0 2 4 6 8 

All times are in minutes. Shorter is better. 

1 I Dual 1GHz Xserve 

HH Dual 1 GHz Power Mac (Quicksilver) 

Rounding out the Xserve 
package is ail the software 
you need. 

CONTACT; 800-795-1000 or 
408-996-1 01 0, 
PRICE: $3,999 (SRP) 

SPECIFICATIONS: Oua) 1GHz G4 processors, each with 256K of L2 cache 
and 2MB of L3 cache; 512MB of DDR SDRAM (at 266MHz); 60GB ATA/100 
hard drive; dual Gigabit Ethernet, ATI video with 32MB of VRAM; two 64-bit, 
66MHz PCi slots; one 32-bit, 66MHz PCI/AGP 4X slot; 24X CD-ROM 

GOOD NEWS; Four ATA/100 
controllers. Fast. 

BAD NEWS: No integrated or 
redundant UPS. Loud. 


November 2002 MacAddlct 43 



better living through smarter shopping 




JIhen ThinkFree Is running, a floating jwlette presents Thtnkfree's oppUcotio 
ns, its unigue Folcters, and a button tfwt connects you to your Cyberdrive <0 
online storooe sooce. h lo Awle's for-aerlv free IDlskT. The 

^ ThinkFree Office File Edit View Iniert Format Toots 

Th!4>fiFf« W«it -t//ftv.{^inl<f<ee,<}c>cj - 

— u loox^T! ^ 

^ oiTT^ A-1 » a|Kia«jfe:E{5iairsB5= 

CART; OS 9 ond OS X icons ond Disc icon: BBBBI Office Trlol]CATEGGRY: Off 
Ice Productivity SolteThinkFree OfficeCoBpdoy; ThinkFreeContoct : ^08-861. -9^34 
,' 0 ' Spelling 

CEK]]9,3t ^ 

Z.2.3 Ox Check word: 
good ne*f 

for a y« R«Pl»ce wfth; 
bod news. Suggestions: 

I -BOturll 
Rotlng 4i 
Menus, ti* 

CART: coi 
ed file t 
ee, File 




1 f SkJpAIJ 1 


' r 


“1 ( ChangeAll ) 




1 r 


^ r AutoCOnca f 



"1 f €dic.. 1 






Microsoft User Dictionaiy: 


( WnkfmJiiFM’' 

iwiyraww BTrwg* 

Ice, It fi , 

h Office, reading and writing DOC CWord), XLS (Excel), ond PPT (PowerPoint) f 
lies, so correspondents pn^ubly won't even know you don't hove the reel thin 

ThinkFree Write doesn’t match ail of Word’s features, but it’s good enough for 
government work. 

M icrosoft Office is a fact of computer life. 

So what can you do if youVe sworn off 
Microsoft or don’t have $499 to blow on 
Office? Consider ThinkFree Office. It hardly 
dents your wallet— or your hard drive. And 
it’s compatible with Office, reading and 
writing DOC 0/Vord), XLS (Excel), and PPT 
(PowerPoint) files, so nobody has to know 
you don’t have the real thing. 

When ThinkFree is running, a floating 
palette presents ThinkFree’s applications, its 
unique Folders, and a button that connects 
you to your Cyberdrive (a first-year-free online 
storage space, a la Apple’s formerly free 
IDisk). The ThinkFree Write button launches 
Write and presents your first word-processing 
page. Likewise, the Calc button launches 
ThinkFree’s Excel counterpart, and the Show 
button starts the PowerPoint counterpart. 

Each app looks and behaves much as you’d 
expect it to based on the Microsoft software. 
However, it doesn’t provide every feature of 
the Microsoft original. 

Within Write, basic functions like text 
selection and formatting very much follow the 
Word model. If you’re a Word user, you may 
find Write frustrating, as it’s missing Word’s 
interactive spelling and grammar checkers 
and contextual spelling 
correction. But if you’re 
used to any other word 
processor, you’ll find 
ThinkFree’s spelling 

checks more than adequate. Write is missing 
multicolumn text flow, linking text boxes, text 
wrap around a graphic, and drop caps; also 
absent are comments, highlighting and 
change tracking, which may matter greatly if 
you’re working collaboratively. It also doesn’t 
include tools such as data merge, envelopes, 
templates, and addresses. We know a lot of 
Word users who won’t even notice. 

PowerPoint presentations fare 
generally well when ported to Show. 

However, WordArt doesn’t render at 
all, and PowerPoint’s automatic numbering 
translates into bullets. Other big absentees 
include PowerPoint’s Notes, which guide you 
through the presentation, as well as the 
rehearsal feature, voice recording for narration, 
sound, and the custom button control. 

Of the three apps. Calc is most like its 
Office match (a 
sign of things to 
come for the other 
apps). It provides 
worksheets and 
does a great job 
with automatic cell 
fill-ins. It provides 
all the cell 
formatting you 
enjoy in Excel 
except text 
rotation. Calc even 

has the same Format Painter that makes 
character formatting easy in Excel. (Format 
Painter is indispensable in Word too, and 
promised for future versions of Write.) Excel 
Pivot Table users have to do without, 
though, as do database or macro users. 

ThinkFree’s Office isn’t as polished as 
Microsoft’s, and some bits of the interface 

are downright annoying. To pick a style, font, 
font size, or magnification, you can’t just click 
the menu and scroll or drag to your target. 
Instead, you must click scrollbar-arrow 
buttons until your choice appears, then dick 
it It’s also a bit disconcerting to see your 
document go blank as it redraws after you 
drag and drop text or resize the window. 

ThinkFree is not designed as an Office- 
killer, but as a supplement With the 
Microsoft application installed, double- 
clicking a file calls up Office. Otherwise, 
ThinkFree takes it Got both and want to 
work in ThinkFree? Drag the document onto 
ThinkFree’s icon, or save your documents 
in ThinkFree’s native formats. 

If you live by Microsoft Office’s advanced 
features, ThinkFree isn’t foryou. For the rest 
of us still pining for an OS X version of Word 
5.1, this is the next best thing and then 
some.— Deborah Shadovitz 

Calc is the most Microsoft-like of ThinkFree’s Office alternatives. 



Thinl^ree Office 2 trial 

ThinkFree Office is the next 
best thing and then some. 

COMPANY: ThinkFree 
CONTACT: 408-861 -9494, 
PRICE: $49.95 (SRP) 

REQUIREMENTS: G3 or faster. MacOS8.6-9xor 
1 0.1 .3 or higher; 64IVIB of RAM, Java 1 .3.1 update 1 

GOOD NEWS: Solves most don't-have-Office problems. 
Easy to use. Free updates for a year. Small footprint 
BAD NEWS: Java Is still slow. Help isn’t searchable. 
Limited dictionary. Still maturing. 

Mac/AddIct rated 



44 Mac>4ddict November 2002 


20GB iPod 


A s devoted fens of the original iPod 
{Reviews^ Feb/02, p44), we Mac addicts 
were hot with anticipation when Apple 
announced the latest version of our fevorite 
MP3 player. When it arrived, it didn’t 
disappoint, Apple’s new 20GB iPod improves 
on almost every feature of the original: 
hardware, software, earbuds, bundled 
accessories— the works. 

The most obvious upgrade, of course, is the 
iPod’s hard drive. Stuff its 20GB full of MP3 
files encoded at 160 Kbps, and you can listen 
for over a week without hearing the same 
song twice— if you can stay awake for 24 
hours each day. Its capacious 1.8-inch Toshiba 
MK2003GAH drive (that’s our educated 
assumption— Apple’s not saying) provides 
another valuable function: plenty of room for 
transfemng files from Mac to Mac over the 
iPod’s fest FireWire interface. 

Speaking of RreWire, the new iPod includes 
a remarkably sturdy RreWire-port cover— no 
more worrying about pocket lint or rainstorms. 
This nice touch is joined by another: an easier- 
to-use Hold switch. Always thinking, those 
Apple engineers. 

The new iPod’s scroll wheel is no longer a 
physical wheel as on previous models, but 
instead uses touchpad technology like that 
on a laptop. The difference is minor, as this 
touch-sensitive scroll wheel feels uncannily 
like the earlier analog wheel— so much so 
that some of us had to examine it carefully to 
assure ourselves It wasn’t actually moving. 

Upside down. 

The new iPod 1.2 software (which is 
backward-compatible with earlier iPods) adds 
the ability to browse by artist, album, song, 
genre, and composer; alphabetical listings 
that ignore the word the in band names 
^yO; and equalization settings that now 
carry over from the bundled iTunes 3, as 
does the new Soundcheck volume balancing. 
This last feature, however, we found to be less 
than we’d hoped for, since it mucked 
with the dynamics of a few of our fevorite 
tunes, blasting the quiet moments and 
suppressing the loud ones. 

At press time, Apple hadn’t yet released 
iCal, so we couldn’t test its alarm function. The 
company says you’ll have the option of setting 
the alarm to beep twice and bring up a visual 
alert, to just display the alert, or to provide no 
alert at all. Oh, and there’s also a clock, easy 
access to the bundled Breakout game, the 
ability to store and access vCard contacts, 

Right side up. 

and tight integration with the over 18,000 
audiobooks and other content files from, including bookmarks that sync 
between ITunes and your iPod. All good stuff. 

The bundled accessories are also new 
and/or improved. The earbuds, for example, 
both sound better and are more comfortable 
than the original models, which— no matter 
what Angus Paidean says (see Shut Down, 

May/02, p96)— were too large. A simple but 
elegant carrying case is included, as well as a 
tiny, shiny clip-on remote— a necessity if your 
IPod’s tucked inside the case, where you can’t 
access the scroll wheel. After inserting the 
remote’s proprietary plug in the headphone 
jack (which requires a firm shove), we found its 
controls— volume, forward, reverse, stop/play, 
and hold— large enough for all but the most 
ham-handed of our editors. The remote’s 
clip, however, appears to be designed for 
women’s blouses rather than men’s shirts 
(which button on opposite sides, in case you 
haven’t noticed): If clipped next to a shirt’s 
buttonholes, it’s upside down; on a blouse, 
it’s right side up. Go figure. 

All in all, the new 20GB model solidly 
reaffirms the iPod’s position as the world’s 
best MP3 player. It sounds great, works great, 
looks great, and includes great accessories— 
and if you’re a guy, you can always wear a 
blouse. We’ll understand.— /?//cyWys/ews/(/ 

The 20GB model solidly 
reaffirms the iPod’s position as 
the world’s best MP3 player. 

CONTACT: 800-795-1000 or 
PRICE: $499 (SRP) 

REQUIREMENTS: Mac with built-in RreWire and 
Mac OS 9.2.2 or 10.1.4 or later (Mac OS 10.2 or 
later recommended) 

GOOD NEWS: 20GB of Storage! New earbuds provide better 
sound and are more comfortable. Bundled remote and case, 
software. FireWire-port cover. 

BAD NEWS: $499 equals just about one-half of an eMac. 

Mac/lddict RATED 





November 2002 MacAddIct 45 




better living through smarter shopping 

Both the EyeTV (left) and the MyTV (right) can turn your Mac into a veritable boob tube, but in the end the EyeTV wins our Emmy. 

TV Recorder Showdown 


T he EyeTV and the MyTV are two low-cost 
solutions for watching and recording 
television (or video input) on your Mac, but one 
is a delight and the other a disappointment. 

The EyeTV’s inputs consist of a coaxial 
cable connector as well as separate composite 
video and left and right audio RCA jacks. The 
MyTV also has a coaxial cable connector and a 
composite video RCA jack, plus an S-Video port 
and audio-in and -out minijacks. Whereas the 
EyeTV pumps video and audio over a single 
USB cable, the MyTV sends video only over 

Mac addicts everywhere 
will be screaming, “i want 
my EyeTV!” 

USB; sound travels over a patch cord from its 
audio output to your Mac’s audio input. 

With the EyeTV, live video appears in its 
own window, viewable at four different sizes or 
full screen without menus (essentially turning 
your Mac into a boob tube). Although there’s 
an annoying 2-second delay for channel 
surfing, you can smoothly rewind and fast- 
forward live TV via the keyboard. For ad hoc 
recording, click the Record button; the 
broadcast streams to your Mac’s hard disk 
without affecting performance on other tasks. 

The EyeTV doesn’t proactively record 
programs you’re likely to enjoy (a la Tivo). To 
schedule recordings, you can either manually 
enter the channel and the start and stop 
times, to see what’s 
playing locally in 3-hour increments up to 14 
days in advance. Two clicks is all it takes to 
add an upcoming program to the 
EyeTV’s schedule. You can record 
a repeating series daily or 
weekly, but you can’t specify 
intervals such as weekdays 
only or daily except Sunday. 

The EyeTV saves recordings 
as 320-by-240-pixel MPEG 
movies at 29.97 frames per 
second in compliance with NTSC 
standards (a format comparable to 
the image quality of VMS), consuming 
approximately 10MB ofdiskspace per 
minute. Using Roxio’s Toast and a 
blank CD-R, you can burn 
recordings to a VCD viewable in 
almost any DVD player. 

Unfortunately, MPEG files are 
impossible to edit with consumer programs, 
so you’re stuck with unwanted commercials. 
Also, VCD recordings can’t exceed the 
capacity of a CD-R (typically 74 minutes). 

Using the MyTV is a chore compared to 
using the EyeTV; the MyTV interface is a mess 
of tabbed panels where you specify video, 
audio, tuning, and recording settings. These 
panels share the window with the live video, 
which you can’t resize to full-screen mode (a 
feature the EyeTV supports). At the standard 
viewing size of 640 by 480 pixels, video 
was grainy and jumpy, plus the Mac 
became sluggish even when we were 
simply watching cable television. 

The MyTV has no scheduling 
capabilities. To start or stop 
recording, you must manually click a 
button. The MyTV records at the 
same resolution as the EyeTV’s 
MPEG format, but it uses Motion JPEG, 
which you can easily edit with any 
QuickTime application. The downside is 
that MjPEG movies require 2.5 times as 
much disk space as comparable MPEG 
files, and converting them for burning 
to VCD takes hours even on a fast Mac. 

The EyeTV’s initial release was quite 
buggy, but El Gato’s updates quickly 
fixed the most egregious problems. With a few 
future feature enhancements, El Gato will have 
Mac addicts everywhere screaming, “I want my 
EyeTV!”— Owe/7 W. Linzmayer 

EyeTV’s snazzy 
controller makes 
ft easy to veg out 
with your Mac. 

EyeTV 1.0.2 

COMPANY: B Gato Software 
CONTACT: 408-317-1740, 
PRICES $199 (SRP) 

REQUIREMENTS; Mac OS 10.1.5 or 
later, built-in USB port QuickTime 5.0 or 
later (6.0 recommended), internet 
connection for optional listing guide 

GOOD NEWS; Easy instailation and use. True full-screen mode. 

No system degradation. Schedules recordings manually or from 

BAD NEWS: Channel-surfing delay. You can’t edit recorded movies. 

Mac4ddict RATED 




MyTV X 1.0 

COMPANY: EskapeUbs 
> CONTACT: 925-24M504, 
PRICE: $135 (SRP) 

REQUIREMENTS: G3, Mac OS 8.5.1 or 
later, built-in USB port audio input port 
QuickTime 4.x or later 

GOOD NEWS: Compatible with OS 9 and OS X. Lets you edit 
recorded movies. 

BAD NEWS: Requires separate audio input on Mac. No scheduled 
recordings. Tedious tuning. Degrades system performance. 

Mac4ddict RATED 



46 MacAddlct November 2002 




jed iinder authorization. LjjcasArts ant! the LucasArts logo are registered trademarks of Lucasfilm 
Rights Reserved. The Aspyr logo is a trademark of Aspyr Media, Inc, Mac and the Mac logo 



better living through smarter shopping 

groBoto 1 .5 


P rimarily designed as a KidPix-like painting 
program for kids, groBoto is a uniquely 
eccentric 3D toolbox, capable of generating 
some of the wildest multidimensional images 
ever to emerge from a Mac. 

With complete disregard of Macintosh 
interface conventions, Groboto presents a 
surprisingly deep toolkit with a myriad of 
options and flexibility. The interfece is a bit 
cryptic— the pop-up icon menus make it a 
little difficult to wrap your brain immediately 

groBoto deserves a place 
in every 3D arsenal. 


around the program’s core functionality, 
but once you’ve spent some enjoyable 
experimentation time with it, most interface 
obstacles will melt away. Also, groBoto 
includes special drawing modes that tap into 
the wealth of examples included with the 
program, sucking children (and magazine 
editors) into the fun from the very first click. 

groBoto’s modus operandi uses 
predetermined 3D building blocks to paint and 
construct lush, complex 
geometrical forms. A 
variety of controls lets 
you determine object 
color, form, size, and 



groBoto 1.6 trial 



t , Voices 
f * Pipe Organ 


• * i -sL 

I ' 

Pair, I Playback: On 

Contt aptjpn 

groBoto’s Settings Contraption is one of the coolest preferences 
screens we’ve ever seen. Macintosh 2015, anyone? 

Domo arigato, we dig groBoto. 

placement while drawing. While you can use 
a wide range of basic shapes (sphere, cube, 
cone, and the like), the prebuilt collections of 
complex objects make it easy to whip up a Star 
Wors-like Death Star surface without breaking 
a sweat. DrawBots are basic 3D shapes that 
automatically connect themselves while you 
paint them onscreen; this helps you control the 
placement of the shapes’ organic 'outgrowths. 
It’s rather difficult to describe this feature 
without actually experiencing it— suffice it to 
say that we’d love to see DrawBots-style 
functionality in professional 3D modeling 
software. It’s that cool. 

A grasp of basic 3D 
modeling goes a long 
way toward helping you 
control the wacky madness 
emanating from your mouse, 
but it’s in no way obligatory 
for creating compelling 
images with groBoto. 
Regardless, we’d love to see 
some standardized 3D-editing 
tools, such as a movable 
camera (even though it’s 
working with 3D shapes 
internally, groBoto limits your 
view to a fixed 2D view port). 

While you paint, the 
program makes sounds that 
change based on the chosen 
shape color, which may 

^ J Volu 


amuse the kids but will likely get on adults’ 
nerves rather quickly. There are four built-in 
sound sets, titled Silly, Weird, Goofy, and Odd. 
We’d like the option of importing custom 
sounds in a future version. 

Once you’ve grasped groBoto’s wacky 
interface, you’ll be surprised to find it 
has a powerful engine with quite a bit of 
programmability. For example, the software 
ships with a variety of groBoto scenes, which 
are actually interactive games with a full 
physical-dynamics simulator. You can easily 
get under the hood of the physics engine and 
experiment with different gravity settings, 
force-vector parameters, and lots of other 
nerdy controls. Don’t look now— it’s 
educational software, too. 

While the program ships with an external 
higher-quality pseudo-ray-tracing renderer 
(groboVision), you can also export industry- 
standard file formats including OBJ, 3DMF, 
RayDream, and POV (the lack of DXF is a 
surprising omission), allowing you to 
incorporate groBoto’s wild shapes into 
your own 3D work. 

At its incredible bargain-basement 
price, groBoto deserves a place in every 
3D arsenal. If you overlook the program’s 
interface infractions and current lack of 
Carbon compliance (it runs just fine in the 
Classic environment), groBoto will provide 
many hours of creative fun for artists of all 
ages and skill levels.— £)av/d Biedny 

COMPANY; Braid Media Arts 
PRICE; $39 (SRP) 

REQUIREMENTS: PowerMac, Mac OS 8.&-9.X, 
25MB of RAM 

GOOD NEWS: Inexpensive. Unique 3D-drawing tools. 
Dynamic physics engine. Lots of fun presets to get you started. 
BAD NEWS: No DXF output. Interface confusing at times. 

No true 3D-edsting tools. 

Mac/lddict rated 



48 MacAddIct November 2002 

g feMl ' ia ; — ’~'c7grs' - 

M«tor i(M it 

COMPANY: Cycling 74 


GOOD NEWS: Over 100 plug-ins, including virtual synths 

Mac4ddict RATED 

CONTAa: 415-974-1818. 

8.6^x, 64MB of RAM, VST-compatible host 

and samplers. An incredible deal. 


PRICE: $199 (SRP), $59 upgrade 

audio app 

BAD NEWS: Understated system requirements. Some 
plug-ins are useless. 

Pluggo 3 


Pluggo's 100-plus audio plug-ins come in all shapes and sizes, and some are undoubtedly 
just what you need. 

sampler instrument plug-ins created by 
eowave, the far-out French developer of 
the iSynth. Like the effects plug-ins, 
these suckers include all the modern 
conveniences—additive synths, analog- 
modeling drum and percussion synths, 
theremins, sampling, granular synthesis, 

FM synthesis, and wave-table synthesis. You 
can easily combine the software instruments 
with effects and modulator plug-ins to 
create enough sonic mayhem to keep 
you buzzing well into the 23rd century. 

Pluggo can send and receive MIDI 
information when used with VST, MAS, 
and RTAS host applications, and it 
supports host synchronization for VST 
and MAS users. Pluggo also supports 
beat-synchronized parameter changes, 
sample-accurate tempo sync for a plug-in's 
modulating LFOs (low-frequency oscillators), 
and other tempo-related settings such 
as delay time. Also included Is M2M, a 
plug-ln that converts MIDI information into 
modulation data to change the parameters 
of other plug-ins for all sorts of electronic 
music jams. 

It can be a nightmare to keep track of 
over 100 new plug-ins via a drop-down 
menu, but the designers at Cycling 74 
are way ahead of the curve on this one in 

creating the Plug-in Manager. This feature 
offers an interface not unlike 05 9's 
Extensions Manager, keeping your hand- 
wringing and vile Navy curses to a minimum 
when you try to find your favorite plug-ins. 

Is there a catch? Well, some of the plug- 
ins are the sonic equivalent of leaving a 
Rllet o’ Rsh in the glove box for a week or 
two— they can really stink up your track and 

render it virtually unusable. Also, the 
interface quality of the different plug-ins 
varies from ghetto to professional (spun 
positively, that means some should be just 
r/g/7f foryou). Pluggo does have a sweet 
tooth when it comes to processor cycles, 
and tends to take a good bite of the CPU's 
available horsepower. 

All that aside, Pluggo Is a unique package 
that will give the beginner and seasoned pro 
alike plenty of mileage. You'll find everything 
you need, from basic studio processors to 
truly inspiring weirdness, so get busy with 

You’ll find everything you 
need, from basic studio 
processors to truly 
inspiring weirdness. 

Analog Percussion is one of Pluggo’s 23 
audio synthesizers. 

F or many people, the amount that Macs 
and software cost is a lot of dough. 
Among those individuals are musicians 
who have to jerk a couple thousand 
frappuccinos to come up with the money 
fora decent Mac and an audio sequencer 
like Cubase. By the time the foam settles, 
who has the cash to invest in after-market 
audio plug-ins— the likes of which cost 
around $300 a pop? Feeling the struggling 
artist's pain, Cycling'74 has kicked down 
Pluggo 3, a collection of over 100 plug-ins 
for Pro Tools LE, Digital Performer, and any 
audio package that adheres to the Mac 
VST standard; at $200, it's a steal. 

Talk about a Swiss Army knife of plug- 
ins; Pluggo's got your back with just about 
every type of effect you can think of— delays, 
filters, pitch effects, distortion, granulation, 
spectral effects, modulators, multichannel 
effects, audio routing, reverb and dynamics, 
and visual display. Their usefulness ranges 
from use-them-in-every-session stalwarts 
such as delay and compression, to some real 
audio mutators like Spectral Rlter, Feedback 
Network, Granular-to-Go, and Noyzckippr. 
Pluggo has a plug-ln for every mood from 
peaceful to psychotic. 

What really puts the love (and value) in 
the Pluggo package is the inclusion of 19 
Essential Instruments— virtual synth and 

November 2002 MacAddIct 49 


Ow better living through smarter shopping 

Clive Barker’s 


B e afraid; be very afraid. Clive Barker’s 
Undying, published by Aspyr Media, is a 
first-class, first-person shooter with unnen/ing 
graphics, a spine-chilling story line, and heart- 
pumping combat. Based on the book of the 
same name, this game had us clinging to our 
keyboard in sheer terror and exhilaration. 

The story starts back in 1923, when the 
star of the show, Patrick Galloway, goes to 
visit his old war buddy Jeremiah Covenant at 
his dilapidated estate. On his deathbed, 
Jeremiah admits to Galloway that many 
years ago his brothers, sisters, and he 
messed around with the occult and 
accidentally let loose a curse that turned 
his estate into a death-romp and left his 
family undead. Jeremiah tasks Galloway 
with the not-so-small challenge of expunging 
evil from his house and surrounding lands. 
You’ll start in Jeremiah’s manor and wind 
your way through the surrounding areas— 
including the monastery and the catacombs. 

Undying is a sophisticated 
shooter with a sophisticated 
story line. 

The sheer number of baddies in this game 
is unreal and, thanks to Clive Barker’s twisted 
mind, severely unnerving. Just some of the 
highlights are Howlers (which eat Galloway’s 
head like a Slim Jim), Decayed Saints 
(skeletons that don’t know they’re dead), and 
Jiles (evil twins of the Venus’s flytrap). You’ll 
fight undead members of the Covenant 
family— like Lizbeth, the necrophiliac’s 
ultimate fantasy, who Qike every prima 
donna) throws things and bites. We won’t 
give away the rest, but be prepared to fight; 
the bosses in this game are tough. 

Luckily you have a potent mix of weapons, 
ammunition, and spells. You start with 
nothing but a standard six-shooter revolver, 
the Gel’ziabar Stone, and the Scyre spell, a 
supernatural flashlight that gives off light in 
the many dark chasms of the game and offers 
insight into what’s happened there in the 

This is actually one of the better ways 

past. We highly recommend that you Scyre 
your way though the game. Many of the dimly 
lit levels are quite beautiful. 

You’ll acquire a ton more weapons— 
shotgun, speargun, Tibetan war cannon, and 
the like. As always, certain weapons work 
better on certain foes. In short periods of 
downtime you can see who’s coming to get 
you— take advantage of this by using toggle 
and programmable keys for easy, quick 
access to appropriate weapons. 

Don’t forget to make use of Items, special 
ammo that you collect along the way. 
Sometimes Items are the only way to break 
on through to the other side 
(that’s a hint, by the way) 
and make full use of your 
spells— by the end there 
are about nine spells. 

Invoke is especially fun 
and effective when 
employed on Howlers 
and Decayed Saints. 

While the guts of the 
game (as well as some of 
the players) are superbly 
grisly, some logistical 
things are annoying. For 
one, large parts of the 
game look very dark. 

Even with the 
aid of the 
Scyre, ^ 



CONTACT: 512-708-8100, 
PRICE; S39.95(SRP) 

REQUIREMENTS! 400MHz G3 or faster, Mac OS 8.6 
or later, 96MB of RAM, 600MB of free hard disk space, 
Rage 128 or better video card 

GOOD NEWS: Great mix of weapons. Great story. 
Great fear factor. 

BAD NEWS: Frustrating save function. Bad visibility, 
Repetitive cut scenes. 

to die in Clive Barker’s Undying. 

we found ourselves squinting and straining to 
see. Plus, dying over and over again gets 
really old. The Quick Save and Quick Load « 
feature is not efficient. Dying automatically 
brings you back to the beginning of a level or 
sublevel, not to your Quick Save point. You’ll 
have to click the Quick Load button to get 
there. This is an annoying extra step when 
you’re adrenaline-pumped and dying 
(literally) to kick some Howler booty. Plus, 
each time you die, you see a grotesque cut 
scene of how you do so. By the 20th time you 
get hacked, bludgeoned, and eaten to death, 
you’ll wish there was some way to skip this 
nauseating interlude. 

Other than that, the game Is top-shelf. 

Clive Barker’s Undying balances the 
qualities of a sophisticated shooter with a 
sophisticated story line. The villains are 
tough and creative, and the number of 
ways to die is staggering. Playing for hours 
and hours at night might induce you to 
sleep with the light on. Not that we did, 
of course...— A/orGsu Rebbapragada 

She’s not beautiful 
on the Inside either. 

Mac^ddict RATED 



50 MacAddIct November 2002 





A ccounting may not be the world’s oldest 
profession, but it stands to reason that 
when the beans start pouring in, counting 
them isjust part of human nature. Besides, 
poor bookkeeping is a leading cause of failure 
among small businesses— yes, we gleaned 
that information from MYOB’s Web site where 
the company hocks accounting software, but it 
makes sense. 

RrstEdge aims squarely at the entrepreneur 
with a very small business— ideally one with no 
employees, as the software doesn’t provide 
support for payroll accounting. The program 
includes 82 diverse Business Starter templates 
preloaded with appropriate account types for 
your fledgling bakery, farm, publishing 
company, religious organization, and even 
accounting firm (though if an aspiring CPA 
needs RrstEdge, he or she might be doomed 
from the start). Our choice (massage parlor) 
isn’t included, but it’s easy to customize the 
templates by adding or removing items via the 
Easy Setup Assistant (available any time via 
Setup in the top menu bar). 

Sales -- Edit Service 


Dtstomer Mayor Quimby 

Terms It>: C.O.0. 

Ship to (00- jMaybr Qulrn’by 

, L. - 


j Customer PO #: [ 



! Description 

Account Name 




! dirty work 

(Cash ^ ^ m 




Comment: [ 

^ Freight: \ 


! O 

Ship Via: { 

JIfl 0 % Tax 



Promised Date: I 1 

Total Amount; 


Memo: 5ale; Mayor Quiit% 

Q Already Prmied or Sent 

[ ^ Save Retuffing I 








f Caned 


Deposit This 

When your enterprise outgrows the cottage, you’l 
want to upgrade to AccountEdge ($249), 

MYOB’s more-advanced financial 
software package. AccountEdge ^ 

includes features such 
as network support, 
integration with 
Microsoft Excel and Word, ^ 

a QuickBooks conversion " 
assistant, inventory and 
order management, payroll 
and other payables, advanced 
job tracking and billing, 
and better reporting on 
all counts. 

Best of all, the $119 upgrade pnce makes 
upgrading from RrstEdge ($99 plus $119 equals 
$218; AccountEdge proper 
costs $249) a few bucks 
cheaper than buying 
AccountEdge directly. You can 
take that to the bank. 

FirstEdge makes accounting fun and sexy— that is, if you find streamlined organization 
fun and sexy. 

RrstEdge also includes a sample file, 
which helps you understand howto access 
Information— for example, you can access 
invoice information from six different places. If 
you still don’t know a long-term liability from a 
fixed asset, MYOB provides resources such as' 

Accounting 101 (an excellent introduction to 
bean counting) and the MYOB Learning Center 
(a thorough, searchable guide to the program). 

These and other informative materials come 
in the box and are available on the 
company’s Web site, but if you really 
[ need help, you’ll have to pay 

for human tech support ($49 FirstEdge aims squareiy at 

, V for 90 days of unlimited calls), file Vei*y Smaii bUSineSS. 

Receipts, Sales, or All. This setup may seem 
redundant, but having multiple ways of viewing 
and compiling your records is very handy. 

As your ledger grows, you’ll appreciate two 
other options in the Command Center: Rnd 
Transaction, which lets you search entries by 
account, business card, invoice, or job, with 
optional Advanced Rlters for refining your 
search by criteria such as invoice number, 
transaction ID or amount range, and/or the 
date you recorded the transaction. The Reports 
button launches Index To Reports, a tabbed 


Pay attention, and you 
can save some bacon. 



AccountEdge 2 trial 

RrstEdge streamlines 
your financial record-keeping and 
stores it in a central Transactions 
journal, which you access through 
a sensible Command Center 
window. Within the Command 
Center, there are three main 
categories: Accounts, Banking, and 
Sales. Here, you can access any of the 
accounts in your Accounts List, manage 
the Bank Register (print checks, 
reconcile accounts, and prepare bank 
deposits), and keep track of the Sales 
Register (print statements, print 
invoices, and analyze receivables). Each 
area of the Command Center includes a 
direct link to the all-important 
Transaction journal, an onscreen ledger 
where you can view your dealings by 
category: General, Disbursements, 

interface where you can view or generate 
reports by Accounts, Banking, Sales, and 
Lists (of accounts, business cards, jobs, tax 
codes, and so on), as well as define and save 
custom reports. 

RrstEdge’s main problem is actually an 
offshoot of one of its main selling points: 

MYOB markets the program as a scaled-down 
version of its more-advanced accounting 
package, AccountEdge. As such, RrstEdge 
isn’t quite poised to grow with your business, 
though accountingfor a not-so-small business 
is an upgrade away (see “Deposit This” left). 

RrstEdge is no replacement for a real-life 
accountant, but its various organizational 
powers and detailed, customizable reporting 
help keep your books in order, making it easier 
for you to deal with the inevitable real-life 
accountant.— Mko Coucouvonis 

CONTACT: 800-322-6962, 
PRICE: $99 (SRP) 

REQUIREMENTS: Power Mac, Mac OS 8.6 or 
10.1 or later, 32MB of RAM 

GOOD NEWS: Smart, simple accounting for small 
businesses. Easy upgrade path when the business grows. 

BAD NEWS: No payroll accounting. Anyone mildly successful 
will quickly outgrow the program. 

MacAldict RATED 



November 2002 MacAddict 51 


O ^:L. V better living through smarter shopping 

CanoScan LiDE 30 


Canon says you can scan in the upright vertical position. 
We say, “Good luck!” 

A lthough Canon has made yet another 
quiet, speedy, and affordable low-profile 
scanner, the new features it touts are a little 
mystifying. The Z-Lid expansion top is fairly 
innovative, accommodating books or other 
items up to a couple inches tall; as for the 
clip-on foot stand and its promise of 
sideways scanning— with the scanner's flat 
bed propped up vertically— it sounds neat 
until you try using it. For $99, though, we 
can't complain (much) about superfluous 

The LiDE 30 lives up to the 
CanoScan line’s well-earned 

prerelease copy we tested), or $40 for 
VueScan (see “Super Shareware,” below). 
And there's always the Classic environment, 
where the CanoScan Toolbox apps all worked 
fine, although the OS X ScanGear CS driver 
wouldn't load in Photoshop or Elements until 
we shut down the Classic environment. 

With that out of the way, the LIDE 30 
Installed painlessly In both OS 9.2.2 and OS 
10.1.5 and was scanning happily within 
minutes. The Photoshop interface works as 
advertised, including the option to crop 
multiple images in one pass (Multi-Crop). For 
some reason Multi-Crop limits you to 300-dpl 
resolution, but in addition to generating 
separate files for each image on the plate, it 
can correct slight misalignment of individual 
images. Another nice thing is that the 
(included) cable draws power from the USB 
port, reducing the clutter underneath your 
desk. Like any bus-powered scanner, this one 
requires the lion's share of a bus's power— if 
it starts giving you lip, make sure you don't 
have it plugged into an underpowered or 
unpowered hub. 

Scans are reasonably quick (a 4 by 6 
image scanned in a speedy 38 seconds at 
300 dpi; 2 minutes, 23 seconds at 600 dpi; 
and 11 minutes, 50 seconds at the maximum 
1,200-dpl resolution). They’re also quiet and 
offer basically correct color. The main draw of 
the CanoScan family, though, is its adorable, 
sleek little design— the LiDE stands just over 
1 inch tall and is barely 10 inches across. 

While it won't deflect any bullets, it doesn't 
feel flimsy, and It's eminently portable at 
3.3 pounds. Another stealth feature is the 
aforementioned clip-on foot stand, which 
theoretically enables you to use the LiDE on 
its side so it takes up less space on your 
desk. This is great for storing the scanner, but 
in practice we found that positioning items 
vertically on the glass required more than the 
usual number of hands. 

Pointless frills aside, the LiDE 30 lives up 
to the CanoScan line's well-earned 
reputation; it’s an excellent choice if you 
don't need more-practical extras, like a stand- 
alone OS X driver and support for 
transparencies or pages greater than 8.5 by 
11.7 inches.— Poa/ Yoon 

Super Shareware 

We're already fond of Hamrick Software's 
shareware scanner driver VueScan ($40, 
www,; Reviews, jul/02, p55). 
Not only can it coerce over 50 otherwise 
unsupported scanners into working with 
OSX, but the options in VueScan often 
outnumber those in the manufacturers' 
own OS 9 drivers. Of course, all this 
wouldn't mean squat if VueScan didn't 

support the LIDE 30— 
but it does, with no 
tweaking at all. Just 
preview, scan, bam. 
Thanks, VueScan! 

gimmickry. The LiDE 30 is a capable little 
scanner that performs well in Mac OS 9 and 
X— though it needs help in the latter case. 

Canon's bundled software includes a 
pretty standard array of tools: ScanGear CS, 
CanoScan Toolbox, ArcSoft PhotoStudio, 
ArcSoft PhotoBase, and ScanSoft OmniPage 
SE OCR; astute readers will note the 
conspicuous absence of OS X scanning 
software in that CanoScan kit (only OmniPage 
is OS X native). At this writing. Canon Is 
promising OS X drivers in the near future, but 
we're not holding our breath. Meanwhile, if 
you want to use your LiDE 30 in Mac OS X, 
you'll either have to shell out six bills 
(actually, $609) for Photoshop 7.0, $99 for 
Photoshop Elements 2 (if the final release 
version works with the plug-in as well as the 



VueScan 7.5.43 


CONTACT: 800-652-2666, 
PRICE: $99(SRP) 


port, Mac OS 9x or 10.1 or later (OS X requires 

Photoshop 7), 64M8 of RAM (128MB for OS )Q 

GOOD NEWS: Discreet and endearing. 

Multi-Crop is coo!. 

BAD NEWS: No Stand-alone OS X-native scanning. 
Drivers shown up by shareware. 

MacAddIct RATED 



52 MacAddIct November 2002 


iMac G4 800MHz 
1 7-Inch LCD 


A scant SIX months after the G4 iMac 
{Reviews, May/02, p46) first blew us 
away with its luscious LCD, Luxo looks, and 
basketball-size footprint, Steve Jobs and the 
crew at Apple have found another sure-fire way 

Another sure-fire way to 
separate us from our 
hard-earned cash. 

to separate us from our hard-earned cash; a G4 
iMac with a wide-format, 17-inch LCD. 

Under the hood— er, within the dome, this 
iMac is nearly identical to the previous model: 
it has the same 800MHz G4 processor, 256K 
Level 2 cache, lack of Level 3 cache, 256MB of 
RAM, 1GB RAM capacity, 56-Kbps modem. 

10/100 Base-T 
Ethernet, Airport 
support, and 
SuperDrive. Whaf s 
different in the 17- 
inch model Is, of 
course, a bigger LCD (with a native resolution 
of 1,440 by 900 pixels); powering that 
gorgeous gang of pixels is an nVidia GeForce4 
MX chip set with 2XAGP support and 32MB of 
DDR RAM. The higher-capacity hard drive 
(80GB, previously 60GB) is just gravy. 

Downsides to this machine are hard to 
come by, so weMl drag out the old favorites: 
second-monitor support is limited to mirroring 
the built-in LCD, so you can’t expand your 

usable desktop by spanning a second monitor; 
the SuperDrive is super, reading and writing 
DVDs at 6X and 2X respectively, but its CD-RW 
speeds are lackluster at 24X (read), 8X (write), 
and 4X (rewrite). 

It’s easy to find a more powerful machine, 
but the iMac’s Impeccable design and bang for 
the buck, plus that sexy chrome neck’s 
ergonomic possibilities, make it a Mac we’d 
buy on principle alone.— A///co Coucouvanis 


CONTACT: 800-795-1000 or 408-996-1010. 

PRICE; $1 .999 (SRP) 

SPECIFICATIONS; 800MHz PowerPC G4 processor 
with 256K of Level 2 cache, 256MB of SDRAM, 80GB 
ATA/1 00 hard drive, nVidia GeFbrce4 MX with 32MB of 
VRAM, SuperDrive, Apple Pro Speakers 

GOOD NEWS: It’s ail good. 

MacAddict RATED 

BAD NEWS: You, if you don’t have one. 
SuperDrive is slow for CDs. 



lOGEAR's new MiniView™ III USB KVMP features a trendy, 
patented design to save you money and desktop space! 

Its smooth body protects the most advanced KVM technology available. 
Whenever you choose to push the button on the KVM itself or use Hot Key 
control from your USB keyboard, you will simply control your multiple comput- 
ers with the same Monitor, USB Keyboard and Mouse. This savvy KVM 
includes On Screen Display and allows you to easily share additional USB 
peripherals. It seems too good to be true, but here it is. 

Available with 2 & 4 ports. (Models GCS1712 & QCS1714) 

COMDEX Booth #2154 

Contact info. 23 Hubble Irvine, CA 9261 8 Phone: 949.453.8782 Fax: 949.453.8785 

The only True USB KVM & Peripheral Switch 

MiniView™ III USB KV/V\Ps»»c. 


Control multiple computers using one single keyboard, monitor and mouse. 

- MlniVlew™ III USB KVMP 




/I reviews 

V better living through smarter shopping 

CoolMac Keyboard 


C oolMac Keyboard? Well, duh! One look at 
this thing tells you the inventors 
exhausted their creativity designing it, so when 
it came time to name the beast all they could 
do was grunt CooL,Mac.„Keyboarcl, 

How cool is this keyboard? Anatomically, 
it*s a full QWERTY keyboard complete with 12 
function keys; Escape, Forward Delete, and CD 
Eject keys; and two sets of Command, Option, 
and Control keys, one set on either side of the 

We christened our keyboard 
with a healthy beer spill and 
kept typing. 

space bar. Cast in pliable silicone, this 
keyboard doesn’t involve a board at all— if s 
completely flexible, so you can roll it up like a 
piece of paper, albeit a chunky one. Thaf s 
because if s adorned with a grid of raised 

:■ COMPANY: Crywolf 
; CONTACT: 866-266-5622 or 

3 1 858-277-9653, 
PRICE: $55.43 (SRP) 

rubber key-squares and 
a 1.5-by-3.5-inch block 
at the top edge, where 
the circuit board lives— 
this is coolness, after all, 
not magic. 

Functionally, typing 
on cast silicone takes 
some getting used to. Pressing the keys is easy 
enough, but they give you almost no feedback, 
so if you’re used to a regular keyboard you may 
miss the audible and/or tactile clicks that 
accompany typing. Like those of a regular 
keyboard, however, the CoolMac’s F and J keys 
sport tiny raised bumps so you can get your 
bearings without looking at the keys. Since if s 
just a keyboard, the CoolMac doesn’t require 
any drivers, though the company says some 
features (mainly the Eject key) don’t work in 
pre-Mac OS 9 systems. 

Novelty goes a long way— especially when 
the device in question retains most of a typical 
keyboard’s functionality and adds other 
features like portability and water resistance (if 
you must know, we christened ours with a 
healthy beer spill and kept typing). 

We won’t be replacing our Apple Pro 
Keyboards with CoolMac boards anytime soon, 
but we’ll keep one handy for the next time we 
need to bring along a lightweight, flexible, 
water-resistant keyboard. LAN party, anyone? 
— A///CO Coucouvanis 

Mac>4ddict RATED 



REQUIREMENTS: USB-equipped Mac, 
Mac OS 8.6 or later 

GOOD NEWS: Looks and feels cool. Water resistant. Light, 
slim, and flexible for uftraportability. 

BAD NEWS: Keyboard’s weird feel is tough to get used to. 



G etting good stereo sound out of your Mac 
is easy— just plug in a good set of 
speakers. But what if you want ^reaf stereo 
sound? As they say on TV, thin k outside the 
box— in this case, that means attaching an 
external processor to convert the raw audio 

If the proofs in the 
pudding, Bill Cosby would 
be all over this thing. 

signal into audible sound outside the Mac, 
where you can escape interference from the 
computefs electronics. 

Thaf s right: Electrical Interference lurks 
inside your Mac, emanating from the 
motherboard and all the components (hard 
disks and optical drives, video controllers, and 
whatnot). We never minded the degraded 

quality of music played 
through our Macs— 
frankly, we never really 
noticed it, at least until we 
tried piping the same 
tunes out through Xitel’s 
HiR-Link. This Snickers 
bar-size widget receives the pure audio signal 
over USB and decodes it en route to your home 
stereo, which connects to the HiR-Linkvia any 
standard V^-inch-stereo-to-stereo-RCA 
cable— such as the professional-grade 30-foot 
cable Xitel includes in the box (it’s a good one, 
too: fully shielded, with gold-plated RCA jacks). 

If the proofs In the pudding, Bill Cosby 
would be all over the HiR-LInk. Every track we 
played— MP3 files, Internet radio, even direct 
from CD— sounded better through the HiR-Link 
than it did when we connected the Mac directly 

(via a Vs-inch-stereo-to-stereo-RCA cable) to 
the stereo. The main drawback is the potential 
for audio-signal degradation if you’re doing 
processor-intensive work while jamming your 
tunes. But this is hardly a deal-killer, as we’ve 
seen iTunes itself skip a beat while the host 
Mac chewed busily through a demanding 
rendering task in the background. 

Even if you’ve already got too many gadgets 
and gizmos to plug Into your Mac, serious 
connoisseurs of sound will make room for the 
HiFi-Link.— A///CO Coucouvanis 


CONTACT: 512-331-5799, 
PRICE: $59.95 (SRP) 

REQUIREMENTS; Mac with built-in USB 
port, Mac OS 9.0.4 or later 

GOOD NEWS: Better sound quality than you can get 
through a Mac’s onboard audio out. 

BAD NEWS: Untrained ears can hardly detect the 


MaoAddlct rated 



54 MacAddIct November 2002 




A lthough JBL’s three-piece Creature may 
not look like any set of speakers youVe 
ever seen, its high-quality sound is easy to 
recognize, its full-range sound allows a 
complete range of tones across all kinds of 
music. However, if s a little pricey for its class. 

The Creature looks like some futuristic 
object manifested in a large curved bulge 
resembling Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and/or Clyde 
(you know, the PacMan monsters). Clearly the 
audio engineers took a design note from Apple 
on this one— the Creature complements the 
iMac’s clean and polished look. 

On the 9-inch woofer are two bullet-shaped 
dials for bass and treble. Conveniently placed 
small notches let you easily balance both dials 
in the middle for a solid combination. Even at 
high volumes, the woofer handles deep tones 
very well and didn’t give us any distortion. 

The tweeters’ substantial sound surprised 
us, given that they’re only about 1 inch in 

diameter. The left speaker sports a unique 
and high-quality volume control: one small 
metallic button crescendos the sound, and 
another lowers it. Touching both buttons at the 
same time mutes the whole system until you 
press that combination again, a feature that 
impressed us. 

Overall the trio packs a lot of punch. 
Listening to a rap CD, we could clearly 

distinguish a subtle stopwatch ticking 
underneath a heavy bass line, a sound that 
comes out as distortion— or doesn’t come 
out at all— on other small speakers. If you 
don’t mind paying a premium for a great 
design, the Creature is for you. But when 
compared with a pair of speakers that cost 
a fifth the price, they’re not five times better. 
—Cyrus Farivar 

COMPANY: Harman Multimedia REQUIREMENTS: Any Mac with a 

CONTAQ: 877-266-6202, headphone jack 
PRICE: $129.95 (SRP) 

GOOD NEWS: Excellent design. Good sound. 

Mac/tddict RATED 

Good external controls. 

BAD NEWS: Kind of expensive. 






W e’ll take this opportunity to declare 

flash memory— and the ensuing market 
of ultraportable USB minidrives packing up to 
half a gig of the stuff— the floppy disk of the 
21st century. It’s everywhere. SanDisk, widely 
known as the go-to company for flash 

The Cruzer performs like a 
champ— albeit a slow one. 

memory cards of all genera, enters the fray 
with the Cruzer: allegedly the first microsize 
drive offering the added convenience 
of removable media for versatility and 
easy upgradabllity. 

A handy slider switch on the Cruzer ejects 
the SD (Secure Digital) flash card and 
simultaneously retracts the USB connector 

SanDisk’s Cruzer makes it easy to 
grab your data and hit the road. 

from the device’s other end. The retractable 
plug Is a nice touch, especially from the 
portability angle— at least until you find 
yourself with a stack of SD cards to browse 
and you discover that you can’t remove 
the flash card from the device without 
disconnecting the whole unit from your Mac. 
The included 3-inch USB extender, which 
will save wear and tear on the USB port, 
eases our ire at this situation. 

Limited removability aside, the Cruzer 
performs like a champ, delivering its 
claimed plug-and-play operation on 
supported versions of both OS 9 and OS X. 
The drive is bus powered, so no external 
power is required, even If you connect It 
via an unpowered USB hub. 

Cool-looking and convenient as the Cruzer 

Is, the truth remains that USB stands for 
Unusually Slow Bus, and flash memory 
Is even slower (filling the 64MB SD card 

took over 2 minutes). The Cruzer best suits 
folks who use SD media in other devices 
(especially digital cameras) and those who 
require the cryptographic security of SD 
media— Niko Coucouvanis 


CONTACT: 408-542-0500, Mac OS 9.1 or 1 0.1 .2 or later 
PRICE: $79.99 (SRP) 

GOOD NEWS: Doubles as a portable SD reader 

MacXlddict rated 

for in-the-field photo transfer. 
BAD NEWS: USB is way Slow. 





November 2002 MacAddIct 55 


O L/ better living through smarter shopping 


The best of the best from recent 
reviews. If the editors of MacAddict 
went shopping, this is what we’d buy. 


MacPIay icewind Dale 

$49.99 (SRP), Aug/02, p51 

Beautifully rendered RPG offers deep gameplay. 

Graphics & Layout 

Adobe GoLive 6.0 

Diamondsoft Font Reserve 3.0 

$89.95 (download), $99.95 (boxed), 

$49.95 (upgrade), Sep/02, p55 

Pure organizational bliss for the true font fiend. 

Video & Animation 


Ambrosia Software Escape Velocity; Nova 

$30 (SRP), Sep/02, p48 

Enjoy the perverse thrill of galactic domination. 

< Aspyr Medal of Honor: 

Allied Assault 

$50 (SRP), Ocl/02, p43 
WWII first-person shooter 
is a surefire classic. 

Aspyr Return to 
Castle Woifenstein 
$49.95 (SRP), Aug/02, p42 
What’s more satisfying than killing zombie Nazis? 

Aspyr The Sims Hot Date 

$29.95 (SRP), Sep/02, p46 

The Sims obey Petula Clark and go downtown. 

Graphic Simulations 
Black and White 

$50 (SRP),JuiV02, p54 

The battle between good and evil can really be a blast. 

$399 (SRP), $99 (upgrade), Aug/02, p39 
Adobe’s Web-site builder picks up new features. 

Adobe InDesign 2.0 

$699 (SRP), $149 (upgrade), $300 rebate for 
owners of QuarkXPress 3.0 and later, May/02, p50 
Look out. Quark— Adobe’s rival layout tool kicks ass. 

Adobe Photoshop 7 

$600 (street), $149 (upgrade), Ju|/02, p46 
Picture-perfect pixel pusher moves to OS X. 

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 
$399 (SRP), $199 (upgrade), Sep/02, p44 
The best Web-site creator gets even better. 

Macromedia Flash MX 

$499 (SRP), $199 (upgrade), Ju|/02, p51 
It started in animation; now it can do anything. 

Productivity & Utilities 

Dantz Retrospect 5.0 

$79 to $499 (SRP), Aug/02, p50 

Indispensable backup software goes Mac OS X. 

Adobe After Effects 5.5 t 


Altec Lansing XA 3021 

$99.95 (SRP), Sep/02, p56 

The look is way-cool retro; the sound Is up-to-date. 

Griffin Technology PowerMate 

$45 (SRP), Sep/02, p55 
Like Exec Editor Cathy Lu: beautiful 

Digital Cameras 

Olympus D-S20 Zoom 

$299 (SRP), Sep/02, p45 

Want an entry-level digicam? Look no further. 

Olympus E-20N 

$1,999 (SRP), Aug/02, p43 

If you know what you’re doing, this one can do it 


Apple Cinema HD 
Display ► 

$3,499 (SRP), 

Aug/02, p40 
This 23-inch, flat- 
panel beauty 
inspires lust 

Sharp LL-T1820 LCD 

$1,199 (SRP), Sep/02, p56 
Slim and stylish, this 18-incher displays a 
billion colors. 

Input Devices 

Kensington StudioMouse ^ 

$59.99 (SRP), OcV02. p54 
This programmable mouse 
is perfect for graphics pros. 


Brother 1870N 

$699 (SRP), Aug/02, p45 

This 19-ppm networkable laser printer works great. 

Epson Stylus Photo 2200 

$699 (SRP), Oct/02, p42 

The most stunning photo printer we’ve ever tested. 

Samsung ML-1210 

$199 (SRP), Jun/02, p53 

At this low price, anyone can afford a laser printer. 


CMS Peripherals ABS Plus 

$237 to $699 (SRP), May/02, p59 

Hate to back up? With this baby, it’s almost fun. 

$649 (SRP), $99 (upgrade from 5.0), $199 
(upgrade from 3.x and 4.x), May/02, p49 
This motion-graphics stud Improves Its 3D powers. 

Apple DVD Studio Pro 1.5 

$999 (SRP), Oct/02, p55 

Essential DVD-burning app gets better— a lot better. 

Electric Image Universe 4.0 

$995 (SRP), $695 (for owners of Softimage, 

Maya, Lightwave, Cinema 4D, or 3D Studio Max), 
$349 (upgrade from 3.x), $449 (upgrade from 1 .x 
and 2.x), Jun/02, p58 

There’s a reason why this is the 3D app: It’s great. 

EZQuest Cobra Slim 60GB 

$629 (SRP), Jul/02, p56 

This gorgeous FireWire hard drive proves even 

storage can be sexy. 

Other World Computing 
Mercury Elite 160GB 

$349.95 (SRP), Sep/02, p53 
Handsome, sturdy drive is whisper quiet. 


$315.99 (SRP), $275 (street), Jul/02, p54 
FireWire-equipped CD-RW drive is freaky fast. 

WiebeTech MicroGB 40GB 
$399.95, bare case $159.95 (SRP), Jul/02, p56 
A cool anodized-aluminum FireWire hard drive 
holds speedy Innards. 


Apple PowerBook G4 800MHz 

$3,199 (SRP), Aug/02, p38 

The world’s best laptop just got even better. 

Handspring Tree 180 

$599 (SRP), $399 (with service), Aug/02, p44 
It’s a cell phone, it’s a PDA, and it's undeniably cool. 

boed Omen 1 ^ 
HIODdRa^ite f 





What’s the deal with: 
O Metal Bear Solid X 
O Brand nett Auto 3 / 

0 Final Fantasy XI f 

find out on page 16 

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Official Xtox Magax 

Conferences January 6-10,2003 
Expo January 7-10,2003 
San Francisco The Moscone Center 

January 6-10 


Conference & Expo. 

Macworld Conference & Expo is recognized as the"must-attend" 
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}{en, President 

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MicM, Graphic Artist 



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Acquire what you need (knowledge, products, 
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Apply knowledge learned from 5 intense educational 
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Register online with Priority Code: A-MAN 

For more information, call toll free 1-800-645-EXPO 



because inquiring minds have the right to be inspired 


Putting them in the Mac OS X > Users > user 
/b/c/er> Library > Fonts folder will make them 
accessible only to a specific user. The best way 
to make fonts easily accessible, however, is to 
open the Desktop (Mac OS 9) folder and 
navigate to the Mac OS 9 System Folder's 
Fonts folder. Putting fonts in this folder makes 
them available to apps launched in both 
native Mac OS X and Classic mode. 





Can you get rid of red-eye in iPhoto? 

Don’t you hate it when your friends look 
possessed? When you’re taking photographs 
in low light, the flash reflecting back from 
your subjects’ retinas can create a devilish 
red cast in their eyes. iPhoto’s Red-Eye button 
at the bottom of the iPhoto window (see 
below) can remove this effect. It works best 
when the whole eye has gone red. 


How can I transfer fonts from Mac OS 9 
to Mac OS X? 

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and 
more than one place to put a font in Mac OS X. 
Putting fonts In the Mac OS X > Library > Fonts 
folder will make them available to everyone. 


Where, oh where, do my Mac OS X fonts go? 


What’s the difference between Mac 
OS X’s command-line utility FSCK 
and commercial utilities like Norton 
Disk Doctor? 

FSCK (Rle System Check) is a traditional Unix 
tool for checking and repairing the file system 
on disk drives. It serves the same purpose as 
Symantec’s Norton Disk Doctor (in Norton 
SystemWorks; $129.95, 
.com), but FSCK Is not written specifically for 
the HFS+ (hierarchical file system plus) file 
system native to Mac OS X. FSCK works by 
translating HFS+ to UFS (Unix file system) and 
back again to check and repair the disk. This 
method is effective enough for most problems. 

{|pLast Import 
^Courtney Feb 22 
^More Courtney Feb 2002 
g order S/2S/02 
1^ sweetie 
g Siesta Key 
^ newhouse 
^ houseiomomanddad 
Ig order 6/26/02 
mom's to print 



[ Courtney Braids 
f 11 Jul 2002 7;S4:S4 AM 

’^Sytes: &?KB 


1/850 ! Import Organize Fdlt 

— — I 

Book Share [ 12 — O’- ■ 


/'TN r--, - * 

1 Ncne 

H ' 

{ # V o 



1 Constrain 


Brightness / Contrast 

V Red-Eye J Black & White ^ 



but commercial utilities like Disk Doctor find 
and fix more file system and disk problems, 
and do so more efficiently, by using tools 
created to interact directly with HFS+. 


What is a clean install? 

A clean install installs all your system files from 
scratch but leaves your user files (applications, 
documents, media) untouched. This is different 
from, say, reinstalling the Mac OS system 
software, which just adds system files that 
It may be missing or that need updating. If 
your computer’s system files are damaged, 
reinstalling system software won’t fix them. In 
Mac OS 9 and earlier, the Mac OS installer has 
an Options button that lets you select a Clean 
Installation. This method puts a brand-new 
System Folder on the computer, while keeping 
the previous one (now renamed Previous 
System Folder) on the drive. In Mac OS X, you’ll 
have to upgrade to Mac OS 10.2 Oaguar) to get 
the clean Install option. 

Instait Macintosti Software 

Select Destlnstfon 

Choose a dlskta instatlthe sqltwere on.tficn click Select. 


Q Perform Cleen Installation 



Imttlt* • compUltly n«v Syn«m r«>(tsr that dm net fneteda your 
third- party axtamlone, tontrol panala, or foirta. System lOftvare and 
applleattan prtftrancaa are raaat to their daftiult aattingt. 


i Cancel ] H OK 


Exorcise your child’s demons with iPhoto’s Red-Eye button. 

As the saying goes, a clean install fixes all. 


Where can I find parts for old Macs? 

You wouldn’t scrap a vintage Ford Mustang 
just because it needed a new motor, so why 
write off your vintage Mac just because it 
needs a new disk drive? While you can go to 
an Apple Authorized Service Center for the 
repairs, it’s more fun to do the work yourself, 
as with the vintage Mustang. Checkout 
the popular Web site Low End Mac (www for Information on 
refurbishing an old Mac. Once you know what 
you need, Web sites like Sun Remarketing 
(, (www.allmac 
.com), and even eBay ( are 
great places to find parts. 


How do you protect your Mac 
from lightning? 

A good surge protector— and not the $6 Home 
Depot model— is a must. The power line, the 
modem, and the Ethernet port are all entry 
points for electric surges to seek and destroy 
your Mac. For complete protection, get a surge 
protector that shields all your ports, like the 

60 MacAddlct November 2002 

HOWTO [^(51 

62 Create and Serve Your Own 
High-End Blog 

Apple took away your free site, but they cant take 
away your opinions. Use OS X to create and serve your 
own Weblog site for free and tell everyone what you think. 

M A c h 1 n e 




■ » £nuuii I5s*xnv. i . .. 


Cr«al« A N«w Entry 

Total email aiidrenea In mailing list: i yiaw... 

Viaw-EdH Entrlai 
find an Entry 



FROM ^w^hoytOmacMipgrade.oom 


VtaW'EdIt ABIOCfcd 

SWKCT Todtor** H«w*Hna» 



Hev rail: 

Thouf^t I'd give you a heads up on the stories I posted today on the she. 

Catandar BrafE 

' Apple Unleashes 8GHz PowerPC GS PowerOook 
• From Sydney: Sunprtse Shocker when Man Weds Mac Plus 


Latest Rant: Why My Brother Ne«ls His Own Freaking IPod 

Viaw AB Maaibar* 

- Review: The Printer That DoesU All! 

Ra^rtar A faambar 




Sand An EmaU 
EmaM Mamliara 
Ha Mas Urt Manasar 




0 This window only 
0 Giobai 

A secret message from the Riddler or 
a misplaced file? You decide. 


How do the settings for window 
views work in Mac OS X? 

Mac 05 X offers Icons, List, or Columns 
views. You can customize these views by 
varying icon sizes and arrangements, or 
On list view) the number and order of 
descriptive columns. Go to the View > 
Show View 
Options window. 

Click the This 
Window Only 
button to alter 
settings for an 
individual window. 

Choose settings for 
each view category 
by clicking Global. 

In List view, 
rearrange the 
columns by 
and dragging 
column headings. 

Show Columns: 
Date Modified 
Q Date Created 
8; Size 
O Version 
G Comments 

© Use relative dates 
G Calculate all sizes 

Icon Size: ^ 


Give every window 
its own look. 

0| technical 

wuOllllli questions or 
helpful tips directly via email 
( or c/o 
MacAddict, 150 North Hill Dr., 
Brisbane, CA 94005. 

Six years of tech support for Apple, Power 
Computing, and a Texas school district 
have given Buz Zoller Mac superpowers. 

your Mac 
from those 

name, location, and proper Icon of the 
dragged item and links the item to a 
thumbnail in the Dock. If the Dock 
can’t understand the proper name or 
location of an item, it replaces the 
thumbnail with a question mark; this 
tells you it can’t find the original item. 
You’ll most likely get a question mark 
when you delete an Item from the 
computer without removing it first 
from the Dock. To fix this problem, 
simply remove the question mark 
from the dock by dragging it to the 
Trash and redrag your original item 
(that the Dock couldn’t find) back to 
the Dock. 

Difficulty Ratings 

No whining-- 
can do this! 

It’ll take some 
effort, but you 
can do It. 

This stuff’s 
for the pros. 

66 Make Your Mac Sing 

Miss those days when dear of rnom sang you to sleep? 
Now your Mac can serenade you into dreamland (or at 
least fits of giggles). 

O Stairwav.mus 

m jliftrrsfJ 59 FhIIv MfirrjfT 




Ji I 'A 

0 «r ^ 

■ # 1 


Belkin Surgemaster Gold series 
($59.99 street, or 
the Tripp Lite Protect It 810N Surge 
Suppressor ($32 street, www.tripplite 
.com). Remember: While lightning can’t 
strike via Airport, it can render your 
Base Station useless in a hurry. 


What is TCPDUMP? 

Commonly referred to as a packet 
sniffer, TCPDUMP is a Unix command- 
line tool that intercepts and displays 
information about every packet of data 
that travels in and out of your computer. 
If s a handy tool for investigating 
network trouble. Understanding packet 
traffic is an art unto itself and can take 
years to master. For example, if you 
open a Terminal window and type 
sudo tcpdump -I enO, press Return, 
and then enter your root password, you 
will see a long cryptic list describing 
what is happening on your Ethernet 
port. To understand the method 
behind the madness, try Brian Hill’s 
MacSniffer (free beta version, http:// 
_hill), a graphical 
front-end utility 


What does a question mark in the 
Dock mean? 

Think of the Dock as a boathouse for 
floating aliases. When you drag a file, 
folder, application, or disk volume to 
the Mac OS X Dock, it remembers the 



MacSniffer 1.0b1 

November 2002 MacAddict 61 


U Z- create and serve your own high-end blog 

Create and 
Serve Your Own 
High-End Blog 

by Todd Stauffer 


• Mac running Mac OS 10.1 or later 

• Rick Ellis’s pMachineFree (free, 

• Marc Liyanage’s MySQL 


• Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator 

• Apple TextEdit or Bare Bones Software BBEdit 

• A static IP address (if you want folks to see your site) 

W hat— youVe never heard of blogging? Ifs only the hottest 
thing since individually wrapped, sliced American cheese. 
For those In the dark, a blog (or Weblog) is a Web site that's 
constantly updated with small editorial 
snippets (like news, opinions, and journal 
entries) on a regular basis, usually in a fun, 
chatty way. However, unlike a typical Web site, 
a blog allows you to post updates via a Web 
interface, rather than having to wrap your rants 
and raves in complex HTML code and then 



BBEdtt 6.5.2 demo. MySQL, 
Netscape (OS X) 6.2.3, 
Internet Explorer X 5.2.1, 
and pMachineFree 2.1 

Got something to say? Cook up and host your own advanced 
MySQL-PHP blogging site on your Mac using Mac OS X’s built-in 
Apache Web server. 

upload everything via FTP. This allows bloggers (those who supply the 
musings) to update site content from anyplace with a Web connection. 

Although push-button blog sites abound (checkout or, the real power comes in rolling your own. With Mac 
OSX, getting a sophisticated blog site up and running won't cost you a 
cent in software or extra server fees. You can turn any Mac running OS 
X into a blog-site sen/er using X's built-in Apache Web server software, 
as long as you’re not afraid to face (gulp!) the Terminal. We not only 
tell you how, we also walk you through creating your own blog site and 
building a community of repeat visitors. If you’ve got something to say, 
here’s a way to unleash your thoughts from your own virtual soapbox. 

1 Activate PHP PHP is a scripting language that can 
dynamically post content from a database onto a Web page. 
OS X disables it by default. To activate It, select System 
Preferences from the Apple menu; in the Internet & 
Networking pane, click Sharing. Turn off Web Sharing (aka Apache) 
for now if it’s on, and close the window. In the Finder, select Go To 
Folder from the Go menu; in the dialog, type /etc/httpd/ and 
click Go. In the resulting window, drag httpd.conf (the Apache 
configuration file) to your desktop to copy it, and then open the 
copy in TextEdit or BBEdit. 





9 « A 

Computer Home Favorites Applications 

Co to Uie folder: 



2 Edit Apache Look for the module line 

#LoadModule php4_module libexec/httpd 
/ Delete the pound (#) symbol at the front of 
the line (this represents an Apache comment) to activate 
the module when you relaunch Web Sharing (Apache). Delete # 
from the line #AddModule mDd_php4-c, too. Look for the line 
AddType application/x-tar .tgz and insert these two lines 
below it: 

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php 
AddType applicatian/x-'httpd-php-source .phps 
(If these lines are already present, delete the # symbols you’ll 
see in them.) Then save the file. To copy this edited version to the 
bowels of OS X, launch the Terminal Qook in the Utilities folder In 
Applications) and type: 

sudo cp ^/Desktap/httpd.conf /etc/httpd/httpd.conf 
Press Return. When prompted for a password, enter your admin 
password and press Return again. PHP is now set to go. 


TLoaanoQUie ssi_inoauLe 
#LoadModule perl module 

1 loexec/ncrpa/ i loss i .so 
1 ibexec/httod/ 1 iboer 1 .so 

1 httpd.conf 




LoadModule pbp4«module 

1 i bexec/httpd/ 1 ibphp4 .so ^ 



LoadHodu l e hf s_app l e^modu i e 

1 tbexec/httpd/mod_hf s_app le .so 

I ' — ‘ 

1 h«|>d,conf,prtflK 

! 1 


# Reconstruction of the complete module list from all avallcfoie i 

1 mimc.types 




# (static of>d shared ones) to achieve correct module execution oi 

# rwHFNFVFP vnn rwMrs thf mADMnniiiF sFCTirei arouf iipdatf this. 

To find a deeply rooted file (like the Apache configuration 
file) fast, use the Go To Folder command. 

To enable PHP, we deleted the # (comment) symbol from 
this line, activating the LoadModule directive. 

62 MacAddict November 2002 

TO 63 

3 Tweak MySQL This software serves as a 

database foryour content. Before you install it, perform 
this tweak. Note: MySQL Qaguar) already includes a 
mysql user, so just install MySQL and move on to step 4. 
Open System Preferences and click Users in the System pane. In the 
resulting window, click New User and type mysq/forthe short name, 
type anything you want for the long name, type in a hard-to-crack 
password (and memorize it), and click OK to create a new user. Now 
install MySQL by double-clicking its PKG file. Then open the Terminal 
and change the directory of the mysql user folder by typing this: 
cd /usp/local/mysql 

Run the MySQL command-line installation script by typing this: 
sudo •/scripts/mYsqMnstall_db 
Type your admin password when prompted and press Return. Then 
change the ownership of all the MySQL files to the mysql user by 

sudo chown -R mysql /usr/local/mysql/* 

Launch MySQL by typing: 

sudo ./bin/safe_mysqld -user=mysql & 

Now create a new MySQL admin root password by entering: 
./bin/mysqiadmin -u root password newpassword 
(Make sure newpassword is different from the password you 
created for the mysql user account to protect your database.) 

[locolhost;/usr/locai/if»ysql] todX wysglodBitn -u root possvorcl goq45fur| 

Make sure your MySQL admin password Is different from your 
mysql user password. 

Set Up pMachine Unzip pMachIneFree (the 
content-management software you’ll use to run your blog site) 
and open the pMachineFree folder. In the pm folder, open the 
file cpnfig.php in TextEdit or BBEdit. In the document, type 
localhost between the set of quotation marks for hostname, enter 
root between the quotes for dbusername, enter your MySQL admin 
password (not the mysql user one) between the quotes for 
dbpassword, and save the file. Then rename the pMachineFree folder 
with a relevant blog name— it’ll become a part of your URL (we named 
ours myblog). Then copy the entire folder to the main Library) 
Webserver > Documents folder. 

_ conflg.php 1 



# If you do not know what these values should be, pleose contact 

# your hosting provider. Host prob tests occur os a result of 

# an error In this file. 


« Usually this Is the nonte of yoior doewln (www.yourslte.coM). 
f In some tns^eea the hQstnciMe will Instead be "locolhost". 

$hostno»e -(^l^lhost^ 


# This Is the username you use to access your MySQL dotobase. 

« Note: This Is usuoLlv WT the some as your FTP username. 

Sdbusemame *(^roo^ 


# The password used to access your MySQL database. 

# Note: This is usuo«^4lQT the same os your FTP password. 

ScBapossword =( ^og45fu^ 

Before you use pMachine, configure these three bits 
of information to carve a path for your file uploads. 


Check pMachine Open System 

Preferences. In the Internet & Network pane, 
click Sharing, then click Start under Web Sharing 
in the resulting window to turn Apache on. 
Launch your Web browser, enter http://localhost 
lyourblog name/pm/lnstall.php in the address field, 
and press Return. If 
you configured PHP 
properly, you should 
see the pMachine 
Installation Script’s 
front page. Click Next 
Page. If MySQL is 
configured correctly, 
you’ll see notification 
that you can access 
the database server 
and that you’ve 
created the database. 

Click Next Page. 

^ pMachim 

m i 

Rick . fo»waj''i StOD 

Refresh Home : Aur 

I iKTf I http://looif»ft#t/pm/ln*t*ILpf^ | 

I ^Uv«Ha(TwP>g* ©AppM 

Support ©AppWStJ 


pMachine Version 2.1 Installation Script 

Welcome to the pMachine installation script. 
PHP 1$ runninp.... 

You may proceed.... 


Roger, Houston...PHP is working 
and pMachine recognizes it. 

Set Up the Blog Details In the next few pages, you’ll 
move through a series of assistant-driven steps to build the pMachine 
database. When you get to the Preferences page, enter a name foryour 
site, the direct path that leads to the pm folder (use a real URL or IP 
address if your Mac has a domain name), and your for-public-consumption email 
address in the fields provided. Click 
Update and then click Next Page until you 
get to the Admin account page. Choose a 
user name and password that’s different 
from your Mac log-ins, enter both along 
with your name and email address in the 
fields provided, and click Next Page. In 
the Success page, note the URLs foryour 
blog’s home page and administration 
page. Rnally, return to the Rnder, go to 
Library > Webserver > Document > your 
blog-site name > pm and delete the file 

Type your nitty-gritty details in 
the preferences page of 
pMachine’s installation setup. 

Blogwash— The411 on Blogging 

PHP (PHP HYPERTEXT PROCESSOR) A server-scripting language 
that enables a script to plug dynamic information (suth as data stored 
in a database) into a Web page as it’s displayed to the user. 

MYSQL An open-source version of SQL (structured query language), 
an IBM-developed language for accessing items In a database, MySQL 
is a popular Web-based database for dynamic Web sites. 


APACHE The most popular Web server available, this is the 
underlying technology for Mac OS X’s PersonaiWeb Sharing feature. 

HTTPD.CONF As Apache launches, it reads this file to configure itself 
and add any features or settings specified by the server administrator. 


November 2002 MacAidIct 63 



create and serve your own high-end blog 

7 Build Your Site Whew! Now that all 
the Unix crappola is out of the way, you can 
start building your site. Go to your blog’s home 
page— pretty bare bones, eh? Time to fix that. 

To add stories to your blog, call up its admin interface in 
your browser by entering http;//localhost/yotirb/o^ name 
/pm/index.php. Note that if your Mac is Web connected, 
you can access your blog’s home page via http:// 
your IP or domain /your blog name /webiog.php and the 
admin page at hnp://\oca\host/ your blog name/ pm 
/index.php from anywhere. Otherwise, you can only 
access your blog locally or over a LAN. 

Ta-da! It ain’t exactly rockin’ (yet), but here’s the indication that your 
blog site is ready to receive Info. 

8 Access Mission Control Log in to your site with your 

new admin user name and password, and you’ll be whisked off to the 
Control Panel page, where you can view your site’s statistics and make 
changes. By default all entries show up on the blog’s main page, but 

you can create and 
assign categories for 
each entry to group 
topical interests and 
organize your site. 

The Control Panel 
interface is like 
mission control-— this 
is where you’ll handle 
most of your site 


!N WJDHoyt 

Most FUtoom entry: July ot 2002 - 3i37 pm 

Most Recent Comment; July 01. 2002 - 3t 37 PM 


Cr«at« A New entry 
View-fitfit Bntrlee 
Find M Entry 


VNw'Bdlt pBloctui 


View Catendnr 
CaietMlar Preta 

Open entries: 
dosed Entries: 

9 Create Categories Click Categories 

under the Weblog section; the resulting page 
will display one log, creatively named 
Weblog. (You can create additional logs for 
the same site, but stick with this one for now.) Click Edit 
Categories; in the resulting dialog, type a name In the 
Category Name field and click Add New. Repeat this 
process until you’re thoroughly satisfied with your 
category quotient. 

CBtGflory NBm«: |TBCh Toys " 

f ADD NEW j 




Apple News 






For better 
organization and 
easier navigation 
to points of 
interest, create 
categories for 
your postings. 

Add an Article In the Control Panel page, click Create A 
■ ■ ■ New Entry underthe Weblog section. In the resulting page, type a 

II ■ headline in the Title field. (Don’t worry about Blurb for now). In 
I the Body field, type the first paragraph or sentence of your story 

and type the rest in the More field. Why? Since only the title and body text appear 
on the main page (with a More button link), you’ll conserve space; viewers get a 
story preview from your first paragraph and can click More to read the full article if 
they want. To add a graphic, click the graphic upload button (an icon of a page with 
an arrow), then navigate to the image file you want. To post your story, select the 
appropriate criteria from the three Display In pop-up menus at the bottom right 
(choose a Weblog, category, and status— Open means viewers can comment on the 
story). Click Submit and then click Visit Your Site to seethe updated page. 

The beauty of blogging? You can Just edit your story in a Web browser 
instead of breaking a sweat with HTML coding and FTP uploading. 

^ aA Over Your Site you 

can change your blog’s basic look in two 
I I ways: You can edit the HTML-based 

I I templates that generate the content, or 

you can edit the actual HTML page that surrounds the 
automated output. To edit the templates, click Edit 
Templates underthe Admin section in the Control Panel. 
In the resulting page, click Edit on the Weblog line. In the 
resulting page, click Weblog Multi-Entry Templates to 
open a screen, sectioned by templates that determine 
how each PHP-generated entry appears on your main 
page and others. You can change the order of elements, 
how the author’s name appears, the More text, the 
navigation links, and more by editing the HTML code in 
the given template. 

Weblog • More Link 



TAG: See top template 

<a Kref=''%%more_ur{%%''>See More of the Sk<Hy,..</a> 

You can change how each Weblog entry appears on a 
page by editing its template. Here, we changed the 
default “More...” link to “See More of the Story...” 

64 MacAddIct November 2002 

HOW TO 55 

^ Add or Alter Variables 

I ■ If you know a bit about code, you 
I can alter other items not shown in 

I the template by clicking the 

Variables link, which pops up a window full of 
variables, and then substituting some code. Sets of 
double percentage (%%) signs surround variables. 
For instance, If you want to send visitors directly to 
the whole story when they click the titles of your 
Weblog entries, replace %%title%% with 
%%title_as_more_link%% in the template. 

WabUg • Entries 



TftQ} <?php vtbl 04 _tntH«s($td.'Vtbio 9 '^i 7> 



<p> ■*. 


<(flv dasSf»*author*>Posted by: %%lf_«malLcr_urt_dS„n*me%* 

Oft 'bi%Wate%% \ <h hrtf--a<.%pn>nieJlok%%*>Proflle</a></<llv> 


%^M»commefltsJlnk%% ftnbsp; i  <n hri!f»*%%comment_permBllnk%%‘'>Uftk</a> 

If code is your second 
language, you can 
change the look of 
your site by altering 
the variables. 

^ Hijack the HTML The Other way to 

alter things is to dig into the actual HTML Look 
I . ^ in your main pMachine folder (the one we 

I called myblo^ and locate search. php, 

weblog.php, archives.php, more.php, and comments.php at 
the root of the folder. These five files are PHP-processed HTML 
documents that pMachine uses in conjunction with the internal 
templates to display pages. If you have some HTML knowledge, 
open any of these pages in TextEdit or BBEdit to change their 
look and feel. For instance, you can add image code in the 
weblog.php document to place a logo on your main blog page, 
or maybe append a copyright to your more.php doc so that 
each full story page includes an ownership statement. 

<?php f nc lud«( "p«_i rw .php" >; ?> 

<IDOCTVPE html PUBLIC '•-/Agc/ZOTU XHTML t .8 Trans i tionalZ/feM" "http:// 
wm.wS.orgAR/xhtiitl A>TD/xhtsil1-tpansi tforwl .dtd"> 



<titte> Welcome to</titie> 

<j»to http-€quJv»"Content-Type" contenta'‘t«xt/btmi; charset=iso-8859-1 " / 
<script language®" JavaScript" type«"text/jovascrlpt" > 

<1 — 

// pull*do«n aenu navigation. Used «ith category memj. 

function go toCotegory( Index) -C 
docuMnt.categories.subnl t(} 



<llnk rel®"stglesheet" type*" text/css" href*"pm_style.css" /> 



<img src»" Images/myblogf f" alt=*"" /> J 

<dlv id="m*nu"> 

Here, we added our logo, via HTML code (In red), to our 
blogging site’s main page by editing the page’s code. 

Bitchin’ Blogs 

Need some inspiration? Check out these spiffy sites. 

StarTrek: TNG fan? Get a glimpse of Wesley Crusher’s other (real) 
life (usually some combination of independent film acting and 

SCRIPTING NEWS ( Software developer and 
Web writer Dave Wlner^s blog about blogging and scripting and other 
tech-heady stuff. 

SAVOY ( The Web site for Savoy magazine is 
one of the most impressive-looking pMachine sites weVe seen. 

^ M Build a Community pMachine can accept 
I reader comments and even Weblog posts from 
I ■■■■■ registered users. Click General Preferences under the 
I I Admin section in the Control Panel and scroll down to 
enable the option that makes it mandatory for users to sign in before 
commenting (or not— it’s up to you). You’ll see a lot of other &*%! in 
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iniought I'd give you a heads up on the stories I posted today on the site. 

!' ^le Unleashes 8GHz PowerPC G5 PowerBook 


|- From Sydney: Surprise Shocker when Man Weds Mac Plus 


[- Latest Rant: Why My Elrolher Needs His Own Freaking iPod 

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j- Review; The Printer That Does It Alii 

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Todd Stauffer, author of 5/og On! Creating Online Communities with Weblogs andi 
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SIMPLY YOURS (www.simply-' This is a beautifully, 
simply, flowerfully designed site. 

ALT.MUSLIM ( Information overload— this site 
really takes pMachine customization to its limits and shows what 
you can accomplish with this tool. 

SLASHDOT ( One of the granddaddies of 
community blogs; not only does it have a huge and devoted “news 
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November 2002 MacAddict 65 

^ make your Mac sing 

Make Your Mac Sing 

by Kris Fong 

^M^Iody^^a<fstant X File Edit Score Staff Instruments Options Configuration Windows Hel^ 


0/13 00:00 



■flot rffifsrrsji. 

Fwify <i£firr£<! 







(chord) 5 (chord) 

MENU (flute) 



MENU (guitar) 




TOOL BAR Click and hold buttons to open the corresponding palettes (below) 
















To understanid how to 
count notes and rests, play 
your favorite rock or pop 
song and tap your foot to 
the beat Count aloud— 

1, 2, 3, 4— voicing one 
number per foot tap. 

In 4/4 time, each tap 
represents a quarter note . 
and each count of four 
defines one measure. 

An eighth note is two 
times faster than a quarter 
note, a half note Is two 
times slower, and a whole 
note is four times slower. 
When writing music in 4/4 
time, make sure that the 
note and rest values in 
each measure add up to a 
count of four. For example, 
one whole note completes 
one measure. Likewise, a 
combination of one half 
note, one quarter note, 
and two eighth rests also 
constitutes one measure. 

With Virtual Singer, you can make your Mac 
hold its own against today’s pop pipsqueaks. 


O Whole Note 

4 beats ' 

J Half Note 


2 beats ' 

^ Quarter Note 

1 beat 1 

^ Eighth Note 


Sixteenth Note 

V* beat j 


• Dot 


increases note duration , 
by Vi its value 



■■■■ Whole Rest 

4 beats 

jm. Half Rest 

2 beats | 

^ Quarter Rest 

1 beat 

*1 Eighth Rest 

Vz beat 

^ Sixteenth Rest 

»/* beat 

• Dot 

increases rest duration 
by Vi its value 



j|i Sharp 

Raises pitch a half step j 



Lowers pitch a half step j 





• Melody Assistant 6 ($15, 

•Virtual Singer 2 ($15, 

W hat would American Idol's Simon Cowell have to say if he heard 
our Mac? Believe it or not, our Mac can sing; not in the Christina 
Aguilera or Sting sort of way, but more like Britney Spears— a little 
off, totally manufactured sounding, yet oddly amusing. It can also croon in 
Spanish, do impressions of Japanese karaoke singers, and adopt a punk 
British accent. With Myriad Software’s Virtual Singer and Melody Assistant, 
you too can make your Mac sing— everything from '‘Happy Birthday” to 
Pavarotti to “Freebird.” 

Virtual Singer uses a series of algorithms to replicate the human voice, and 
can sing in different languages, sing as a male or female, possess different 
vocal characteristics, and even scat jazz tunes. It works with Melody Assistant, 
an app that generates music using software instrument samples like piano, 
guitar, bass, drums, violins, horns— you name it. Using both apps, you can 
write a little ditty, type some lyrics, and press play, and your Mac will sing the 
song in your choice of language (it supports ten different ones). 

We show you how to make your Mac sing the first line of Led Zeppelin’s 
“Stairway to Heaven,” accompanied by a flute. If you’re 
unfemiliarwith music theory, we also give you a crash 
course in basic music notation. Install Melody Assistant 
from the Disc (the package includes Virtual Singer); 
listen to our example file, Stairway.mus (we added the 
obligatory jimmy Page guitar riff for you fret freaks); and 
then get rockin’ and rollin’. 



Melody Assistant 6.0.5 
packaged with Virtual 
Singer, Stairway.mus 
example file 


66 MacAddict November 2002 

HOW TO 57 

Take Note 

To familiarize you with the geek side of music— theory, that is— here’s 
a quick-and-dirty guide to basic music notation and lingo. 

STAFF The staff is made up of five lines and four spaces that hold 
notes and rests. Each line and space represents a different pitch. 

MEASURE A subdivision on a staff, marked by a vertical line. Each 
measure holds a specific number of beats dictated by the time signature. 

TIME SIGNATURE Written as a fraction: The top number represents 
the number of beats per measure, and the bottom number represents 
which note gets counted as one beat. In 4/4 time, you have four beats 
per measure where the quarter note represents one beat In 3/4 time 
(aka waltz time, as in ‘‘Happy Birthday”), you have three beats per 
measure with the quarter note getting the beat 

NOTES A note is a single audible pitch; two or more notes played at 
the same time form a chord. The varied appearance of each note 
represents a different pitch length (see “Counting Music,” p66). 

RESTS A rest represents a pause in a piece of music. The varied 
appearance of each rest stands for a different pause length (eyeball 
“Counting Music” again). 

ACCIDENTALS These symbols, which precede a note, raise or lower 
the pitch of that note. A sharp (|) raises the pitch a half step. A flat (p) 
lowers the pitch a half step. 


Model selection 

I Get the Staff Together Melody Assistant 

generates music via music notation. Though an 
understanding of basic notation helps, it’s not a necessity— 
the app plays a note’s pitch according to where you place it 
on the staff, allowing you to 
create melodies by ear. 

(Confused? See “Take Note,” 
above, before forging on.) 

Rrst create a staff to hold 
notes. From the Rle menu, 
select New; in the resulting 
dialog, select Very Simple 
(One Staff Only), and click OK. 

OS X users get an additional 
Edit Key And Time Signature 
dialog; leave the default 
settings and click OK. 

Selecting the Very 
Simple notation model 
gives you one staff. 

■ nwd«( «v ths kst : 

OBf^t docunimt 
Standard ttyle 

9mpte fttyte, 1 2 bar* wtth a Hano a Baas 
Story s&npteCOrw staff v 

Empty d^jltal trwdt * 

-nsst music ^ 

Free Notation 
Cl Alternate tuninos 
C3 Choira 
Cl Orchestra 
Q Solo 

2 Add and Rename You should have a file 
containing one staff called Melody. To add the flute 
accompaniment, select Add Staff from the Staff menu, select 
Treble (G) Clef from the Staff Type dialog, and click OK. Then 
type Rute in the resulting dialog’s New Staff Name field and click OK. 
Resize the notation window so that both staves are viewable. To rename 
the Melody staff, click the Melody staffs black disclosure triangle to 
open its key menu, 
then select Rename. 

In the resulting Staff 
Name(s) dialog, type 
Vocal in the Staff 
Name field, and then 
click OK. 

Keep track of which 
instrument belongs 
to what staff by 
renaming staves. 

oj CM jXi i;Tv tj. j 

itaitnmta: ” 

Stktt : 0 V«rt)Mi : 0 

0 No O Rr^t group only 0 All groups 

3 Get Some Rest The opening vocal line of “Stairway to 
Heaven” starts after a count of three beats, so begin the song by 
entering rests on the Vocal staff. (Still scratching your head? You didn’t 
read “Take Note.” Do that now and then come back— we’ll wait.) Click 
and hold the Editing Tools button in the toolbar and select the Add tool from the 
palette. Then click and hold the Rest Tools button and select the half rest from the 
palette. Place the rest by clicking the first measure of the Vocal staff. Then select 
the quarter rest from the Rest Tools and place it to the right of the half rest. 

/00:26l> _ 1 



= ir— 




Insert a half rest 
and a quarter 
rest to create a 
three-beat pause 
in the first 

Place a Note ifyou’ re not tone deaf, you can write 
melodies by placing and then moving notes on the staff, matching 
the note that the program plays with the note you hear in your 
head. Click and hold the Note Tools button, select the eighth note, 
and place that note by clicking the Vocal staff’s first measure to the right of 
the rests. To change the pitch, hold down the Option key, click the note (the 
cursor turns into a finger), and drag it up and down the staff. For “Stairway,” 
move the note to an A (second space from the bottom). Then place an eighth 
note on B (middle line) to the right of the A to complete the measure. 



h 1 



To create melodies by ear, push notes to the right pitch by giving 
them the finger. 

November 2002 MacAddlct 67 


IT make your Mac sing 

Full Score Ahead We can waste ink explaining 
how to plot notes, but you’ll get a better understanding of how 
notes and pitches relate if we show you where to place 
everything and then have you listen to your work. Therefore, 
select the same notes and rests shown below and place them in the 

same locations on yourVocal and Rute staves (you’ll have five measures 
total). To create a chord, place one note directly above or below another, 
stacking them. If you make a mistake, press Command-Zto undo the 
deed or use the finger to move a note to the right pitch. Press Play to hear 
your work (click the Play Tools button to open the palette). 

Copy these 
notes and rests 
exactly— they 
make up the 
opening vocal 
line of “Stairway 
to Heaven.” 

Slow Down You Zeppelin fans probably 
noticed that the song sounds faster than the original. 
That’s because Melody Assistant’s default tempo 
is set to 120 beats per minute. To slow down the 
tempo, select General Tempo from the Score menu. In the 
resulting dialog, replace 120 with 80 in the text field (the 
tempo name shifts from 
Moderate to Adagio), 
and click OK. Press Play 
to hear the revision. 

Speed up or slow 
down the tempo in the 
General Tempo dialog. 

I t M M fci r ef Mt»s p9r nbiate 



gf Adjust tempo objects on the score 

Change the Instrument As it stands, you’ve got a 
piano melody competing with a piano accompaniment (piano is the 
default instrument), but you want a flute accompaniment as in the 
original. To turn the piano into a flute, click the Rute staffs black 
disclosure triangle, and select Edit Related Instrument from the key menu. In 
the resulting dialog, select Pipe from the Set list, and select Rute from the 
Name list. To test-drive the 
sound, click the Try button and 
drag your cursor up and down. 

When you’re done screwing 
around, click OK. 

Audition instruments In 
the sound bank by 
clicking Try and dragging 
the cursor up and down. 












Synth Etfect* 
Etfaiic i 









f New 


8 Sing Out Loud Now comes the fun part: making your Mac actually 
sing. Click the Vocal staffs black disclosure triangle and select Staff With Lyrics 
from the key menu; a row of text fields appears below the Vocal staff. Click the 
text field directly below the first note and 
type TTrere’s. Press the space bar to move to the next 
field and type the letter a. Continue pressing the 
space bar and typing one syllable per note (press the 
space bar twice after gold) so that the lyric is divided 
as follows (the underscore represents the space bar): 

and_she’s _buy_ing_a_stair_way_ to_heav_en. 

From the Windows menu, select Virtual Singer to open 
it and press Play to hear the rough mix. 

Once you finish typing in the lyrics, open the 
Virtual Singer (the cloaked British lad 
onstage), and press Play to be serenaded. 

Stairway, m us 

Virtual iKiniirr 2.1 

ii 1 1 

9 Correct Word 

Pronunciation virtual singer 
sings with a default British accent- 
appropriate for Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, 
but because we divided some words into single 
syllables, the pronunciation got messed up. To fix 
It, edit the mispronounced syllables so that the 
text spells the word phonetically. For example, 
Virtual Singer sings “lady” as “loddy” due to the 
split; fix it by changing the syllable “la” to “lay.” 
Change “sure” to “shure,” to fix that blunder, too. 


dy who's sPS 

Because Virtual Singer gets tongue-tied on 
some words, spell the culprits phonetically. 

^ Tweak the Singer Hate the singer? Give him a 

m ■ makeover.To changethe language, clickthe Union Jackin the 
III Virtual Singer window, select a different nationality from the 
■ pop-up menu, and press Play. Pan the voice by dragging the 

singer left or right onstage. Make the voice louder by moving the singer to the 
front of the stage, and softer by pushing him back. Change the core voice by 
double-clicking the singer to open the parameters and selecting a new voice 
(male or female) from the list. Click Edit Voice to tweak vocal characteristics such 
as pitch, timbre, vibrato, and interpretation even further. When you’ve reached 
the peak of amusement, save your file for posterity. 

The next time Kris Fong is asked to play “Stairway” on her guitar, she’ll whip out her iBook. 

To change the 
voice, choose 
from a list of 
mate, female, 
and choir 
singers— click 
Edit Voice to 
make your 
singer sound 
more original. 

68 MacAddlct November 2002 

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Prices, specifications, and ava'IabHily aro ju^ect to change wtifiom rottes. Kefra tetsnciHj withm 30 tiays may te sobjeei uf 

Other WorlO Computing 

log fit No wiyin vn5 be accepfec! wifhcul Rehtm Me'clairit AutTieiiratiOft ouwbtir. Some mgai are Covrtesy of Appla 

IfifnM International: (815) 338-8685 Other World Computing 

[flflf Fax:(815)338-4332 1004 Courtaulds Dr., Woodstock, IL 60098 ^ 

Expert Tech Staff 


open Mon - Fri 8:30am - 8:00pm & Sat 10am - 4pm GST 


\ / FREE Installer % 

V Software Iram owe 

SchooF / UiiFYersity / Govern itisnt / Corporate Purchase Orders gladly' acespteef^ (Subject to credit approval) 

Other World Computhig 

Serving the Mac Universe since 1988 

Quafity Products 

Have the Power of X on yoiir Pre-Beige G3 PowerMac! 

Mercury Elite FireWire a USB 

Top-Rated OWC Mercury Elite FireWire Solutions are ideal for today's high speed Storage, AudioA/ideo, and 
Backup needsl High Performance and Superior Reliability come in this Elegant solution by means of the best 
components coupled with the Oxford911 bridge solution with data rates exceeding 40 MEGABYTES PER review 
SECOND! 5 out of 5 

MacviWdIct RATED 



Plug and Play compatible with Apple OS 8.6-9.2.2, OS X; Windows 98SE,2000, XP; Any OS with FireWire 

or USB* support. *USB equipped models only 

Key Features: Cool Blue Activity Indicator, Near Silent Drive Operation, Large 2MB Data Buffer, Fully 
Audio/Video Capable, 2 FireWire Ports, 2 USB Ports*, All Connecting Cables Included, Intech Speedtools 
Performance Utilities Included, Data Rates in EXCESS OF 40 MEGABYTES PER SECOND! 

James Coates of the 
Chicago Tribune "Mac 
users likely will just 
break into smiles when 
they plug this high speed 
hard drive into the 
FireWire ports on their 


FireWire/USB 2.0/1.1 

40GB 7200RPM 



80GB 7200RPM 



120GB 7200RPM 



160GB 5400RPM 



180GB and 120GB NEW! Call! 

Mercury On-The-Go FireWire Drives 

Arsrcurvr On-Th^-tSo 


All OWC Mercury Elite solutions feature; 

• Cool Blue Activity Indicator LED 

• Super Quiet operation 

• 2 FireWire Ports 

• 1 USB Port(USB Equipped Models Only) 

• Fully Suitable for Digital AudioA/ideo appliations 

• Large 2048K Data Buffer 

• U.S./lnternational 90-240vAutoSwitching 

• FireWire Cable Included 

IPJntech' Y 

All OWC Mercury FireWire Hard Drives xV. 

include Intech’s SpeedTools Utility for Mac. “ 

• USB Cable Included (USB Models Only) 

• Intech HD Speedtools Included 

• Compatible with ALL Apple OS Versions 8.5-9.2.x; 
Apple OS X 10.0.3 and higher (including 10.2) 

• Compatible with Microsoft Windows 
98SE,ME,2000,XP and any OS that supports 
Firewire or USB (USB Models Only) storage 

• 2 Year Warranty 


The OWC Mercury On-The-Go is the lightest and most compact 
high performance FireWire solution available! With the same 
Oxford911 bridge as our Elite Series, this gems sustain data 
rates in excess of 20 MEGABYTES PER MacAddict . 

Plug and Play compatible with 
Apple OS 8.6 -9.2.2, OSX; 


Any OS with FireWire 

Key Features: Shock Absorbent design 
isolates drive mechanism from casing, Cool Blue Activity 
Indicator, Near Silent Drive Operation, Large 2MB Data Buffer, 
FireWire & Power Adapter included, may be bus powered or 
powered using included Power Adapter. Intech Speedtools 
Performance Utilities Included. 

20GB 5400rpm $199.97 20GB 4200rpm $179.97 
40GB 5400rpm $299.97 40GB 4200rpm $249.97 
60GB 5400rpm $449.97 60GB 4200rpm $399.97 

FireWire Cable and AC Power Adapter included. 

Drive may be powered by FireWire Bus or with Included power adapter. 

OWC Mercury CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW FireWire and DSD Seiutiens 

Whether your looking to bum custom CDs, make your own Movie DVDs, backup data, etc., we have a solution for you! With 
support available for RteWire, USB 1.1, and USB 2.0 - Mercury Solutions are plug and play on a wide variety of Apple 
PowerMacs and even PCs too! Standard Features: US / International AutoSwitching Power supply, 2 FireWire Ports, 1 USB Port 
(on USB equipped models), FireWire Cable included, USB Cable Included (on USB equipped models) 25 Pack of CD-R Media 
with Jewel Included, 5 Pieces DVD-R 2X Media (DVD Model only), Compatible with Apple OS 8.6 & Higher, lyr Wananty. 

CD-R/RUV External Solutions: 

Compatible with Apple iTunes, Roxio Toast CharisMac Discribe, and just about any Windows CD Authoring or Player software. 

Mercury 40x12x48x CD-R/RW with SMB Buffer & BurnProof Technology 
Mercury 24x10x40x CD-R/RW with 2MB Buffer & SmartBurn Technology 
Mercury 16x10x40x CD-R/RW + 16x DVD-ROM Combo Burner/Player 

Roxio Toast Lite 5,x also included with OWC CD-R/RW Solutions 

DVD-R/RW ^ GD-R/RW Solutions: 

Compatible with Apple DVD Studio Pro, Apple iTunes, Roxio Toast, CharisMac Discribe, and just about any Windows 
CD/DVD Authoring or Player software. 

Mercury DVD-R/RW + CD-R/RW Pioneer DVR-104 External Solution 

ChrisMac Disaibe 5.x also included with OWC DVD-R/RW + CD-R/RW Solutions 

FireWire + 

HreWire Support 

$199.95 $219.97 
$149.95 $169.97 
$229.95 $249.97 

FireWire + 
USB 1. 0/2.0 

FireWire Support 

$399.97 $429.99 

owe also stocks FireWire and USB Storage Solutions from Lade and Ezquest Call or visit httpV/ for all of the 

latest products offered by OWC 

PCI FireWire/DSD Cards 

Add FireWire and/or USB to your Mac from only $24.97! ThefearethousarxlsdUSBarxlRrBW/irBproductsyoucanusewithiusttheadditwnofasinplePacard! 

IBM CardBus PCMCIA 2 FW for Laptops $29.97 MacAlly Dual USB PCI Card $24.95 OrangeMicro 4 FW & 5 USB v1.1/2 $119.95 

Thd IBM IEEE 1394 CardBus Adapter lets you add IEEE 1394-enabled peripharats to CardBus- Compatibte with MacOS 8.5.1 or later • Installs quickly and easSy to internal PCI slot • Provides 2 USB Typo Add USB 2.0 Hi-Speed and FireWire technology to your Madntesh or PC computer! The OrangeUnk* provides 

equipped notebook computers. It has ban^ speeds up to 40OMbps,maldng It the perfect choice for both FireWire and USB 2.0 Hi-Speed for any computet -Mac or in a single PCI sJoL It is ktoai for legacy 

higtvepeed storage and video/audio capture. Otoer features include: automatic conjuration (no IDs or Macintosh computers as wall as Pentium® PCs which need RreWire® (also known as IEEE-1394 or I.UNIQ, in 

terminators necessa^} and hol-pluggabUity. combination wito USB 2.0 Hi-Speed. 

owe Lucent $24.97 

3-port PCI FireWire Card 

Compoitoto «ith OS 8.6 and higher, Induding OS X 

The OWC 3 Port FireWire PCI interface card adds 
FireWire support to PCI based Macintosh models or 
PC’s, It is Ideal for older Power Macintosh desktop 
computers or clones as well as PCs that need the 
advanced technology offered by RreWire. . 

MacAlly $79.95 

2 FW&2USB 2.0/ 1.0 PCI 

Coinpatibte witti OS 8.6 and hlgt^er. tndoding OS X 

Provides both FireWire & USB ports on one PCI card • Supports hot 
swap and Plug-and-Play * Easily download your video from high- 
resolution digital camcorders and set up a DV editing studio on your 
computer • Add virtually unlimited storage with multiple FireWire and 
USB external hard drives and CD-RW drives • installs quickly and 
easily to internal PCI slot • Supports all USB speeds: USB 2.0 EHD 
480 Mbps and USB 1.1 OHC1 12 Mbps • Connects both USB 2.0 or 
USB 1.1 Devices to your computer simuitaneously 

PrKJjs, atxi are sutjCd to vw|rnu; r,ot£:e Iwni n»iu.'ri£u St oh/s vmr ta up ts a 15% tositc'ii'Tj fek Uo 'ClufF 

Other World Computing 

Internalional: (815) 338-8685 
Fax; (815) 338^332 

Other World Computing 
1004 CourlauWs Dr.. Woodslorit, IL 60098 

visit ma _ / ■■ :^ |imgg( '|c, 0 .D,[ 

School / University t Government / Corporate Purchase Orders gladiy accepted. (Subject to credit approval) 

oner WorU Computing 

Serving the Mac Universe since 1986 


open Mon - Fri 8;30am - 8:00pm & Sat 10am - 4pm CST 


\ FREE Installer 1,0) 

Software from OWC vwj 

Excellent Service 

Quality Products 

' Compet‘*‘‘"' ^ 

LSP WailStreet, Lombard, 
Pismo $14.99 

owe Apple Bit Kit $7.95 

Just vtfhat you need for Installing 
memory or a hard drive and more for 
Apple Desktops, PowerBooks, 


f « • 


mo eWorld 
e d cl y s 

Have the Power of X on your Pre-Beige G3 PowerMac! 

Protect vour investment! 

OWC Laptop Screen Protectors PREVENT Marks on your PowerBook LCD Screen! FREE 
iKIear Apple Polish included for a 'Klean Start!' 

Made in the USA of top qua%, glove soft leather, OWC LSPs are bolh a durable and attractive solution to a 
known problem. 

Find these items and 
much more at our WebSite 

LSP for all PowerBook 
G4 Models $17.95 

LSP for all 

iBook Models $13.95 

Roadtools Podium CoolPad $29.95 

For PowerBook, iBook, ANY-LaptopI Available in Black or White 

Roadtools Traveler CoolPad $19.95 

For PowerBook, iBook, For PowerBook, iBook, ANY-Laptop! 
Available in Black or White. Rotates 360 degrees with ease. 

LapBottom Heat Absorbing Pad $24.95 

OWC Mobility Bundle #4 for G4 PB $54.95 

indudes 7IG4L^, L^sBottom, andPbadToote Pocfium(black) -Save 25%! 

OWC Mobility Bundle #6 for iBook $49.95 

kidude Sk»k LSR LapBottein, and Roadtoote Poc8iin(^^ 

Madsonline PowerBook Power Adapters 
Generation Gap $19.95 

Allows previous PowerBook G3 Adapters to power New iBooks 
and PowerBook G4s 

Madsonline Auto/AIr Bundle for PowerBook 
G4 & iBook (Dual USB) $78.95 

Includes Auto Adapter and Airline Power Adapter to keep 
powering while on the go. 

The Pod Protector 

without belt clip with belt clip 

$ 27.95 $ 29.95 

Top OualHy leattitr, computer stitched makes 
a perTactfit tor proteclinp your Apple fffod. 
Clear vinyl protects the screen snd buttons 
while allowing complete hmchonallty. 


Griffin Technology PowerPod 
AutoAdapter $1 9.95 

Power to the iPod on tiie road 

MacAlly iOptiNet 3 Button USB Mouse $33.95 

3 Button USB Optical Scrolling Mouse. 5 Color Covers Included. 

MacAlly IOptiNet Jr. 2 Button Mouse $28.95 

Ideal for smaller hands and orfportabilily. S Color Covers Included 

wiioiretit oofe 

Zero Halliburton Z3 Laptop Case $209.95 

For IBook (Dual USB). Avaiable in Gun Metal and Silver 

Zero Halliburton Z5 Laptop Case $219.95 

For PowerBook G4 Series. Available in Gun Metal and Silver 


Genuine Apple PowerBook G3 WailStreet Liion $159.95 
Genuine Apple PowerBook G3 Lombard/Pismo Liion $169.95 
Genuine Apple iBook (Clamshell 300-366 Models) $149.95 

MacAlly iKey Ext USB Keyboard (Graphite) $17.99 
MacAlly ADB 1 Button Mouse $17.99 

Mac 3.6V PRAM replacement Battery $7.95 

High-Capacity 3.6V Lithium Cell 

Mac 4.5V PRAM replacement Battery $8.95 

Standard Rayovac 4.5V Computer Pram Battery 

Call or visit website if you are unsure what your computer uses. 

I " Cr ifffinTtecli "Cool^oofliesM! 

Griffin PowerMate USB $44.95 

Rotary Audio Controller ar>d more! 

Griffin iMic USB 
MicroPhone Adapter $36.97 

Griffin iMate USB to ADB Adapter $38.95 

Use your ADB devices via USBI 

Pnees. qwcifealKins. anti avai!ab4ty are sabjed !o change whhoul twl'ea, terns relwned virfBvn 30 days may be subjeci up to a 15% restocking fee. No return w® be accepted Softool Return Mercbanl Autootizalion mmba. , Sore yrrages are Courtesy of Apple 

MMfhgkOf l/MFfaflfff International: (815)338-8685 Other World Computing ^ 

IFIiUFf WUffflf Vlfllff|flllll|l| Fax:(815)338-4332 1004 Courtaulds Dr.. Woodstock. IL 60098 


Competitfve Prices J 

Expert Tech Staff 


Sdiooi / Uniyersity / Go^^ernment / Corporate Purchase Orders gladly accepted, (Subject to credit approval) 


> FREE Installer 10'i 

Software from owe yfw 

A finalitl 

HE macworld 

W e d cl y s 

Have the Power of X on your Pre-Beige G3 PowerMac! 

^ Other WorU Computing 

} Serving the Mac Universe since 1988 

' 80a.27S.4S7e 

Exceilent Service 

Quality Products 

Other World Computing is the Mac Upgrade Expert! IVe stock the FASTEST 03/ 04 Upgrades, Video Cards, and MORE! Let us make Your Mac a FASTER Mac! 

Upgrade your PowerMac 
0/9500/9600; PowerMac 

and Compatible Clones 
to the Power of a fast G3 
or G4 Processor and 

Only from OWC, 
XpostFacto Is a FREE 
software utility that 
allows Apple OS X to be 
used on MANY Legacy 
PowerMac Models. With 
CLICKS, you can have 
your Pr^3 PowerMac 
up and running with OS 
Xjust iike^e Mac 
models Apple does 
support! Check it out - 

• 4 d y a 

owe Mercury G3 & G4 ZIF 

G3/533MHZ with 1024k L2 Cache $179.93 
G4/450MHZ with 1024k L2 Cache $195.99 
G4/550MHZ with 1024k L2 Cache $269.99 

High Quality, HIgh-Periormance, HIgh-Rellabllity. OWC uses ONLY 
processors rated for the speed advertised, if not lasterl 

Apple OS X 10.0.3 CD/License $35: 
ripple OS X 10.0.3 w/ 10.1.x Update & OS 9.1 $59.9Si 
Apple OS X 10.2 'Jaguar* Retail Package $124.95 

ATI Radeon 8500 Mac 64MB DDR AGP Card $189.99 

If your PowerMac G4 came with only the ATI 16MB Rage AGP, Unleash It’s tme video potential with the ATI Radeon 8500 MacEdItion! 
Compatible with any PowerMac G4 Tower with an AGP Slot, the Radeon 8500 provides superior 3D graphics acceleration and the 
Ideal solution for high performance gaming and workstation applications! 

High speed 2D and intense graphics realism in 3D gaming environments and workstation applications * Features TRUFORM and 
SMARTSHADER technologies • Full support for OpenGL and Quicktime * Built In Video Out (S- Video & Composite) for TV/NTSC 
display * Full DVD Playback supported * Resolutions from 640x480 to 2048x1536 supported! * Features Standard VGA and DVi 
display connectors - Use any standard display or DVI Flat Panel! • Supports Apple OS 9 and OS X 

ATI Radeon 7000 Mac 32MB DDR PCI Card $11 7.99 

Unleash the power of your PowerMac - Don't let video slow you down anymore! 

Highly Accelerated 2D/3D • HYPER2 Technology for Improved performance • Powerful 3D Graphics • Performance * Open GL 
Support (Quake Tests show Frame Rates upwards of SO PER SECOND!) * Full Quicktime Support • Built in Video Out (S-Vldeo & 
Composite) for TV/NTSC display • Full DVD Playback supported • Resolutions from 640x480 to 2048x1536 supported! • Features 
Standard VGA and DVI display connectors - Use any standard display or OVl Flat Panel! • Supports Apple OS 9 and OS X 

NewerTech is BACK! Back with 

Newer and FASTER Upgrades for your Mad 

NewerTech NuPower 

The perfect speed jump for any Apple 
PowerMac G3 or PowerMac G4 '^kes' PCI! 
Boost your Megahertz and add the power of 
Altjvec processing for processing power up 
10 TiMES you currently get! Everything runs 
faster AND you can you use those High- 
Power Apps that REQUIRE a G4too! Make 
your machine like New with NuPower. 

NuPower G4/S33MHZ MB L2 $249.95 

Upgrade your PowerMac G3 or G4 'Ylkes PCII 

NewerTech NuPower Pismo G4 

Upgrade your PowerBook G3 FireWire 400MHz/SOOMHz 
(Aka Pismo/yr2000) to the Power of Altivec with the 
NuPower Pismo G4! 

NuPovi/er Pismo G4/500MHz 1MB $299.95 

G4 Upgrades from Sonnet and PowerLogix 
also available for PowerBook G3 WatiStreet 
and Lombard! 

See alt the upgrades we have for your specific Mac 
with the MyOWC Compatibility Guide; 

From only $359.95 you can Double, TVIple, Get up to SIX TIMES the performance from 
your PowerMac G4 AGP & G4 Cube up to DUAL IGHZ(IOOOMHZ) with a new 
PowerLogix PowerForce Series 100 Upgrade! Compatible with any any PowerMac G4 
AGP/Sawtooth/Graphics/GigabitEthernet/Cufae 350MHz, 400MH2,450MHz,500MHz,Duaj 
500MHz this upgrade brings Extreme Speed, is Easy to install, and 100% Compatible 
with ALL your existing software and hardwarel We've got the Speed you Need! 

PowerForce Series 100 G4/700MHz with 1MB Cache $359.95 

PowerForce Series 100 G4/800MHz with 2MB Cache $439.99 Dual G4/800MHz $789.95 

PowerForce Series 100 G4/1GHz (1000MHz) with 2MB Cache $689.99 Dual 1GHz $1179.95* 

Specify PowerMac G4 AGP or Cube when ordering *Dual 1GHz for PowerMac G4 AGPs only. 

^ PowerLogix 

PowerForce G3/G4 PCI 

Upgrade replaces existing processor daughtercard - does NOT use up a PCI slot 
Upgrade your Apple 7300/7350/7500/7600/8500/8515/8600/9600/9650; SuperMac J700/S900; and Compatible PowerComputing 
Clones to a G3 or G4! It doesn't cost a lot to make your PowerMac more POWERFUL today! 

PowerForce G3/400MHz w/1 MB $1 1 9.95 PowerForce G4/450MHZ w/1 MB $229.95 

Crescendo G4/800MHz PCI w/1 MB 

Upgrade replaces existing processor daughtercard - 
does NOT use up a PCI slot 

simply the FASTEST Upgrade ever for Pre-G3 PowerMacsi 
Compatible with PowerMac 73^^5/76/85/86/95/96008; UMax 
S900/J700; Most PowerComputing PCI Models. Compatible 
with Apple OS 8.6 - 9.2.2; Apple OS X 10.1 - 10.2! Plug, Play, 
Fee! the Excitement of having a NEW Machine! 

Other Worm Computing 

Swne iitiagss arc Courtesy ot Apple 

Prices, specincations. and availability are subject to change vMhoul notice Itscis returned within 30 days may be sul^ect up lo a 15% fcstockitfg (bo No return will bo accepted without Return Merchant Authcrizahon number 

International: (815)338-8685 

Fax: (815) 338-4332 1004 Courtaulds Dr., Woodstock. IL 60098 

Other World Computing . 

ma czONE^^ NEW j^ple Dual G4 Power Macs, 

i^ple Xserve 


iGHz Dual 





#147879 Rack and servers sold separately. 

Megahertz, schmegahertz. It’s all about gigaflops 

The Dual IGHz Power Mac G4 churns out 15 gigaflops at peak performance by harnessing 
its sophisticated chip architecture, Velocity Engine™ and a Level 3 cache. That's up to 15 
billion floating point operations per second! You'll run Adobe® Photoshop® up to 68% 
faster than a 2.2GHz Intel® Pentium® processor-powered PC. You'll encode digital video 
up to 302% faster than a 2 GHz Pentium PC.* In short, you'll leave your PC-using friends - 
and rivals - choking on your digital dust. That's the Apple way. 

*Power Mac G4 system using Apple's iDVD 2 software vs. a PC using Sony's MovieShaker software 


HD Display 

23 " 


#139208 Studio 17". 
#124925 Cinema 22" 

' 3494 = 

. . S994.98 

. S2494.98 #147870 

i^ple Power Mac G4 

Loan starting 

Apple Instant j.-per 
anting at only month 

867MHzDual IcHzDual 


1.25ghz Dual 

• 867MHz dual G4 processors 

• L3Cache-1MB DDR SRAM 
per processor 


• 60GB Hard Drive 

• Combo DVD-ROM/CD-RW 

• Gigabit Ethernet 

• NVIDIA GeForceA MX with 

IGHz dual G4 processors 

L3 Cache - 1MB DDR SRAM 
per processor 

80GB Hard Drive 
SuperDrive DVD-R/CD-RW 
Gigabit Ethernet 

ATI Radeon 9000 Pro with 

1.25GHz dual G4 processors 

L3 Cache - 2MB DDR SRAM 
per processor 

120GB Hard Drive 
SuperDrive DVD-R/CD-RW 
Gigabit Ethernet 
ATI Radeon 9000 Pro with 


ll. upto.«" ^ 



of select 

Up to 256MB Memory FREEl Call for details. 

i^ple PowerBook G4 





Memory FREEl 

Call for details. 

667MHz G4 processor 
15.2" Display 
256MB Memory 
30GB Hard Drive 
Combo CD-RW/DVD 
Gigabit Ethernet 
AirPort Card Ready 

• 800MHz G4 processor 

• 15.2" Display 

• 512MB Memory 

• 40GB Hard Drive 

• Combo CD-RW/DVD 

• Gigabit Ethernet 

• AirPort Card Included 

1694 “ * 2494 “ *3294 

ATI Mobility 
Radeon 7500 

ATI Mobility 
Radeon 7500 


#159217 #159218 #159219 

#722601 AppleCare 3-Year Protection Plan {Coverage includes Apple Display 

when Power Mac and Display are purchased on same invoice.) 

Apple Instant Loan 
starting at only 

*38 per month 

' 2494 “ *3194 




. $249.99 

#722604 AppleCare 3-Year Protection Plan - 

PowerBook G4 $349.99 

7 pigment inks keep your 
photos sharp for posterity 

Brand-new picture- 
perfect printer! 

Photo 2200 
Inkjet Printer 



EPSON Stylus 
nk Jet 

C42UX Ini; 

$^ Q99* *After $30 mfr. 

mail-in rebate. 
#159809 Low Mac Zone 

price: $79.99. 
Offer good through 10/31/02, 

User-friendly digital 
video backup 

Fantom 120GB 
' X External FireWire 

\ Premier Hard Drive 
7200 rpm 

“ 1 * 249 ” 


Dual options for 
high-speed connectivity 

LaCie 48x12x48x 
FireWire and USB 
CD-RW Drive 

* 219 ” 


Equipped with 32MB DDR RAM 

7000 Mac Ed. 
Dual Monitor 
Graphic Card 



Outstanding image quality 
with reduced glare 



21" Flat Screen 
Trinitron Mon. 

■* 799 !! 


ligital video 

Canon GL2 
3CCD Digital 

* 2799 ” 


Don't forget to load up 
on video tape 



And don't forget your AppleCare | Appt^ 

Starting at ^149^ 
Call for details. 



Credit cards are not charged until the order is shipned. Most products ship the same day (barring system failure, etc.). Shipping options include Ground, 2nd Day and Overnight delivery. Freight is 
based on average product weight. Handling extra. Insurance available. Special orders may require special shipping and handling charges. Cajl for international shipping rates. Prices and product avail- 

ability subject to change without notice. Specials and promotions may be limited to stock on hand. Not responsible for typographical errors. All products sold by Zones, Inc. are third party products and 
are subject to the warranties & representations of the applicable manufacturers. **2002 Zones, Inc. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Apple, the Apple logo, 
Mac, Power Mac, PowerBook, IMac, iBook, AirPort, and FireWire are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. SuperDrive, iPod and eMac are trademarks of 
Apple Computer, Inc. AppleCare is a registered service mark of Apple Computer, Inc. PowerPC is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation, used under license therefrom. 


eMac G4 and Price Drops! 

The Modem Office - Now Fully Portable 

People may love their work, but they rarely love their cubicle. Move your workforce 
to iBook or PowerBooks, however, and cubicle culture becomes a relic of the 20th 
Century. With the optional AirPoit Card and Base Station, iBook and PowerBook 
users can move seamlessly from working at their desk to collaborating with co- 
workers in a conference room, all while connected to the Internet, their calendars, Authorized Reseller 
and their ability to be productive. 

With purchase of select new Apple 
computer. See bottom of page tor details. 


Rent DVDs 



with any purchase. 
See bottom of 
for details. 

* 1194 *® * 1494 ®* * 1794 ®® * 1294 ®® * 1494 ®® * 1794 ®* *1994 

#147880 #147881 

#722603 AppleCare 3-Year Protection Plan - iBook . 


#147871 #147872 #147873 

#722602 AppleCare 3-Year Protection Plan - iMac/eMac 


. . $149.99 

/ The most affordable 
NEW eMac G4 G4 system ever! 

The eMac comes complete with a 17-inch flat CRT display and a space-saving, all-in-one 
design that fits right in your home. Plus award-winning digital lifestyle applications and 
Mac OS X, Apple's rock-solid operating system. 

Exceptional G4 power, grace and fun. 
Effortlessly adjust the new iMac's 
stunning 17" LCD flat screen height 
or angle with the touch of a finger. 

Loan starting 

Apple Instant j-nper . 
anting at only Z!l month 

^ple Mac G4 


• 700MHz G4 processor 

• 15" LCD 

• 128MB Memory 

• 40GB Hard Drive 

• CD-RW Drive 

• NVIDIA GeForce2 
MX 32MB 

• Apple Pro Speakers optional 


• 700MHz G4 processor 

• 15" LCD 

• 256MB Memory 
« 40GB Hard Drive 

• Combo 

• NVIDIA GeForce2 
MX 32MB 

• Apple Pro Speakers 


• 800MHz G4 processor 

• 15" LCD 

• 2S6MB Memory 

• 60GB Hard Drive 

• SuperDrive 

• NVIDIA GeForce2 
MX 32MB 

• Apple Pro Speakers 


• 800MHz G4 processor 

• 17" Widescreen LCD 

• 256MB Memory 

• 80GB Hard Drive 

• SuperDrive 

• NVIDIA GeForce4 
MX 32MB 

• Apple Pro Speakers 

^ple iBook G3 

128MB-256MB Memory 
FREEl Call for details. 


• 600MHz G3 processor 

• 12.1" TFT Display 

• 128MB Memory 

• 20GB Hard Drive 

• CD-ROM Drive 

• 10/100 Ethernet 

• /UrPort Card Ready 

• ATI Mobility Radeon 


• 700MHz G3 processor 

• 12.1" TFT Display 

• 128MB Memory 

• 20GB Hard Drive 

• Combo CD-RW/DVD 

• 10/100 Ethernet 

• AirPort Card Ready 

• ATI Mobility Radeon 


• 700MHz G3 processor 

• 14.1" TFT Display 

• 256MB Memory 

• 30GB Hard Drive 

• Combo CD-RW/DVD 

• 10/100 Ethernet 

• Airport Card Ready 

• ATI Mobility Radeon 

Apple Instant <»«^per 
Loan starting at only Z 7 month 

17 " 



New 17" flat screen 


Easy, fast data 



Run Windows 
on your Mac 
Virtual PC 5.0 
with Win 2000 


for Mac 



Cool utilities 
.1 for Mac OS X 

I Sp Ten for X 

/%. »29”' 


‘After S1 5 mli; mail-in rebate with purchase of 
other Aladdin; software or Mac OS X. Or save 110 
via rebate for firsHime buwrs of Ten for X. Low 
Mac Zone! price: 145.99. Offer good throu^ 3/31/03 

After 120 mfr. maii-in 
price: S58.99. Offer gop 

rade. Low Mac Zone 
iraugh 1 T/30/02, 


with Jam 

Adobe Easy, yet m 

PhotoshopHemmtsio powerful M 

Elernents 2.0 

«PP'« #159415 

Mac® OS X vlO.2 
with Ten for X bundle 

‘After $20 Mac Zone mail-in rebate. 

Low Mac Zone price: $154.97. While 
supplies last. When compared to 
product purchased separately. 

FREE Memory Offer Up to 512MB free memory with select Apple computers and professional $40 installation purchase. Netflw Offer Details: Free trial with any Mac Zone purchase. Offer valid in the 50 United States and its territories and pos- 

Allow up to one day for Installation. Offer subject to change due to memory price volatility. Call for latest offers. Offer good sessions only. Offer expires 1 2/01/2002 and cannot be combined with any other offer. Umit one per household. Rrst-time cus- 

while supplies last Not valid vrith any other Mac Zone offers. tomers only. Internet access and valid aedit or debit card required to redeem offer. Go to maaon&com for details. 

Corporate bids welcome! I Souree Code 
Fax to 1-425-430-3420 MA112 

I A maPAq* COMPANY Ticker Symbol: ZONS| I 

Order by Phone 


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jT Insanely Great Deals on ^ rt "1 C I 

Memory Macs & More! 

Lifetime Warranty RAM 

Computer Model or 
Socket Type 



Please be aware that the memory market is extremely volatile. 
Check our website for the most up-to-date pricmg. 

Prices listed are web prices only, not in-store. 

Prices listed by module MB size; 

32 64 128 256 512 IgbKit 

G4 Dual 1 GHz/1 .25GHz 
Xserve/G4 Dual 867 
G4 ilVIac® 

G4 AGP 466-Dual 1GHz 
PowerBook® G4 
G3/G4/iMac® 350-600 
PowerBook® G3 
iBook*/iMac® 233-333 
72 pin SIMMs 

DDR PC 2700 
DDR PC 2100 
PC-133168 pin CL3 
PC-133168 pinCLS 
PC-100 144 pin CL2 
PC-133 168 pin CL3 
PC-100 144 pin CL2 
PC-100 144 pin CL2 












*59 *119 
*59 *109 
*32 *58 

*39 *76 















Special Purchase 


Free 512mb RAM 
& Free Shipping! 

MftCS, MnCS, MeCS! New, Refurbs £ Discontinued Models, too! 

' ^ 

<?) 1 

I . r , 

1 Power Mac* G4 

All new DUAL configs 

Free 2S6mb RAM 
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r ^ 


700 MHz^CD-M 

. Fuis- Free SIZmb RAM 

_ & Free Shipping! 

' G4^733 

Discontinued Model 

Super Sweet Deal 

call for details! 

Western Digital D540X 


W3fd/Entourage2001 : 

Only $99 - Insanely Great Deal! i . ^ 

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Hard Drive Sale IPR Software £ Specials! ^ 


7200 IDE-ATA100 I 

7200 IDE-ATA100 I 

5400 IDE-ATA100 1 

60gb 7200 FireWire® Oxf 911 E 

80gb 7200 FireWire® Oxf 911 E 

120gb 7200 FireWire® Oxf 911 E 

20gb 4200 IBM 9.5mm/Laptop I 

30gb 4200 IBM 9.5mm/Laptop I 

40gb 4200 IBM 9.5mm/Laptop I 

60gb 5400 IBM 12.5mm/Laptop I 

External 3.5 FireWire case w/ Oxford 911 

$ 94 

ThinkFree Office $ 37 

AirPort® BaseStation-Gray 149 

Mac®OS9.0w/Free9.1 CD 89 

Mac®0S 8.6 w/Free 8.5 CD 79 

Mac®OS 8.1 CD only 39 

Dr. Bott ADC/VGA Extracto'r $ 27 

G4Port Internal Serial Port 39 

LaCie FireWire DVD-R/RW-i-CD-RW 429 

LaCie USB pocket Floppy Drive 49 

LaCie CD-RW 48x12x48 USB/FireWire 189 

Microsoft Word/Entourage 2001 «ovju 99 LaCie Pocket CD-RW 24x10x24 USB/FW 257 

Kensington Flylight USB 16 

DVD-R 10-pak 4.7gb (single sided) 19 

DVD-R 9.4gb (double sided) ea. 6 

Griffin PowerMate 40 

Griffin iMate USB/ADB Adapter 35 

Griffin iMic USB Audio Adapter 30 

LaCie Electron 19 Blue Natural Flat 389 

LaCie Electron 22 Blue Natural Flat 939 

Contour Designs Shuttle Pro 89 

Color Keycaps for Final Cut Pro 69 
Pioneer DVR-104 DVD-RW Internal 265 

Macally PCI Card Dual USB 2.0 24 



With Free 
Auto Charger 

5gb m 

Insanely Great since 1994 



Authorized Reseller ft i^ple Specialist ft Authorized Sendee Provider 

Secure Online Ordering at IHdCS0littl0WS*0(hll1 


MacSolutions, Inc. 11933 Wilshire Boulevard, West Los Angeles, CA 90025 Fax: (310) 966 -j ^^33 

University £ School P.O.*S Welcome note: All prices are subject to change. Limited to stock on hand. #830 

"Check website for details on new computer purchases. Not responsible for typographic errors. Not valid in combination with any other promotions. 


Customer Service: 1 - 71 8 - 338-1 352 
Local & international: 1 - 718 - 338 - 361 ^ 
24 Hour Fax: 1 - 718 - 338-3029 . ^ 

woaut wmEsuiPPtNG 


Mon-Thu 9:00 AM-11 :00 PM 
Friday 9:OOAM-4AOPM 
Sunday I OSO AM-7.-00 PM 
Saturday Closed 

Place your order by 5^10 PM EST and Receive 
Your Order by the Next Business Day! 

For an Additional $29.95 



• IGx Optical Zoom^^^ 

• 32x Digital Zoon^^^P 

• 3-CCD Imagtiig 

• Mini DV Format 

*^2809®® 1 

New! GL-2 1799.99 


• 5.24 Megapixels Jfjjl 

•2/3” CCD 


• 2560x1920 


5.24 Megapixels 
2/3” CCD Screen 
USB Port 


NEW Eluia -40MC. 

Elura 10 

NEWl Optura 200MC. 
Opmra lOOMC 


• 2.5” LCD 

Screen ^ iii T i ^ 

• i2x MIL /yy 


Zoom W 

• 48x Digital Zoom 

• 3-CCD Progressive Scan 

• SteadyShot 

New! DCR-PCIOI... 






Mavica FD-100 
Mavica FD-200 





















SONY Mavica CD-400 

• 4.0 Megapixels 
•2.5” LCD Screen 


Mavica CD-250 409.99 

Mavica CD-300 429.99 


*4.1 Megapixels CCD 

• 7.5x Digital Zoom " 

• 3x optical Zoom 

^429®® I 

? C-5050 



•1/3” CCD 

• 14x Optical Zoom 

• 440,000 











GY-DVM76 .... 

. r.ATT. 



• 6.52 Megapixels 

• 3072x2048 

• 2/3” CCD 

FUJI HiiePixS-2 

lEE 1394 

USB ^ 




• 120x Digital Zoom 

• IEEE 1394 

• 3.5” LCD Screen 

. .529.99 










. .519.99 
. .799.99 
. .949.99 




Powershot S40 


Powershot G2 

. .489.99 

Plnepix S-1 


Fineplx F601 
Flnepix SG02 

NIKON Super Coolscan lS-4000 

• Digital Ice Technology . 

• IEEE 1394 ^ 

• 4000 DPI 1 

• 4.2 Dynamic Range hHH 


CanoScan FS4000 

Dimage Scan Dual II 


CoolScan LS-8000 

NIKON D-ioi 

• 6.1 Megapixel jffm 

• 1.8”LCD Screen JSSQj 




S* 7x Optical Zoom ^ 
B* Direct Manual Focu^ 
If" 5.24 Megapixels 

I seoB”® 

-li Dlmage FlOO 



NIKON Coolpix 5000 

•2/3” CCD 
• 5.24 Megapixel 

New! Coolpix 2000 .239.9S 

New! Coolpix 2500 249.9S 

NIKON Coolpix 570g^ 

•2/3” CCD Screen 

• 5.24 Megapixels 

• 4x Optical Zoom 

’719’*” W 

Coolpix 4S00 ..I!!;. ^9.99 

Coolpix 4S00 449.99 

EPSON Stiius 2200P 

• 6 Color Small Archival Links 

• USB/Serial Port 

• PC or Mac 

$^>1099 mSsm 


New! P400, 

COMPANY POLiCY* To order u&e Vi'&A. M^tercard, DifiCDvair, American Express or Diners Club. COD Orders are welcome, or mail in benK, caetiiar or.oertllied chaek. For personal checks and 
^oney orders, please allow 2 weeks tTom the date we deposit the check, £1 days lor return or exchange (video & digital 7 days) with prior authorization only (call customer service for return authO” 
■rlzatlon number). AH returns are subject to a mlnimpm 5% restocking fee and must Include packaging and printed maleriai in original, unaltered ccmditEon. Quantities are limited. Shipping &. han- 
dling are nan refundable. - Prices nray relJect mali-in rebate. Digital Liquidators Items may carry USA, International or Digital Liquidators warranty. Wot responsible for typographical error-S, Thank 
you and enjoy, your order! 

Visit Our Website At 

Shreve Systems 

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On Clearance now! 
iMac (233-333Mhz)- $199 
G3 Logic Boards -$199 
G4 Logic Boards - $249 

•processor not Included 

7200/75 Logic 

ONLY $10.00! 

^ .44 SuperDrives 

ITEM#66 1-0474 


Firewire 3.5” Drives 

20/30 GB available! 

Call for best prices! 

20 GB 30 GB 

ONLY $89 ONLY $119 

Apple Video....l10 Applet [a&isysleni..4«} 

Vector 350 was DG'ACC(X».1I9 

Foofi LTV Pro 57545 Apple EM AUlMapter. .110 

Paper Shrad!lef...$5 Kenar^NotetaikKe^ 

ApftefilibuseCarfe J5 

Apple M Kbbos Card.l!9 Apple 1$ tubus aiaaier.{a 
Appie30OICO....$13 Apple3MlCD $10 



130 only $49 




• Supports ext. video 


• 750 Hard Drive 

• 100-MHz 603e 

‘ Dual-scan color 
• Refurbished 

Macintosh LC 
Internet Rea 

• 33-MHz MC68LC040 

• SMB of FtAM 

• 800MB Hard Drive 

• 28.8 Motorola Modenr y 


With CD 

Cybe«jfive24Xifilema! $49 Apple 8Xint CD .$49 6100 Dos Card 1 

VSI250inleaipforWallStree $49 VST20g'5ExlKD. $89 Duo230>280i)ai \ 

VST super drive for int,pb. wall sL$69 Mac II power supply. $5 5200/75 cpu ! 

7100/66mlizcpu $49 7300/180mfiz $149 7100/80 mhzcpu 

7200/120 mgh $129 4gig HD (needs Adapter) .$99 Magnum 144 Modem J 

Apple Laser 12/640 500 shl Feeder..$49 Adapter forOuicklake 100/150,..$5 Apple5212 CPU 

Apple5260CPU $99 Apple8550CPU .$199 Apple950CPU 

Apple Videoplion Kit .$19 Apple Mac ilCPU...„„ $10 Apple Mac llcl CPU. 

AppleSECPU $79 Apple II SI CPU- - .$29 Apple Quadra 700 CPU..„ 

Apple HE CPU $99 Apple W6S 6150 CPU -.$69 Apple 630 CPU 

AppleQuadra610CPU $19 AppleLCfilCPU $29 AppleLCliCPU 

Z^DrweExLlOO ..$69 Apple V^68 7250 CPU .$99 Used Apple teyboards 

A^leColorLase.r 12/600. $499 




Factory Refurbished 


Apple QuickTake 150 $49 

Apple QuickTake 1 00 $29 


Apple 1.44 internal floppy 661-0121 

Diamond Javelin Card 

US Power Peripherl USB Mouse 

Apple 610 Nubus Adapter. 

Apple Centris 660 Nubusadapter. 

Global Village teleport gold int. modem. 

1/2 height 160 meg int. SCSI HD.CALL 
Apple 13" RGB monitor(no cable).$29 

Rastorops 15" FDP Monitor. $19 

Apple 1 meg VRAM simms $5 

Apple LC 580 CPU $79 

Apple Laser II NT $100 







Kennsington USB Videocam $1 5 

VST 30 gig Ext. H.D $99 

LC Power Supply. $.50 

8100 or 840 power supply $19 

Epson Personal Document Scanner. $5 

PDA Leather case $2 

Apple LC CPU ...$19 

Apple Image II ....$49 

Apple portable Battery Charger.,... $2 
Apple geoport telecom adapter... ..$10 
Powerbook G3 battery...... CALL 

GlobalVillage 19200bps for pb 500..$10 

Quadra 660AV NuBus Adapter... $2 

Quadra 610 Nubus Adapter. $2 

llsi Nubus adapter. $2 

Diamond Javelin 3200 $1S 

•PowerMac HPV Card (1MB) $4S 

•PowerMac AA/ Card (2MB) $45 

•Radius Precision Color 8/1600..$2t 
Apple Stylewriter Ethernet adapt.$1 

Ext. CD 2X $2 

3.5 Ext. SCSI Case $2 

7200, 7500, 7600 power supply.$4S 

6400 or 6500 power supply. $4£ 

Q900 or 950 power supply. $21 





HPDeskjet890CM,NEW $249 

Apple StyleWriter 1200, refurbished $179 

Apple Stylewriter 1500, factory refurbished $229 

Apple Stylewriter 2400, color incl., refurbished.. $229 

LaserWriter lint, refurbished $99 

LaserWriter Ilf w/5MB FtAM, refurbished $399 

LaserWriter llg w/5MB RAM, refurbished $449 

Texas Instruments Micro Laser Pro E NEW $299 

Laser toner cartridges sold separately 

Items Under $10 

Daystar cache adapter Ic 111 Gravis mousestick II 
Fellow Mous Pen Rasterops 24 MX card 

Apple Mac SE bus PC drice card Mac II CPU 

G3 logic board, No Processor, No ROM. ...$199 

7200/90 logic board, refurbished..,. $79 

LC logic board, refurbished. $5 

LC II logic board, refurbished $10 

Mac LCIII logic board, refurbished, exchng..$29 
Performs 630 ,No Processor, refurbished....$19 

Quadra 950 logic board, refurbished $49 

7100/66 logic board, refurbished $49 

6200/75 logic board, refurbished $29 

Apple 14” A/V refurbished $49 

Apple 14” Multiscan, refurbished... $39 
Apple 15” AV, factory refurbished... $79 
Apple MultiScan 17”, refurbished... $99 

Voxon 14" MultiscanNEW $29 

Voxon 1 5”MultiscanNEW $39 

Power Computing 15” rebish $59 

Power Computing 17" refijrbished..$79 

'PToducts are refurbished unJess indicated as "neW. Prices reflect a 2% cash dtscount arxJ are subject to change 
vvithout no(x». Return are sut^ to a 15% lestoddng fee. Not responsfele for ^pogi^3hk:al entits. Al trad»4ris 
MUSTBEtovraridngcondttioaRefucbish^ systonisnreyrKtodeireTiewcxXTiponentoandmayaisoIxiu^ 
falernishes wtAti do rut tondionaly impair peifonriaras ^ 

Pentlum100MHz,refurb $39 

Pentlum166-MHz, 12”PCI card $69 
586 100-MHz, 7"PCIcard,refurb.$99 
486/66 Mhz for 6100 ser,NEW...$29 

VST USB Ext floppy. $49 

Curtis MVP mouse $2 

Powercurve 120 mhz cpu $29 

Apple Laser Select $149 

Prices reflect a 2% cash discount and are subject to change without notice. Returns 
are subject to a 1 5% restocking fee. Not responsible for ty^raphlcal errors. 

_ 1*800*227*3971 _ 



I Nikon Coolpix 4300 

• Megapixel CCD J/rH 

*1.5* LCD 

• 4t Di^JCal Zoom 

• 4 k Optii:aJ Zooir^^| 

*409” ®l^ 

IwEWI COftIplJt 4100 CAL 

Nikon Cnolpix ?700 

* 5.34 Megapixels CCD J££f 

. 2/3* CCD SCdlD 

^ ak opii»i 

$649^^ HH 

{Canon OPTUl^ lOOMC 

Canon XL^IS 

Canon GL-2 

SLR Type Dig. Cam« 
Uses Nikon m 
AF'D/1 /S Lenses I 
5.47 Megapixels I 



IEEE 1394 

20x Optical ®1749” 

I OOx Digital Zoom 
2.5” LCD Screen 

Nikon Coolpix 5000 

• 2/3" CCD Screen ^ &£H 

• 5.24 Megapixels 

Nikon DIH 

2.74 Megapixel CCD 



2.0* LCD Screen ^bC 

^2449"" M 

• 23" LCD Screeii®! 

• IEEE 1394 8^ 

• 1 Ox Optical Zoom 

• 200x Digital Zoom 

NEWI Optura 200MC. 


Olympus E-iO 

Olympus C-4040 

4.1 Megapixels CCD^jpW 
7.5x Digital Zoom 
3x Optical Zoom 

Olympus C720 

8x Optical Zoom 4Ti 

3x Digital Zoom ~ 

1/1.8" CCD I 4 “S 

Sony DCR-'TRV950 

fVC GV^DV300 

• 14x Optical 

• 1/3” CCD m/SgSg^u 

• 440,000 


JVC GR-DV3000 

i¥£m ^ 

3.5” Color LCD^^^M 

1/32” CCD 


lOx Opt. Zooff*^^^^R| 


Metallic FramDH^Jisins 

2240x1680 Res. |K 
4x Optical Zoom 
I.e' LCD Nkinltcf 


12x Optical I 
Zoom I 
150x Digital 
3.5" LCD 


Olympus E* 

2/3" CCD Screen 
5.24 Megapixels 
USB gj 

Sony Mavica CD-300 

• 3.34 Million Pixels 
» lOx Digital Zoom « 

• 5x Optical Zoom 

*409” USB 

Sony DSC-F707 

5.24 Megapixels ^ ^ 
2/3“ CCD 

2560x1920 RcsHh|^ 











Sony Mavica CD-400 

1/1.8" CCD 
4.0 Megapixels 


Sony DSC-F7I7 

5x Optical Zoom . 

5.0 Megapixels x -Tf 

2/3" CCD BdOf ' 

USB 2.0 


Sony DCR-VX2000 

Sony IP-7 BT 

I Ox Optical I 
Zoom I 

1/6" Advanced 

3-CCD Progressive Scan 
12x Opt./48x Dig. Zoom 
2.5" LCD Screen 


2.5" Swivel Screen 
12x Opt/48x Dig Zoom 
3-CCD Imaging ^2409 ' 
Still Photo 

Canon EOS ID^ 

Canon PowerShot G2 

1/1.8" CCD Screen^ 

4.1 Million 

2272x1704 Rcs.IH 'B|o1 

*429” *Bii 

• lOxZoom with 
Image Stabiizer 

• 1 .8" LCD Screen 

• IEEE 1394 


1.8” LCD Screen 
6.52 Megapixels 






\^£m DCR-TRV50. 




Fuji FinePlx S2 

3024x2016 Resolutior^^S 


Fuji FinePix S602 

6x Optical Zoom 

6.0 Megapixels 

*409” ^aP 

Fuji S-1 

2304x1536 Res. 

2” LCD Screen ^ J 
Uses Nikon "1 
AF or Al-P LensesI 

Si 10099 I 

Sony DCR-PC120 BT 



1 Format ^Bi ( -■*— 

• Smallest 

DV Camera! y BBS 

• 2.5” LCD 

I Screen SOTO’’ 


Panasonic PV-DV952 


3.5’ LCD I 
Screen I 
!20x 1 

IEEE 1394 

3-CCD ^ 
12x OptiW 
IEEE- 1394 

Minolta Dimage 71 

• Direct Manual Focus 

• 5.24 Megapixels 

• 7x Optical Zoom 

Minolta S404 







4x Optical Zoom 
1/1.8" CCD I* 

4.1 Mega p 

Pixels j 


\/t£Wl DCR-PCIOI. 


Parallel Port Card Reader 

USB Card Reader 

Shockproof Case 

NiMH Rechargeable 
Batteries w/Charger.... 

Super Hi-Res. Pro Filter Kit....209.99 

Pro Filter Kit 89.99 

2x Tele-Photo Lens 69.99 

2x Hi-Res. Telephoto Lens 149.99 

2x Hi-Res. Tit Telephoto Lens229.99 

Wide Angle Lens 

Super Wide Angle Lens 

Super Wide Angie 

Titanium Lens w/Macro. 


Pro niter Kit 89.99 2x Hi-Res. Telephoto Lens 149.99 I 

Multi-Coated Super High 2x Hi-Res. Tit Telephoto Lens229.99 

Resolution Pro Filter Kit. ...349.99 5-Yr Extended Warranty Plan. ..CALL 





Super Cootscan LS-40pi 

• 4,000 dpi Optical Rei 

• Tn-linear CCD 

• Multiple film format 

* 1 029” 



314 dpi Res.^- 
LCD Panel 
for Previewing 


Stylus I2Sa 


2870 Pixel Mono- 
chrome Linear 

2900 DPI Optical 

Free Inks 
PC or Mac 

USB/Serial Port 
PC or Mac 
6 Color Small 
Archival Links 


Policy: Visa. Mastercard, Discover. American Express, Diners Club. Money Orders, Certified Check. (Parsonal Checks up to 14.000.00 with name and address imprinted on check). C.O.D. orders are also accepted. Orders by mail ptanss print name address and phone number dearly. Shipping 
methods - In the Continental U.S.A. will be via Fedex, U.P.S. or Air Mall. Over size items via truck. Shipping and Handling are additional. 21 days for return or exchange {video & digital 7 days) with prior authorization only. (Call customer service (or authorization number). Shipping and Handling are 
not refundable. All returns are subject to a minimum restocking fee of 5%. Prices may reflect mail-rebate. Ail relumed merchandise must be in new condition and must Include all packaging and pnnted material in original, unaltered condition. Broadway Photo is not 
I responsible for typographica] errors. Afl items are covered by USA, International or Broadway Photo and Video Warranty. All our merchandise is brand new and factory fresh. Quantities are limited. Thank you and enjoy your order. 

21 Day Satisfaction 
Next Day Air Available 
Worldwide Shipping 
Customer Service: 718-338-3028 
Local & International: 718-338-1800 
24 Hour Fax Hotline: 718-338-3029 

Store Hours g 

Mon-ThURS 9:00am - 9:00PM ^ 

% Friday 9:00am - 4;00pm ^ 

^ Saturday Closed 

Sunday iO:OOam - 7;00pm 


1 8 CC- 9(51 9 G 32 

2922 Avenue L, Crcckivn, N.T. 1121C 

i¥e specialize Itt Oi^erttlgkt Oelit^er^. 
Place year Order Ay StOO PM €ST and 
Reeeiae Your Order Ay the Alext Business pay! 

for aft Additional $2 9. 95 

New from Apple! 

Authorized Reseller 

NEW 17" widescreen Mad 

Up to 17" LCD flat screen with 

T he new Apple IMac® is 
designed around a truly 
stunning 1 7" or 15" LCD flat 
screen display. Instead of your 
neck and back doing the 
adjusting, the new iMac allows 
you to effortlessly adjust its 
height or angle with just the 
touch of your Anger. 

an adjustable base! 

Inside lives the fastest iMac 
ever, with up to a powerful 
800MHz PPC G4 processor 
that blazes through Mac OS X 
applications. The revolutionary 
SuperDrive is also available to 
let you burn your own DVDs 
and customized CDs! 

>■ Up to 800MHz PowerPC” 
with Velocity Engine"" 

>► Up to 256MB RAM 

► Up to 80GB HD 
>■ 2 FireWire® ports 

► 5 USB ports 
>■ 56K V.90 modem 

► 1 0/1 OOBT Ethernet 

The drive you need; 

The iMac G4 features 
a CD-RW drive, Combo 
drive (DVD-ROM plus 
CD-RW) or SuperDrive™ 
(DVD-R pius CD-RW). 

iMac G4 
starting at 


#967059 700MHz G4M/16' TO Wee D(op®l,294' 
#967060 700MHz 64Cofnbofiy TO Wee Df«i ^1,494‘ 
#967061 8ll()MlizWpert)iWI5'TOtfel)ioifl.794' 

#552067 800MHz G4/SupefDnve/17‘ ^1,994' 

The NEW eMac! 

Now available with Combo or SuperDrive! 

The new eMac"", Apple's 
most affordable PowerPC 
G4 based system, comes 
complete with a 17" flat CRT 
display and a space-saving, 
all-in-one design that fits right 
in your home. Plus, the eMac 
includes award-winning 
digital lifestyle applications 
and Mac® OS X, Apple's rock- 
solid operating system. 

> Up to 800MHz PowerPC" G4 

► Up to 256MB SDRAM; 
exp. to 1GB 

► 40 or 60GB UltraATA 
hard drive 

> Combo Drive (DVD-ROM/ 
CD-RW), or SuperDrive 

► NVIDIA GeForce2 MX with 

> VGA video mirroring 

► Two FireWire® ports 

> Built-in 10/1 OOBT ► 56K 

> Two USB ports on keyboard 
8c three ports on computer 

> Mac OS X vlO.2 Jaguar 
and Mac OS 9.2 included 

eMac G4 starting at 


f , V# ^ “T* #590884 
#590884 700MHz/406B/Cornbo h,094’ 
#590886 800MHz/60GB/Supert)nve ^,494’ 

Go Wireless! 

Apple AirPort® Card 

#965277 AirPort Base Station ®294 


Maya 4.5 

New multi-processor 
support for rendering & IPR! 


1999 . 


Stylus Photo 960 

>• 2880 X 1440dpi 

only Kim 

Boris FX 6.1 

Premiere compositing 
& effects— now — r~ 

for Mac OS X! \lf0M 




JBL CrGOtur© Iharman/kardonl 


3-Piece Speaker System 

^70^99 A A 

1^4 #552374 



Pro-quality audio upgrade 
for surround sound 






120GB FireWire 
Fiord Drive 

> 7200 RPM 



I Adobe 

Elements® 2.0 
as low as 


i/X #548463 

After $30 mfr. upg/comp, u 

cleaner 6 Idiscreet 

Streaming video and 
audio software thafs now 
optimized for Mac OS X! 



Coolpix 2000 

2.0 Megapixel 
3X optical zoom 




Racieon 9000 Pro 

video card , 

GL2 MiniDV Camcorder 

> 3 CCDs 

► Flourite lens 

Cail for 
Best Price! 


*Promotional offers cannot be combined. Please check individual promotion details for ending date and other restrictions or call your Account Executive for more information. Prices, specifications and promo- 
tional offers are subject to change without notice. Limited to stock on hand. While we do our best to check errors, mistakes may occur-call to verify pricing. FREE RAM OFFER-Free RAM offer requires $39.99 
professional installation fee. Offer not valid on #973554, #972233 or Xserve. 

MacMall EZ Payment Plan - Fastest overnight delivery! 
WeMI beat any price or competitive promotion on any Mac computer! Call for details. 


Introducing the new Power 
Mac G4 Dual Processor! 

Hew Power Mac G4 models! 

Now all with dual processors and up to 1.25GHz! 

> Four DIMM slots supporting 
up to 2GB of DDR SDRAM 
>- Features SuperDrive (DVD- 
R/CD-RW) or Combo drive 

Newly designed from the 
inside out with dn uitrofast 
Xserve-based architecture, 
the dual processor Fbwer 
Mac* G4 delivers unprece- 
dented performance. 

>► Dual 867MHz,! GHz, or 
1.25GHz PowerPC G4 

► Up fo 120GB Ultra ATA Hard 
Drive (7200rpm) 

► Up to 2MB DDR SRAM L3 
cache per processor with 
up to 4GBps 

>- 256K on-chip L2 cache 

Power Mac G4 
starting at 



#590862 867MHz DP G4 


#590880 1GHZDPG4 


#590882 1.25GHz DP G4 


Display & speakers sold separately. 

Titanium PowerBook G4! 

Speeds up to 800MHz! 

The Titanium PowerBook® G4 
lets you edit your digital 
movies, watch DVDs and burn 

your own CDs anywhere with 
its slot-loading Combo drive. 

>- 15.2” screen display with 
1280 x 854 resolution 

PowerBook G4 
starting at 

^ 2494 ^ 

“IP* #972264 

PowerBook 64 Series 

#972264 667MHz G4/Combo/DVI ^2,494* 
#972233 800MHz G4/Combo/DVI ^3,194' 

Powerful Apple iBook G3! 

Speeds up to 700MHz! 

Turbocharged with up to 
a 700MHz G3 processor, the 
iBook® packs serious power 
into a slim, stunning design! 

► Up to 700MHz PPCG3 

► 51 2K on-chip Level 2 cache 

► Up to 256MB PCI 00 SDRAM 

► Up to 14.1" TFT XGA display 

► DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo 
Drive or 24X CD-ROM 

iBook G3 starting at 



#973550 600lylHz/CD-R0M/12.r n,194' 
#973552 700MHz/CombQ/12.r ^1,494' 
#973554 700MHz/Combo/14.1' ^1.794' 

The NEW Xserve from Apple! 

W rack-mount server! 

The Xserve rack-mount 
server offers phenomenal 
processing power, jaw-drop- 
ping storage capacity and 
remote management tools! 
>■ Features up to two IGHz 

G4 processors 
>■ 2MB DDR Level 3 cache 
► Up to 480GB storage 

>■ Dual Gigabit 
► Mac OS X 
software with 
an unlimited 
a $994 value! 

Xserve W 
starting at 

1“ i."'" I ' ..1^ 

The Apple Xserve holds nearly half 
a terabyte of data per unit & more 
than 20 terabyte per 42 unit stack! 

Xserve Expansion Options 

#973092 256MB Memory Module M64 
#973103 512MB Metnoiy Module ^329 
#973086 60GB Drive Module ^349 
#973095 120GB Drive Module M99 



Xserve Series 

#973067 Xserve wilii 1 GHz ^2,994 

256MB RAM, 60GB HD 

#973069 Xserve w/DuaM GHz ^3,994 

512MB RAM, 60GB HD 

#973089 AppleCare Premium 

Service for Xserve ^949 

NEW! 20GB Apple iPoO! 

The revolutionary iPod has been redesigned 
into a sleeker, more portable package that 
now holds up to 4,000 songs! The new 
10GB and 20GB models also include a protective 
carrying case and remote control! And it's now 
available for Windows computers — call for details. 

New iPod™ 20GB 
with Carrying Case only 

494 ! 

#551632 Apple iPod IQGB with Protective Canying Cose 
#551630 Apple iPod 5GB 


Price Drop! Now save up to M50 on Apple iPod! 

#970381 AppleiPod 106B was *499 now *349 

#964598 Apple iPod 5GB 

was *394 now *294 

NEW! Mac OS X version 10.2! 

Over 150 
nevi/ features! 

Mac OS X Version 1 0.2 

Mac OS X Version 1 0.2, 'Jaguar', combines the 
rock-solid reliability of UNIX with the eose of use 
of Macintosh! 


only Z%J #551926 
*Prlce after $21 MacMall mail-in rebate. Price before 
rebate is $1 1 9.95. Offer expires 1 0/31/02. 

For your best price coll 1-800-965-3282 ftiority Code: ZMAD2B1 

FREE Epson Printpi & Ri 

17” ^ eMac Io omhz^ 



Don’t Forget! 

Apple Care Protection Plan 
3 Year Protection 
^ For (Macs 

^ Only 

• $■ 



^S3S.33 Instatiaiio/f Fee for FHEE fl/fomoiyr Offer Expires W/31/02 or While Supplies Lest. Free Memory after 
$49.95 Mail In Rebate. fFree printer fs after MaINn Rebates from Epson and ClubMac when purchased with 
any Apple CFO. Price belore rebates is $73 Offer Valid from 10/01/02-10/31/02 or While Supplies Last. 


Up to WSB Hard Mm 



& Free 

wftfc AH elUacs! 

*$39.99 Installation Fee for FREE Memory. Offer Expires W/31/02 or While Supplies Last 

|#590885 7 00MHz 




NVIDIA 6eForce2MX 


|#590887 800MHz 








15* Screen 


40GB HD 





15* Screen 


40GB HD 

DVD Combo 

Pro Speakers 




15* Screen 


60GB HD 


Pro Speakers 




17" Screen 


80GB HD 


Pro Speakers 



600MHz 40GB 

fVEEf# All-In-One 

' ' Only - 


iBook 700. 




128 MB RAM. 

& FtCB^ Epson 
C42UX Printer 

an aff QA iMscs 



as low as 

*$39.99 Installation Fee for FREE Memory. 

& Free* 

wifith T4.f" 



& Free* 


with JUl 12.1- y 

*$39.99 Installation FesAppifes. Offer Ends 10/31/02. 

rfS52{]73 Snow 

600MHz 128MB 


24xCD ATIRag8l28 *7^ 

Free Memory After $49.93 Mait-tn Rebate. Offer Expires W/31/02 or While Supplies Last. 




128MB of RAM 

20GB HD 






128MB of RAM 

20GB HD 

DVD Combo 





256MB of RAM 

30GB HD 

DVD Combo 



I #203778 Targus Universal Notebook Case 
I #47509 Keyspan USB To Tvi/in Serial Adapter 
I #354862 Apple Extra Battery Powerbook G4 Titanium 
#975672 Beikin Regulator Pro Gold USB 650 UPS 
I #961 874 Photo Control Docking Station/G4 Titanium 
L#30726 APC Back UPS Pro 650 Beige 

rAudio/Video Peripherals 

I #972281 Apple Apple Pro Speakers (White Insides) 

I #951562 Sonnet Tango Adapter Card 2 Firewire/2 USB Port 
1 #369724 ATI Radeon 7000 Mac PCI 32MB NTSC ! 

I #9671 78 ATI Radeon 8500 Mac AGP 64MB NTSC ! 

I #9531 1 5 Eskape Lab MyVldeo USB Video Capture I 

I #952775 Harman Kardon Soundstick 3 Piece USB Speakers I 
I #944700 Dazzle Multimedia Hollywood: 1394 DV (Mac) l 
I #961764 Formac Studio-Analog/DV Converter with TV Tuner ! 
I #566453 Formac Studio-Analog/DV Converter ! 


I #863922 Global Village Teleport 56K V.92 Ext Serial Modem 
I #28300 US Robotics 56K V.90 Ext Mac Modem 
I #3629 12 Zoom V.90 56K Ext USB Voice Modem 


' ’ ' G4 800Mhz 







$72.99 I 

$81.99 [ 

I Nikon Coolpix 2500 FT 


I Digital Camera 

#537920 Nikon Coolpix 2000 2.0MP 3X/2.5X USB $249.00 1 

#969346 Nikon Coolpix 2500 2.0MP3X/4X 16Mb CF USB $299.00 1 

#97451 5 Nikon Coolpix 4500 4.0MP 4X/4X USB $699.00 1 

#974509 Nikon Coolpix 5700 5.0MP8X/4X 16Mb CF $1,199.00 I 

#211448 Fuji Photo Finepix 2600 2.1 MP 3X Zoom $239.00 1 

#964552 Canon Powershot S30 3.2MP 3X 1 6Mb CF USB $459.00 1 

#962374 Ca non Powershot G2 4MP 3X 32Mb Cf USB $699.00j 


#953969 Apple Apple Pro USB Optical Mouse $59.00 1 

#953968 Apple Apple Pro USB Keyboard $59.00 1 

#960688 Contour Shuttle Pro Multimedia Jog/Shuttle Cont $89.00 1 

#961 944 Wacom Steel Graphire2 4X5 USB Tablet W/Pen $99.00 1 

#962688 Wacom lntuos2 6X8 W/Pen & 2D Mouse-USB $349.99 [ 

#962689 Wacom lntuos2 9X1 2 W/Pen & 4D Mouse-USB $469.99 J 

[Canon $OTd& 

GL-2 Mini DV 

I Digital Camcorders 

I #968280 Canon ZR40 Mini DV Camcorder 
I #968282 Canon ZR45MC Mini DV Camcorder 
I #968284 Canon ZR50MC Mini DV Camcorder 
I #537667 Canon GL2 Mini DV Camcorder 
I #968521 Sony DCR-PC 120BT Mini DV Camcorder 
I #961666 Sony DSR-PD 150 Digital Camcorder 







22" Eiectron 
Blue III w/hood 

I Displays 

rinkjet Printers 


Epson Stylus Color C60 



Epson Stylus Photo 820 Silver 



Epson Stylus Color C80 



Epson Stylus Color Photo 1280 



Epson Stylus Color 3000 13*X19" 



HP Deskjet 1220C PS Color 



GPU Accelerators 

I #74264 Sonnet Encore G4 500/250Mhz w/ 1 Mb Cache $299.95 I 

I #59435 Sonnet Crescendo G4 450/200Mhz 1 Mb Cache S299.95 I 

I #961 651 Sonnet Harmoni G3 500/Firewire Card For Imac A-D $299,95 I 

#53971 5 Sonnet Encore/St G4 SOOMhz $499.95 I 

I #540876 Sonnet Encore/St G4 IGhz $699.95 1 

] #960097 Apple 17" LCD Studio Display 
I #951070 Apple 22" LCD Cinema Display 
I #970382 Apple 23" LCD Cinema HD Display 
I #363234 Sony E540 21 " .24mm 1 900X1 440 
I #947137 Sony Multiscan G520 21" .24mm 
I #554331 NEC DP2070SB-BK 22" .24mm 2048X1 536 
I #545920 Mitsubishi FP21 41 SB-BK 22" .24mm 2048X1 536 
I #962149 LaCie Electronblue 19" 111 1600X1200 76Hz 
I #962863 LaCie 22lnch Electron Blue III W/Hood 
l#541 244 Formac Gallery 1 740 1 7.4" LCD 












#794651 in Focus LP280 1000 Lumen SVGA 5.7lbs $1,599.00 1 

#956645 In Focus LP1 30 1 1 00 Lumen XGA 3lbs $2,999.00 1 

#873442 Proxima X350 1100 Lumen XGA 3.5lbs $3,199.00 1 

#367270 Epson Powerlite 51 C 1200 Lumen SVGA 6.8ibs $1,699.00 1 
/453620 Epson Powerlite 730C 2000 Lumen XGA 4.3lbs $3,999.00jj 


#874476 Belkin 4 Port Firewire Hub $6 

#957576 Belkin Firewire 6-Port Hub $7 

#35839 Asante Asantetalk 1 0BT To Localtalk Connection $8 

#962119 Apple Airport Card $S 

I #965277 Apple Airport Base Station $2£ 

#778846 Netgear Wireless Cable/DSL Router $12 

ERRORS. WARRANTIES: All items manufactured by ClubMac should be returned to ClubMac tor warranty repair. Refer to manufacturer's 
warranty for Non-ClubMac products. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE; Alt products manufactured by ClubMac carry a 30 day money back 
guarantee. RETURNS: ClubMac extends all other manufacturer's return policies to its customers. Call for a Return Authorization (RA) 
number! Any product that is returned WITHOUT an RA# will be refused. NOTE: Non-ClubMac products may be returned far replacement 
only. Apple Branded Products are not returnable. If you experience problems with your Apple purchase contact Apple 1-800-500-707B. 

with Mac Purchases! 

fr.A. ou;>l 

New PowerBook G4 

Now Up To 

Starting at 

|7 . .1 * ■ bd ; TL in« r-Ti- : v ^Fc,ig:^a=CW ra wrt mb U XMr ^ .> i , r ,. I. - I* r . - . ^ -x^-. r « -t h- 

New Power Mac-G4 


Now Up to 
Dual Processor 


Starting at 

512MB Bam, Iomega Zip Drive 

'Up to 1.25GHz 


Don’t Forget! 

^ple Care Protection Plan 

3 Year Protection 
For PowerBooks 

Only^ , 

Dual Processor G4 

• Up to 512MB RAM 
(expandable to 2GB) 

• Upto12DGBHD 

• Combo Drive or 
Super Drive 




Apple Care Protection Plan 
j 5 Year 

I / Protection 
' m For Power Macs 


& Free' 

Printer a 7" ;^ 

on An Power 

Free* Airport card or 512MB Memory with PB 667Mhz Modei iisted on this page. Free Zip WOMB VL with PB 
SOOMhz Modei iisted on this page. *$39.99 instaiiation Fee Applies for Airport Card or Memory. Free memory 
is After $49.95 Mail-in Rebate. fFree printer is after Mail-in Rebates from Epson and CiubMac when purchased 
with any Apple CPU. Price before rebates is $79. Offer Valid from 10/01/02-10/31/02 or while supplies last 



*$39.99 Installation for Free Memory Free 512MB with 867Mhz Model. 

Free Memory is After $49. 95 Mail-in Rebate. Free 512MB with 1GHz and 
1.25GHz DP Models. fFree printer Is after Mail-in Rebates from Epson 
and CiubMac when purchased with any Apple CPU. Price before rebates Is 
$79. Offer Valid from 10/01/02- 10/31/02 or While Supplies Last. 

#643249 667Mhz 
#542442 SOOMhz 



256MB of RAM 
512MB of RAM 

30GB HD 



40GB HD DVD/CD-RW Airport Card ^31941 

#590879 867MhzDP 
#590881 IGHzMhzDP 
#590883 1.25GHZDP 

256MB of RAM 
256MB of RAM 
512MB of RAM 

60GB HD 
80GB HD 
120GB HD 








LaserJet 4100N 
Network Printer 


Laser Printers 

#972923 Minolta Pagepro 1250E 17ppm 16MB 
#781206 Brother HI-1470N15ppm 
#958348 HP LaserJet 1 200SE 1 5ppm USB 
#957974 HP LaserJet 2200DN 19ppm USB 
#948807 HP LaserJet 4100N Network Printer 25ppm 

EPSON Perfection 2450 
Photo Scanner 



#799333 Epson Perfection 1 650 Photo 1 600X3200 
#329807 Epson Perfection 2450 Photo Scanner 
#552287 Smartdisk Smartscan 2700 Film Scanner 
#332059 Microtek Scanmaker 4800 2400X1 200 
#952795 Microtek Scanmaker 8700 Pro 42Bit 
#956698 Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED Film Scanner 


#358851 Aspyr Spiderman 

#968435 Aspyr Sims Hot Date Expansion Pack 

#965778 Aspyr Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone 

#82299 Aspyr The Sims 

#452449 Aspyr Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault 

#367691 Aspyr Return To Castle Wolfenstein 

#430979 Aspyr Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds 

#967070 Infogrames Civilization 3 

#971491 Havas Warcraft 111: Reign Of Chaos 

Mac OSXvlO.2 

After $21 Mail-in Rebate 


#972337 Apple Appleworks 6.2.4 

#551926 Apple Mac OS XVI 0.2 

#3621 92 Connectix Virtual PC 5 W/Windows 2000 

#537929 Filemaker Pro 6.0 Mac Upgrade 

#501 51 2 Filemaker Pro 6.0 Mac 

#963094 MYOB AccountEdge 2 

#20861 6 Microsoft Office V. X For Mac Upgrade 

#20861 5 Microsoft Office Mac V.X Full Version 

fFileMaker Pro 6 Upgrade requires qualifying previous versions 










Toast 5 Titanium 


#56470 Alsoft Diskwarrior 2.1 
#7951 08 Dataviz Maclink Plus Deluxe 1 3.0 
#372248 Symantec Norton Antivirus 8.0 
#374767 Symantec Norton Utilities 7.0 
#374768 Symantec Norton Systemworks 2.0 
,#975774 Roxio Toast 5 Titanium 

r\T Photoshop 7.0 



#968964 Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Upgrade 
#963236 Adobe Illustrator 10 Upgrade 
#968095 Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Full Version 
#44771 1 Adobe Design Collection 6.0 
#970239 Quark Upgrade QuarkXPress 5.0 From 4.X 
#965797 Quark QuarkXPress 5.0 
#971 076 Apple DVD Studio Pro 1 .5 
#965830 Apple Final Cut Pro 3 

e\/p| *449 [1MB 

200GB External 
FireWire Hard Drive 

sii'.'; J yr I (ff 



GVP 80GB External FireWire HD 7200 $1 69.00 1 

GVP 1 20GB External FireWire HD 7200 $229.00 [ 

GVP 200GB External FireWire HD 7200 $449.00 1 

GVP 40X/1 2X/48X Ext FireWire CDRW $1 69.00 I 

Seagate Barracuda ATA IV 80GB HD ATA/100 7200 $99.99 1 
Iomega Zip 250MB USB Powered Drive $149.95 1 

Iomega Zip 750MB USB Powered Drive $1 79.99 1 

Ezquest Cobra+ 80GB FireWire Ext HD 7200rpm $1 99.00 J 




24 hours 
7 days a week 


Local & International Sales (949) 768-8130 

24-Hour Fax (949) 768-9354 

Whether you’re looking for good deals on new, used or refurbished, PowerMax 
is the place to shop! Check out for our huge list: from 
$30 PowerMacs (with a 90 day warranty) to super-fast dual processor G4s! 

Sm Get This 
E| f’ull Macro- 
Media Suite 
^ For $399! 
* ' With Any New 
Tower Purchase!* 

X Units are factory refurbished (unless otherwise noted) 

L \ with a one year Appie warranty. Buy AppieCare 

and get a three-year warranty and muh more! 

V iBooks 

~ 63/600 MHz, 128 RAM, 20Gb, CD-ROM.... $1069 

63/700 MHz, 256 RAM, 30 Gb, Combo $1699 

[ — Titanium PowerBooks — 

. 64/550, 256 RAM, 20 Gb, DVD/S6K Mod. $1888 

el 64/667, 512 RAM, 30 Gb, Combo $2399 

64/800, 512 RAM, 40 Gb, Combo Drive .$3099 

W® G4 Towers 

• 64/733 MHz, 128 RAM, 40 Gb, CD-RW . . . .$1188 

64/Dual 800 MHz, 256 RAM, 60 Gb, SprDtv $1949 


63/500, 64 RAM, 20 Gb, CD/56K Modem .$629 ' 
63/600 SE, 256 RAM, 40 Gb, CD-RW ... .$829 

;io„ 64/700, 128 RAM, 40 Gb, CD-RW, $1199 

A 64/700, 256 RAM, 60 Gb, Combo Drive .$1349 

)us eWIacs , 

jail' 64/700, 128 RAM, 40 Gb, CD-RW $949 


Apple Used 15” Multiscan $79 

14 Apple Refurbished 15” Studio LCD CALL 

dp, Appie Used 17” AppieVision $109 

. ’ ViewSonic Used 17” Graphics Series ....$119 

1!!J Apple Used 17” CoiorSync.. $139 

rui c Appie Used 17” Muitiscan $129 

Apple Used 17” Bine & White Yosemite CALL 
^$219 Appie Used 17” Studio $199. 

• Hundreds of Mac modeis to choose from tr 

• Great deais on used and refurbished modeis 

• Knowiedgeable, non-pushy saiespeopie 

•Great tech support 

• No voice maii (during office hours) 

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• Every Mac system Is thoroughly bench- ' 
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• All we do Is Macintosh- our company Is 
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And all this for the same or lower 
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*0Etyi CD 
.taundis - 

Add A 
!rj Second 
Display With 
A High End 
Video Card! 
From $79! 




ShuttlePro w/ 
Final Cut Pro 
3 Purchase! 

' ■ laser 

f/' printer 
^ for only 
I $129? 

'Ask US how! 

mr hished 

Office ■ 

10.0 K 



Looking For a 

Predator 4x4x6 USB 
CD-RW only $69! 

Lexmark Optra 
WorkGroup Printer 
Speciai: Save 
Over $1,000! 

Add some 
B Zip to 
W your 

' PowerBook 
for just $50 

ICBi — 

J! ZR25* 

^ blowout! A 
I camcorder for 
only $399 

It’S true! PowerMax has an 

extensive lineup of used macs. All with a 60-day warranty! 

7100/66 MHz, 40 RAM, 500 Mb, $25 

7100/75 MHz, 88 RAM, 500 Mb, CO $50 

604/150 MHz, 32 RAM, 2 Gb, CD-ROM $75 

PoweiRook 530063,40 RAM, 500 Mb $166 

7300/180 MHz, 48 RAM, 2 Gb, CD ^61 

PowerBook 53000, 16 RAM, 750 Mb $310 

Beige 63/266 MHz, 192 RAM, 4 Gb, CD $367 

95nV225 MHz, !S6 RAM, 1 Gb, CD, Jaz . . . .$419 
Beige 63/300 MHz, 256 RAM, 4 Gb, CD . . . $529 

mSO MHz, 320 RAM, 6 Gb, CD-ROM $627 

Beige 63/500 MHz, 128 RAM, 30 Gb, CD . . $749 
64/400 MHz, 256 RAM, 20Gb, DVD .......$899 

64/450 MHz, 256 RAM 27 Gb, DVD-RAM . . .$959 


Apple Used 21” Graphite 

Apple Refurbished 23” Cinema LCD . 


Epson Stylus 820 Silver 

Lexmark Optra S 2455N Laser Printer 

This used system JK' 

is a great deal for 
the value-conscious 
Mac user! 

Includes a 17” Studio 
Display and a G4/450 . ^ 

MHz with 384MB RAM, ■ 

20 GB HD and DVD- | 


Tactaiy refurfalstieii units 


This amazing, hand- 
held microscope 
captures Images on 
your computer screen 
200X magnification! A 


The best extended 
program In 
the industry: 

Ask Us Why! 


Heed ^ 



law enforcement and 

Onfy *2191 


I4^e7/ take your Mac OS 
computer in trade toward the 
purchase of new product 
Call one of our expert Mac 
consultants for full details 


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Portable CD-RW 

Looking for DV Solutions? Go to: 


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Microsoft Office for OSX v/ith any 
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Knowledge is Power 

Prices subject to change without notice. Prices reflect cash discount Credit card orders strictly verified against fraudulent use, With use of credit card as payment customer acknowl- 
edges that some products are subject to final sale. Many prices are limited to stock on hand. All brand or product names are registered trademarks of their respective holders. 

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Get Smart Get Hot 

The FireWire Drive with a technician built in. 

The Hot-Swap FireWire Drive that's affordable. 



Hot-Swap Tray 
pulls out quickly. 

LCD Displays S.M.A.R.T. (Self Monitoring Analysis and 
Reporting Technology) for the ultimate in Reliability. 

Ever wondered what's really going on inside that box? With the new 
line of SMART Drives from Granite Digital, you will never have to 
wonder again. This FireWire IEEE1394 enclosure includes a 
Microprocessor and LCD display that will tell you everything you ever 
wanted to know about your drive's condition. It's like having your 
own technician built into every case. The case also monitors drive per- 
formance for speed-intensive operations like DV and AV and it helps 
keep your data safe and secure. 

So, if your looking for the safest place to store your data, and if you 
like the Idea of knowing what's going on before you have a problem, 
then the SMART Drive from Granite is the drive for you. 

Unlike other FireWire companies, Granite writes its own firmware and 
supports more drives than anyone else. Our easy to use upgrade and 
browser utilities keep us ahead of the competition while giving our 
customers the information that they need.... spoil yourself and Get 

Drive Trays 
are only 

The new Granite FireWire Hot-Swap Drive 
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The key to our FireWire Hot-Swap Drive System is our low cost 
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Both Macintosh & Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP are completely 
supported without the need of any software or additional 
drivers... just plug it in and you are up and running. 

Get our full color catalog online at 
Granite Digital* 3101 Whipple Rd„ Union City, CA. 94587 • 51 0-471 -6442 -tel • 5 10-471 -6267-fax 

A translucent 
iPod" case 

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iPod" models! 

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big hosting plan, 
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• 100 email accounts • CGI, PHP, MySQL 

• 5GB monthly transfer • Control Panel 

• Shopping Cart • Lots more! 


Toll Free: 1-800-925-2184 

secure online ordering from MCE Technologies 

MCE 16X Internal ilUlac CD-RW Drive 

Combo Drive 

• Simple user instaiiation ^4 A A 

• Buffer underrun error prevention v | MJi 

• Toast® CD-recording software included ■ ^ ^ 

• iTunes, Disc Burner & Mac OS 9/X compatible 

Upgrade for PowerBookG4^p^,,^ 5„^ 

. ^ 550MHrar«1667Wf2} 


• Slot-loading mechanism ^ >,'■ 

• Compatible with Apple's iTunes? 
and Rnder Burning utilities 

‘ Dealer installation required* ■ ^ 

‘ Contact SCEkv a Ssl of kxal authorized dealer 


Internal PowerBook 
Hard Drives w/lnstall'n Kit 

Transport Pro' 
XcaretPro " 

Combo Hard Drives 
G3 Expansion Bay 
Hard Drives 

20GB 30GB 40GB 60GB 

<119 «149 H79 <399 
«229 S279 «299 <499 
$199 $249)279)499 

Do-It-Yourself Portable Hard Drive Kits 4 Transport Pro portabieRrewire/usBzoKu $139 

Turn your old Internal PowerBook drive into a portable drive! 7 XCO rCt PrO Expansion Bay Kit $1 29 


iBook ^ ^ 


^ Lucid 

Portable FireWire 
CD-RW Drive^ 




Xcaret Prot 

Expansion Bay 

24x10x24 CD‘RW Drive $299 

for PowerBook G3 98 & 99/2000 

8x8x8x24 Expansion Bay 
DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive 

for PowerBook G3 99/2000 

PowerBook G4 Titanium iBook 

• 667MHz G4 •15.2" Display 

• 512MB SDRAM memoiv 

• 406B UltraATA hard drive 

• Gigabit Ethernet • 56K internal modem 

• 700MHz G3 •12.1" Display 

• 256MB SDRAM memory 

• 30GB UltraATA hard drive 

• 10/100 Ethernet • 56K Internal modem 

• DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive $2549^ 

• FireWire port • 2 USB ports 

• DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive aQA* 

• FireWire port • 2 USB ports^ ■ 



• 800MHz G4 • 15.2" Display 

• 612MB SDRAM memory 
•406B UltraATA hard drive 

• Gigabit Ethernet • 56K Internal modem 

• DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive 1 0 A* 

• FireWire port • 2 USB ports I 

• 700MHz G3 •14.1" Display 


• 384MB SDRAM memory 

• 40GB Ultra ATA hard drive 

• 10/100 Ethernet • 56K Internal modem 

• DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive 704 * 

• FireWire port • 2 USB porls^ ■ t SW 

* Plus $39 Installation fee 


< 1 ^ 

S|.orlF«r«ll iPodSpoitS# 

jDOrf rOllO [ $ f UBO ^ Neoprene Case Neoprene Case for iPod 

Neoprene Case 9 for dual-USB iBook • Play-thru face 

1 n SDn«41 ▼■■jPf 

for PowerBook G4 

Easy access front pocket 
Roomy, zippered back pocket 
Large, secure Interior pocket 

Protects iPod! 

• Protective plastic inner shell 

• Padded for all-around protection 

• Shock absorbing shoulder strap 

1 ^' 

Sm Xboy Cose 

Protedlon for 

Exponsion Bay Drives^u/ 

® Klear Screejfi 

C5Jj PowerBook/iBook 6-potk 
m Screen Cleaner 

AC Power Adapters 
Auto Power Adapters 



for PowerBook G4 and 
Duai-USB iBook OR 
PowerBook G3, 3400, 2400, 1400 
and original iBook • Getonefor home, office 
and aiiyvutiere else you use ycHir conpiter 



90 MacADD/CT NOV/02 Shoppers Paradise 


2-Port Monitor/USB Sharing Switch 

Share one Apple flat 
panel display, one 
keyboard and one 
mouse between 
two ADC 

Macintosh computers. 

Compatible with the 15", 17", 22", or 23" Apple flat panel 
display and any combination of two Macintosh G4 
computers with ADC video connections. 

Dr 3otti 877.611.2688 503.582.9944 

RESELLERS! hu ndreds of Mac-friendly 
products are available through Dr. Bott. 



Reunion 8 is the perfect tool to 
organize your family history. Plenty of 
room for names, dates, places, stories, 
notes, tidbits, and 
sources. Include 
ail your favorite 
pictures, sounds, 
and home movies. 

build multimedia 
web pages to 
share your family 
history on the 
Internet! Print large, colorful tree 
charts, timeline charts, and fan charts 
for family reunions. Fun 
and educational for the 
whole family. Reunion 8 
takes advantage of OS X 
and includes over 
100 new features 
and enhancements! 

a ■ V ^ 

Leister Productions 

web site/demo: 

To order, call... 

MacConnection 80(^-800-2222 

sumDsx* mm 

888 - 264-2763 


for Apple® products 

C.E.O.™ Classic 
L Leather Case 



Acrobat 5 Save 77% 

Illustrator 10 Save 77% 

Web Collection . . . Save 66% 
Design Collection . Save 60% 

Flash MX $94 

Dreamweaver MX ..... . $94 

Director 8.5 $324 

Freehand 10 $94 

Newtek® — ^ 

LIGHTWAVE 30 7.5 C j395^ 

I Save! 75% 

■CDCC IIDC® Use Discount Code: 

irnccurj MAIUWhen 

Freehand 10 . 

V New' 



Placing Your Order. 

Macromedia^ — 


You Save! 85% 


Painter? ...$199 

Knockout 2 $145 

KPT Effects $79 


Cinema 4D XL 7 $295 

Electric Image* 

Universe 4 $239 


Office X Save 60% 




You Save! 52% 

. . 3 ctve UU 70 j 

^ y ♦ 1-800-294-403S 



Stone Studio software has ail the 
most used featores of these applk 
cations: Stustrator, Quark Xpress, 
DreamWeaver, Freehand, Corel 
Draw, PageMaker, Timeslips, 
Acrobat Writer, Stuffit Deluxe, 
ImageReady, iPhoto and more. 

to see how people just like you get 
their best ideas wt into the world. 


MacADDICT NOV/02 Shoppers Paradise 91 


Thousands of ftems for your Mad Ca[l 91B-664-MACS (6227) 





Norton Utilities 7.0 available with orders over $99! 

FrameMaker 7.0+ $499 
Final Cut Pro 3+ $549 
Omni Page Pro X+ $1 89 
Conflict Catcher 9^■ $64 
Adobe Premier 6+ $299 
Microsoft Office 9B~+ $1 99 
Mkrosoft Office 2001 ^ $299 
Microsoft Office X-f $299 
Macromedia Webdesign $349 

Mice $5 

USB Keyboard $29 
USB Hubs $14 
Webcams $1 3 
56k modems $34 
Airport Base Station $1 89 
FireWire Cardbus $29 
FWCDRW 16x1 0x40 $104 
Iomega USB CDRW4x4x6$69 
USB 4 port hub $14 

USB 7 port hub $19 
USB rci card $15 
Sonnet 1ghzG4 AGP $64( 
1 GB/CD/1 5”monitor $299 
iRise Preorder Bundle $1 5^ 

Mega Software Bundle Blowou 
1 0 Great Titles only $24 


Fat 91|l-66g-Eg4D Prtc* rauftdid dcriftift. subjM » ch9<ig3. crudH + upjraiJBw; previcus veralDn, t praowned 

Hard Drives Fire Sale! Software £ Soecials! 

Service & Support 

• 873*3726 


Highly Rilirdr 

5 «« HiC 04 (ter«tlEm, Vvnlorv Tnchar, €N*I 

Caplum jfoar l/Kni^hls with t/iffcNcfr of fh? /notufe/ 

Persona] Recorder, 
Voice Reminder, 
Voice Emai.L!!*^ 

For Idepn ’ » "Te Po'e" - 

Moelih&s » MuthmfiJip Audip ' 
Lecturas > Ramind'^ri ■ jaumal 


1Q Chal]n«i$ « lifll 

Channsl ' On«-Ctlpk » UniiinKcd 

t^ocording TUno * Ofifi-Click Vo led Eiiiail 

Unique New Bags with a Clear Pouch 
for Apple Snow iBook & G4 PowerBook 
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Highest Quality, Made in the USA 


An affordable, reliable, 
realistic contract rubber 
bridge game 

Free download demo 

G3 Beige Desktop 
266mHz/64mb/4gb/CD $299 
300mHz/96tn^&b/CD $34$ 
Both w/ BMld^Zip Drive! 

our Web Site for More Deals! 
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old G3 for 

G3 iMacs starting 
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is a Mac-Pro AcU 

92 MacADDfCT NOV/02 Shoppers Paradise 

Nationwide, On-Site Office & Home 
Provided by Local Mac Solution Experts 

♦ Troubleshooting 

♦ Networking 

♦ Upgra(des 

♦ Graphics 

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60gb 7200rpm FireWire® Oxf 91 1 Ext $169 ThinkFree Office 
80gb 7200rpm FireWire* Oxf 91 1 Ext 189 Mac*0S 9.0 w/Free 9.1 CD 

120gb 7200rpm FireWire® Oxf 91 1 Ext 249 Mac*0S 8.6 w/Free 8.5 CD 
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Prices listed 
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128 256 512 IgbKil 

Socket Type 

Note: The memoty 

market is extremely 

volatile, check our 

up-to-date pricing 

G4 Dual1GH?/1.25GHz 

DDR PC 2700 







Xserve/G4 Dual 867 

DDR PC 2100 








PC-133 168 pin CL3 







G4 AGP 466-Dual 1GHz 

PC-133 168 pin CL3 






PowerBook® G4 

PC-100 144 pin CL2 







G3/G4/IMac® 350-600 

PC-133 168 pin CL3 







PowerBook® G3 

PC-100 144 pin CL2 







IBook®/iMac® 233-333 

PC-100 144 pin CL2 







168 pin DIMMs 







72 pin SIMMs 








n A|if A w|| y 916*677*6227 tel 

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iMac 233Mhz 

233Mhz Bondi Blue 'Macs 
Multiple Configurations 

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Beige G3 jSrCM 

233Mhz to 333Mhz 

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All Colors Available 

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350Mhz to 400Mhz -"iB 

Blue & White Mini-Tower 

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MecOS 8.5 OEM CD 

FREE web upgrade to 8.6 

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MacOS 10.0 (X) CO 
X Full Install OEM CD Only 

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1200u Scanner 
USB Color 

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I S6k Serial Modem 

1 V.90 Modem 

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V.90 Modem, X-Jack 


RAM & Upgrades 


Apple, HP & More 


Apple, Canon & Epson 


Digital Camera 

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Built-In Flash \ 

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Apple 17” Monitor 

17MS. 1705, 1710, 720 

No Logo Refurbished ^ 

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RCA. S-V?deo, NTSC 



17 » XFT w/speakere 
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Apple 20” MultiScan 
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mm 03/04/PC to DB15 
HD15 to Apple Monitor 

V $19.99 


1 Apple 15 MultlScan 
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2x to 24x SCSI. 8x to 32x ATARI 

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Apple Original Drives 

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50 pin, 66 pin. 80 pin 

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mHPi| MacOS Bootable 


Apple 2x DVO>ROM 


jMm Apple Eprom 

K) pin 3.5 xl 


IMac 24x COROM 

^^^m Traytoadlng/SloUoading 

from $79.99 

_^ple 6x-8x DVD-ROM 



50 pin 3.5x1. 6 

Mac RoaOy $89.99 

^m^ntemal DVDROM 

mjjmrn Slotloading 

$ 99.99 

-grm^ Apple DVD-RAM 

jmm Apple Eprom 

/W 68 pin 3.5 XI 


^^Udac Internal CDRW 





^ 411 ^ 40GB Apple Eprom 
EIDE 3.5x1 




Kj save 


from $89.99 



Educational ■ Business 
Gaming • MultIMedia 




o/?/y $119-99 

All prices include a 3% cash discount 90day PowerON warranty. 20% restocking fee Returned/Refused items. S 
AB brands and product names are registered to their respective holders and are respectfully acknowledged. ■ 

8801 Washington Blvd., ste. 101, Roseville, CA 95078 

ORDER OMUKE 800 « 673*6227 

Ultimate Password Manager - $19.99 
Securely store Internet Passwords, 
Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, and 
other sensitive information. Includes 
fast searching and speech recognition. 

Voice Recorder - $14.99 
Record personal voice memos to disk. 
Supports both internal and external 
microphones. Exports sounds to .aif, 
.wav, .mov, .trak, and .avi formats. 

Bookmark Manager - $14.99 
Organize and search your browser 
bookmark collection. Imports/Exports 
between different browsers. Surf the 
web using only your voice! 

File Encryption - $14.99 
Encrypt files with a password using 
448-bit encryption algorithm. Drag & 
Drop support makes file encryption a 

Buy all four OS X utilities for only $39.99 

*Introducing the 

MaxPoiver 6o 

Lilon Auxiliary Power Pack 

Auto/ Air Poujcr Adapters 


PotverBook G4S & iBooks 

for Ti G4S & iBooks 

Extend your runtime up to $x longer 
Only 2.5 / 6 s - xS^x . 5 " 
includes AC adapter and cables 

Lind adapters feature: 
Fault protection circuitry 
with Automatic reset 
Durable ABS housing 
Nylon carrying case 

Order online at: 
or call #800-897-8994 to order 

Und Electronics, Inc. 6414 Camhridf'e Strcel. Minneapolis. MN $54a6 #952-937*^303 

MacADDICT NOV/02 Shoppers Paradise 93 


tell us how you really feel 



I’m a part-time accordionist, 
and I enjoyed the Accordion 
Addict cover mock-up in the 
How-To article, “Solve Graphic 
Dilemmas Quickly” (Sep/02, 
p61). So I just gotta ask: Who’s 
the closet accordionist on the 
staff?— Ern/e Rideout 
Do you even have to ask?— 


After 16 years of stupidity, 

I decided to finally make 
the switch. Your magazine 
cemented my decision to spend 




34 MacAddIct November 2002 

some cash and take home a 
933MHz Power Mac G4 and a 
17-inch Apple Studio Display. 
Thanks, MacAddict, for swaying 
the jury.— SnoA? Hancok 
just consider us that jury of your 
peers.— /Wax 


The photo illustration 
in “Software on the 
Cheap” (Sep/02, p20) 
is nice, but don’t think 
for a moment that your 
adoring public didn’t 
notice you reversed the 
image. The text on the 
coins is backwards. 

—John Parker 
IdetsuB er’eW— /Wax 


The one magazine I can’t give 
up is yours. I’m writing to let 
you know the weight is on your 
shoulders, don’t drop the ball 
now. I’ll give up my morning 
coffee before 1 go without my 
monthly fix of MacAddict 
—Jim McCabe 

Give up coffee?! You’re a braver 
man than U\\m—Max 


I discovered an extra benefit 
of QuickTime 5.0. Ifyou’re 
on a PC, when you watch a 
QuickTime movie while running 
Microsoft Outlook, QuickTime 
makes the designed-by-Satan 
paperclip Office Assistant 

flicker wildly.— Dave Reynolds 
Dave, you make your namesake 
(former MacAddict editor in 
chief David Reynolds) 
proud.— yWox 


I have to have 
the media card 
wallet shown in the 
“Good-Bye, Film” 
article (Jun/02, p26). 

Please don’t tell me it’s 
a Photoshop creation.— Eon 
That little case does exist. 

It’s from Case Logic ($6, www You can find 
it on the Case Logic Web site 
in the Digital Camera Bags 
section. It’s model #DMC2. 



Wow, only 50 OS X bugs 
destroyed in the August 2002 

it when life 
your Mac? 


cover feature (pl6)? I thought 
the point of a Mac was to make 
things simple, usable, and 
elegant. Well chmod 
777 me! 
Perhaps Apple 
customers ought to 
wait until Mac OS 
X becomes as easy 
to use as Mac OS 9 
before we purchase 
anything more. 

— David Short 
Sticks and stones 
may break my bones, but 
Unix will never hurt me. 



Don’t you hate 
interferes with 

A media card- 
carrying member. 


If you haven’t already taken The Ultimate 
MacAddict Quiz (Sep/02, p28), what are you 
waiting for? Some brave souls volunteered (or 
were volunteered) to reveal their results. 

On my planet, the acronym LCD stands for 
liquid crystal diode not liquid crystal display 
—Tom Burns 

Give yourself an extra Carbon Dated point— /Wax 

I was in the upper end of Colonel Panic. I deem 
the Super Bowl question unfair due since I was 
only 1 year old at the t\me—imocfreak 

Why not give me an extra point for recording my 
answers on an AppleWorks spreadsheet? 

—Ryan Purves 

I was a little let down by my score of 51. I’ll do 
better next time, coach— Mike Marlett 
Your 51 is an admirable score, Mike. Good job. 

Now drop and give me 60\—Max 

Here’s how the MacAddict staff fared: 

Rik Myslewski, Editor in Chief: Carbon-Dated Terminal Geek 
Narasu Rebbapragada, News Editor: Terminal Geek 
Niko Coucouvanis, Reviews Editor: Terminal Geek 
Leslie Osborn, Associate Art Director: Colonel Panic 
Jenifer Morgan, Managing Editor: Colonel Panic 
Kris Fong, How-To Editor: Colonel Panic 
Chris Imlay, Art Director: Colonel Panic 
Cyrus Farivar, Intern: Classic User 

Cathy Lu, Executive Editor: Disqualified (Cathy wrote the Geek Quiz.) 
Max, Eponymeditor: Geeko Di Tutti Geek! 



go to 



MacAddict, 150 North Hill Dr., 
Brisbane, CA 94005 

call (toll-free) 888-771-6222 


Here’s what you thought about 
Apple’s July 2002 announcement 
that previously free iTools 
services like email now 
cost $99 (or $49.95 for existing 
iTools subscribers) under the new 
.Mac plan. 

Take your $100 .Mac,your$129 OSXv.10.2 upgrade, and all your 
swell Mac products and stick them where the sun don’t shine. 

My, my, sir* Mayhap a soothing frosty beverage might quench your 
fevered ire?— Max 

I live in Mexico, where it is hard enough to have a Mac and get 
the software, so 1 won’t be able to pay for this membership even 
though 1 would love to.—Julio Marquez 

Stop acting like Microsoft.— lee Harwell 

Hey, gas for Steve’s Gulfstream V gets expensive.— Max 

Hotmail is still free as is Yahoo Mail, so Apple will lose email-only 
users like myself.— Barry /('ar//n 

Have fun wading through the get-riGh-qulck schemes and Viagra 
ads to find the one message actually addressed to you.— Max 


Q Yes or no: Did you subscribe or are 
you planning to subscribe to .Mac? 

Email with your response or click 
Reader Poll Check the February 2003 
issue to see the results. 


I noticed that your article “Clip Hair 
and Fur Successfully” {How To, 

Sep/02, p62) featured a ferret. We 
have five ferrets, and a few of them 
have developed relationships with the 
household Macs. A few years ago Spot 
learned how to unplug RJ-11 and 
RJ-45 cables. Ashling loves to dance 
on keyboards. Once I found a hard 
disk renamed as frrrrt.— Sfeve Crandall 
Hey, if Koko the gorilla can use a Mac, 

why not ferrets? There’s a novel Idea 
for the Apple Switchers campaign. 



in the lettertitled 
SUX” {Letters, Sep/02, 
p95),you note that 
TRO means trouble... 
wrong, wrong, wrong. 

TRO means Trow— 
a character in the 
Myth game series. The letter by 
Pugnus Maximus from Rhi’anon is 
a rare occurrence of Tro Speak, an 
almost extinct language in the Myth 
com m u n \ty—Molcom 
My bad. WRO, “TRO” meant “trouble” 
back in the early BBS days when I 
messaged using quick abbreviations 
(“tro w/RS-232 port,” lYKWIM^). Little 
did I know it had developed another, 
more-current meaning.— Max (HHIS^) 



Learn persuasive arguments that’ll convince your friends to 
abandon their PCs and move to the Mac. 


Our editors and art staffers show you what they’d want in their 
holiday stockings. 


Don’t settle for freebie prefab e-cards. Show ’em you care by 
making your own (without spending a dime). 

Think you can 
do better? 


Enter the HackerThreads T-Shirt Contest 

D oes the sheer number of crappy T-Shirt 
designs make you want to puke? Are you 
convinced that given the opportunity you 
could do better? 

That opportunity is here. Enter the HackerThreads 
Graphic Design T-shirt contest (www.hackerthreads 
.com). Design a T-shirt graphic, and If yours is the one 
that online pollers like the best, you win a Power Mac 
G4 and $125 for HackerThreads to license your design 
for a whole year. 

Deadline for 
entry is December 17, 

2002. See WWW 
for contest details and 
submission guidelines. 

Last year, this guy won 
a brand-new G4 for 
designing the T-shirt 
graphic shown above. 

* If I remember coirectly >lfyou know what 1 mean » Head hanging In shame 

November 2002 MacAidlct 35 


/ U V don’t let the back p 

page hit you on the way out 

. iipijv.iL. IF .vijuipi.i 


Brainstorming at 1 Infinite Loop. Cupertino, QA ^ ^ 

Jaguar: proud, rough, independent. Creatuf^of the* Way from mouse, y^ou can take on all who 

mysterious jungles or /as junglas misferiosast as they^re venture your way .' \Ven hagarrame! Come and get me! 

known in el barrio de los gatos feroces. The name makes Ah, but it would have been very different if the following 

you proud to run 05 lO.^Htmakes you feel as though, even rejected OS 10.2 names had been approved... 

Melinda: Melinda Kovalosovich of Fair Lawn, New Jersey (by all accounts a 
handsome woman and not shy to speak her mind) made quite an impression on 
the young Steve Jobs. The year was 1981. Jobs was enjoying a hearty 
corned-beef-and-hash-in-a-basket breakfast at the opulent Harriot Airport 
Lounge when Melinda sat down at his table. "Christ, ir^ feet hurt!" she 
whispered seductively to the young engineer, and so began an assignation 
that very nearly 



'(jAte/v Ll^RjWiAji 

^'^‘''**>15 i/tjEVEKney 

Lt' Pe£.X>^ OO 

\ / 

ewM// n 

' C 

J- Kii vvilAccjl Ic ^f~No\MU. fa^ tA'?. 

iUoUgW Ocel&iu < S" 

^ ipolj j J-f ±«!il U l‘he <1 rcKCcta^^:^! 

W iM.-' A>m( smK^. 4(il- v igcobf, 

caai VK . -asscji 

C I'm ^/ujs ' j H's acd ■*« iaoK lo-ic 

- *v\ ' iM.-sov^z /fKir 

^igoVy t.o.^z sd^oaXIc^ou/ 

<^o wif" t^fECTili' 

/ V_*==- j y^yii , 4 

The missing piece of the 
Mac OS X puzzie 

Introducing Drive 10 version 1.1. 

Optimizes and defragments your Mac OS X drives and much more. 

For Apple’s next-generation operating system, you’ll need a next- 
generation disk utility. That’s why Micromat has introduced Drive 10, 
the first and final disk utility for Mac OS X. Problems with your drive? 
Drive 10 can repair almost any drive problem with one simple click of 
your mouse. All within Mac OS X’s native environment. 

And with the introduction of version 1.1, you can now optimize and 
defragment your Mac OS X drive from within Mac OS X. Plus, we’ve 
added a whole host of new repair routines that allows you to find and 
correct drives problems that other utilities would simply abandon. 

Drive 10 is a world-class diagnostic and repair utility. Using time-tested 
routines developed exclusively for Mac OS X, Drive 10 offers many 
tools for checking and repairing any drive on your system. The included 
Drive 10 CD-ROM will boot your machine to repair hard drives thaL. 
won't even appear on the desktop. 

Don’t entrust your Mac OS X drive to ancient and outdated utilities. 
Protect your data and drive safely with Drive 10. 

From the makers of TECHTOOL PRO 

Micromat Inc. 800-829-6227 707-566-3831 

©2002 Mlcromat, Inc. All rights reserved. TechTool is a registered trademark of Micromat, Inc. Drive 1 0 is a trademark of Micromat, Inc. 

Macintosh and AppleCare are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. 

Starting at $1499* 

WWW. ressdv 
800 949 2843 


^ 2002AvrS Technology. Ine. A*t Rights Resewed. Product specificavonS: pncing, and availaffiy aro subject to change wW notice, Avid and Avid Xpress aro either registered tradenrarks or trademarks of Avid Technotogy, Inc. in the United other ccurrthes. QuickTime' and.-' 
tee CteickTinre logo are ’ifaderoanis aseo under fense The OukAte logo and Mac ate registered trademarks of ^ Conipiiter; iiic. in the U5. and oteer counties.'Aii other trademaiks contained heiein are the property of their respective owners. ■ 'Pncmg is S16^ USIvtSRP for U,$. ■ 
and Canada and is su'i^i to change witnout tictice. Reseiter pnces for the U.S. and Canada may be less te U^dSRP Contact your local fessiler for pridDg and additicna! Womiatjon, 

It'S Your Tiling 

Portable | Affordable | Professional 

>100+ real-time effects. 

> Expert color correction tools. 

> Customizable workspaces. 

> Industry-standard Avid* editing interface. 
> Versions for Mac and PC in one box. 

Ayid XppesirDV3.5 

The affordable digital video studio